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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 179 Dinner with Lily on The Cruise

~Back to Orpheus’s location.

There was a wide variety of Roses inside Orpheus’s Rose garden, which included even some of the rarest in the world. Some were artificially created, such as the Rainbow Rose, and the dark purple rose, but then some were naturally cultivated with the utmost care, such as the Juliet Rose.

”She loved roses.” Orpheus absentmindedly mumbled but Lily was too focused on the ethereal feeling she was feeling at the moment to pay any head to whatever he was mumbling, she was trying to pierce together those jumbled memories inside her mind, she wanted to form a clear picture of them to at least get some answers which had been previously bothering her.

However, she should let him know that she was secretly investigating him, or else he would be cautious around him which makes things difficult for her. She ought to act carefully and in order to do so she got a perfect idea.

”I’m hungry, let’s go eat outside.” She suddenly suggested by she had no idea that it was exactly what Orpheus desired, he could have cooked but he decided not to do it tonight, there is somewhere he wanted to take her, that place still existed after three thousand years, it is one of the many attractions of this city. He had checked that place using his extremely powerful senses and was waiting to suggest that they go there but unexpectedly Lily beat him to it first but suggesting they must dine outside.

”Ok, I got the perfect place for us.” He nodded and half an hour later there was at that place, The Cruise.


Moonlight traveled through the night with graceful ease, lightening the rising path.

Orpheus leads Lily to the restaurant area, this restaurant was a bit special, it was a cruise ship type, a big cruise ship on water but never sail. This special restaurant was neatly divided into dozens of tables and chairs for families and couples, never blending groups unless both sides willed it. They’d been one of the later arrivals. It was to be expected, as normally one should book in advance to have a chance to dine but for Orpheus, it wasn’t a problem he couldn’t solve.

Glancing around the warm atmosphere of light browns and off-shaded ivories, Orpheus couldn’t help but marvel at the sight. The room was like a five-star restaurant, just from the looks of the polished wood flooring, real wood, and the soft red tablecloths coloring all the tables. Atop them, cutlery and plates set up professionally, knives to the right, forks to the left, and dessert cutlery horizontally above the plate alongside two glasses just a bit above the forks: a red wine glass and a water glass. There was even a jug of water covered in condensation, telling him it was cold water for them to enjoy. Coupled with the sight of the starry night, it was a sight to behold.

He settled Lily into a chair before kissing her forehead; Maria smiled at this gesture, her eyes filled with love. Alex took his seat just across from her.

It didn’t take long for their waiter toe up to them again. There was a smile on his face, and he fiddled with his vest, gaze inclining to Lily for a moment before finding Orpheus where his eyes dilated almost desiringly. A sight that caused Orpheus to cringe away slightly. He might not have anything against men like men, but it was not something he was going to even consider himself.

“Good evening and wee to The Cruise, I am Larry, and I will be your waiter for this evening,” The waiter spoke calmly and clearly. From under his arm, he set pulled two menus, black-rimmed ones with a plastic film to keep the paper within clean, and set them down silently before the couple.

“Can I get you anything to drink for the moment?”

Larry questioned, hands crossing for a moment before finding their way to his shirt pocket to pick out his notepad and a pen. Indeed a professional, the service here remained the same as three thousand years ago.

Quickly shaking his head, Orpheus hummed, then glanced at Lily then picked up the menu before looking up at the brown-headed boy,

“A wine will do,” He ordered a bottle of wine.

“Do you have a preference?” The waiter, Larry, asked, but he shook his head.

“House is perfectly fine. Oh, and bring the bottle. That’ll be perfect.”

”Okay, I’ll be right back,” Larry said before disappearing. In his absence, a silence promulgated between the two, filled only with the low chatters of their neighboring tables and the soft orchestral music in the background to give some reprieve from the dull chatterings of unknown individuals.

“How are you feeling,” Lily flipped closed the menu, having already made his choice of starter, main, and dessert.

”It should be my firsting here but for some reason, I’m getting some kind of a deja vu,” Lily said while sighing. She was truly having a weird feeling since they arrived here almost as if she had been here before which was weird as this was clearly her first time here.

”Since following you I kept having these weird feelings, you know something don’t you?” She asked while eyeing him, however, all she got was Orpheus chuckling.

Finally, Orpheus opened his mouth to say something but what he said greatly shocked her.

”Maybe all of this is happening because you and I are connected by fate.”

Upon hearing Orpheus’s words, she couldn’t help but feel a little amused as the corners of her mouth perked up. His words were too funny, so funny even she couldn’t offer any immediate response.

”For someone who appear usually cold and detached, you can say some funny things. I never expected you to be this talkative and funny.”

”Cough! Cough!” Orpheus coughed, embarrassed.

”Well, I have my reasons for being like am I and saying what I’ve said.”

”Oh? What could those reasons be? Just for you to know I’m not that naive to outright believe that fantasy story you told my sister. I’m not an idiot -“

”So Ella is an idiot? Is that what you’re saying?” Orpheus decided to poke fun at Lily and as expected she became red-faced and immediately admitted defeat.

”Please shut up, when did I ever say something like that? Do not lie in front of the person. I have never said that my sister is an idiot just that I’m not an idiot to easily be swayed by your half-baked story.”

”Oh! I see, Ella is an idiot because I do believe that she at least believed in my story. So, you’re treating your sister, the gentle Ella as an idiot. Hehehe! I wonder how she would feel once learning that her flesh, her other half treated her as an idiot?” Orpheus said with a pondering face but soon added.

”Well, knowing her she would just smile and forgive you. She is that gentle after all.”

Upon hearing Orpheus’s words, Lily trembled visibly shaken at the prospect of her sister learning that she called her an idiot, it went without saying that she would suffer greatly, Ella would beat her up until she promised not to run her mouth wildly again.

”Please don’t do that you win.” Lily was quick to admit defeat.

Just as Orpheus wanted to keep teasing Lily, he sensed Larry, their waiter approaching.

Larry approached the duo, and he held the wine softly by the neck with one hand under the body and presented the label to Orpheus to inspect before explaining it and its origin.

Orpheus and Lily didn’t care if this wine was from some famous brand or was too aged because they wouldn’t know the brand anyway.

The waiter could see that the couple was not knowledgeable about the wine they offered; he found this too regretful. Still, upon a closer look at Orpheus and Lily Larry immediately understood why they wouldn’t know, it was because they are not from here, not a native of Covina, so it was normal for them to not know this wine as this must be their first time here.

Shaking his head, the waiter poured Orpheus’s wine glass to the widest part; he then told the waiter his order for that evening, with Lily following suit. Her meal was salad while Orpheus asked for a ravioli. Larry disappeared as soon as he registered their orders.

When the waiter faded to the background once more, he looked up at Lily wondering whether or not he should continue teasing this girl, her personality waspletely different from the gentle and caring Ella, the opposite of Ella’s personality, Lily was wild and unruly, saying whatever she wants or doing things as she desired but fundamentally their essences are still the same after all the two, unlike normal twins, does share the same soul which normally should be impossible, this must have something to do with the spell he used back then reincarnate the dead Emea.

‘I should investigate some more.’ Orpheus decided.

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