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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 18

”Not bad; how do you feel after killing another human for the first time?” Orpheus appeared behind Amber and asked.

As she was not surprised by her master’s sudden appearance, Amber answered calmly.

”I don’t feel anything much. It was like I have killed slightly bigger origin beast.”

Orpheus chuckled, amused by Amber’s answer. Those poor thugs would be angered to death if they heard what Amber had just said.

Just as Orpheus wanted to say something, he frowned because he sensed a familiar presence; it was extremely far away. He stared into the direction where this feeling came from, but as expected, with his current level, he couldn’t pinpoint the exact location. His frown deepened before he sighed.

”Let’s stop things here for tonight.” Immediately saying those words, he took Amber’s hand and stepped across space, leaving the dark alley. After he left, a black flame appeared before burning the corpses into cinders, leaving no trace behind.

At the same time, somewhere in the Wratharis Empire, a woman was being chased by men in black; they chased the woman whose feature was hidden into a deserted alley before getting ready to attack her.

The men in black brandished the shiny swords in their hands. They rushed at the mysterious woman with excellent coordination. Behind them was three level 6 Origin masters watching indifferently without lifting a finger.

As the men in black attacked, the mysterious woman dodged gracefully. Then, she struck the sword of the one in the middle, sending it toward his chest’s vital area. Everything happened too quickly, and the man couldn’t dodge; he got pierced by his sword, his heart ruptured, and he died on the spot.

Even though one of their comrades got killed, the other men in black did not waver; they continued to attack. One of them stepped forward, and two small dagger’s suddenly shot out from under his arms. One was aimed at the mysterious woman’s stomach, while the other flew toward her legs. Both daggers had been shot out from tricky angles.

While this was happening, the remaining men in black attacked simultaneously.

These individuals were clearly skilled at coordinated battles and could cover their comrades with their attacks. Still, the mysterious woman seemed to have anticipated that, and didn’t panic at all. With a tap of her feet, she leaped into the sky, where their formation was weakest.

Just as her palms were about to break several individuals’ skulls into pieces, two of the men in the back suddenly raised shields to protect themselves. The mysterious woman frowned, but ultimately still decided to follow through with her attack.

The two shields flickered with golden origin. They were top-quality shields forged with powerful origin beast’s core.

However, they were blasted to pieces in mere moments. Even though the mysterious woman looked delicate and slender, her palm strikes were frighteningly powerful.

The men in black who received the mysterious woman’s attack groaned as blood flowed from their mouths and noses.

The three experts who were watching exchanged a look. They could sense the graveness in each others’ eyes. The mysterious woman’s level was actually this high! The order they received was to capture her at all cost. They had thought things would’ve gone easily, but after seeing the mysterious woman’s strength, they knew it wouldn’t be easy as they initially thought.

The mysterious woman suddenly rushed into the sky. As it turned out, the instant the shields shattered, the men in black had suddenly fired crossbows mounted on their wrists. These mil crossbows had special runes carved on them, and their power up close was nothing to scoff at. Not even she dared to face them head-on.

The woman frowned. She had originally planned to use this chance to kill them, but she hadn’t expected them to be so sinister.

Because she didn’t want to reveal her identity, therefore she could use most of her abilities, however as things were going on, if she did nothing, she would either be seriously injured or, in the worst case, get captured. The latter was something she couldn’t tolerate as finally, he came back, she waited for long, back then she was but a mere young girl, while she did not age because of her bloodline and level, time still passed. She missed him more than anything; he was her first love, the reason why she didn’t lose her sanity after her dad got caught, his whereabout unknown and her mother vanished was because she clung onto the hope that he would come back, while it would not be because of her she still clung onto this hope. Fortunately, he came back, and nobody, nothing would stop her from meeting him, at least not those weaklings below.

‘Hah! It doesn’t matter if my location was disclosed. Well, with those things attacking, someone must know. I will end it quickly and leave. He is waiting for me.’ The mysterious woman mumbled softly; her voice was so soft that it could let men’s imagination run wild even without seeing her face.

Maybe because their instincts sharpened during many life and death battles, those Level 6 Origin masters sensed that something was amiss. They wanted to act, but unfortunately, the mysterious woman had already acted, she disappeared, and when she reappeared again, she was in the middle of injured men in black. A black flame appeared in her hands before covering the men.


They couldn’t even scream before they were burnt to death, not leaving ashes behind. The remaining men froze in their steps, not believing what they had just seen.

”No way, this is the legendary he-”

That man couldn’t finish his words before his head was removed from his shoulder; blood erupted from the headless body like a geyser. A Level 6 Origin master died like that.


The remaining men panicked and tried to get in formation, but black flames slammed into their chests like comets; they were sent flying; they were still in the air when their bodies turned into cinders.

The deserted alley regained its silence; the mysterious woman staggered a few steps before stopping; she was panting. After catching her breath for a second, she quickly left the alley.

”Orpheus, I’m coming.”

Shortly after the mysterious lady left, twelve men dressed in purple robes appeared. Their level was extremely high; the weakest was Level 5.

“She is already gone.” One of them announced.

“Let’s go back and inform the leader.” The man added.

The others nodded before they vanished.

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