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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 178 First Kill

Upon realizing that its prey had escaped, the Shadow Ape was unable to restrain its anger. It rolled over, stood to its feet, and stomped toward the shore in large strides. But this time, it didn’t succeed because the peaceful water surged all of a sudden. Shortly after, a dozen, thick pitch-black tentacles broke out of the water’s surface and bound the creature! The lake started to roll, and separate, and a round-mouthed monster with countless razor-sharp teeth appeared from beneath the lake, launching an attack on the Shadow Ape and it that instant the beast understood what the little female did, she was borrowing a knife to eliminate him.

The lake started to roll, and separate, a gigantic snake opened its mouth, and countless razor-sharp teeth could be seen. The gigantic snake launched an attack on the Shadow Ape the moment he appeared. This snake had the same strength as the ape.


Along with the gigantic snake hissing sound, everything changed all of a sudden. The water boiled, twisted, warped, and coalesced into huge blades, shuttling out of the lake and slashing the Ape’s body.

Facing this attack from the gigantic snake, the Shadow Ape reacted swiftly. Struggling, the muscles on his right arm bulged to the limit until he broke free from the water binding, using this freehand he punched the air and with this move, a burst of gales erupted, took up a physical shape, and ripped the water blades into shreds. But it was a pity that… the gigantic snake wasn’t his only enemy.

From her hiding place, Amber flicked a small stone like a bullet toward the Shadow Ape.


Just as the Ape repulsed the snake attack, a loud explosion sounded all of a sudden.

The small stone struck the chest of the Ape like a hammer making him stagger on his feet. The Shadow Ape roared not because of pain but because he knew the culprit behind this attack.

How dare she, a lowly bug sneak attack him while he was fighting against this noisy snake? Unforgivable, he must catch the bug and crush her. Not only this bug played him and forced him into his current predicament, but she also hides and sneaks and attacked him from afar. How despicable.


The Shadow Ape let out a loud bellow before headbutting the gigantic snake.


Having not expected such a move, the gigantic snake whose name and level is a Water Snake was momentarily stunned thus losing control of the water binding the Ape.

And how could the Ape let go of such an occasion? The moment his other arm was free, he caught the jaw of the monster and bashed it against the surface of the lake.


The strike was so strong that the lake was parted in two revealing what was in the depth of the lake, countless monsters’ bones.

Even though he had successfully managed to attack the Snake, the Ape was not happy at all, he felt that something was amiss. The feeling of extreme danger assaulted him, he wanted to jump out of the lake, but, it was already too late.

From behind the Shadow Ape, a thick long tail could be seen. It was the Water Snake’s tail.



The snake’s tail strikes the Ape’s unguarded back. The lake got divided into two again, creating a tsunami.

Seeing the watere in his direction, Amber quickly changed her hiding place and continued to watch the fight.

The moment the Water snake sneak attacked the Ape from behind and forced him into the lake face first, the snake hissed before wrapping its tail against the fallen ape’s leg and trying to bite down the ape.

However, the Shadow Ape reacted quickly, before the snake’s jaw could bite him he sent an uppercut toward it.


The snake hissed in pain, undoing the snake’s tail wrapped around his leg, the Ape took hold of it before starting to spin, after rotating on himself several times, the ape launched the gigantic snake body into the air.

The Shadow Ape wasn’t done yet,


Roaring furiously, the Ape beat his chest like King Kong before jumping high into the air. It was twenty meters jump.

Amber’s eyes widened in a stupor when she saw that the monster could jump so high. It was her first time seeing something like this so naturally, she would be amazed.

After performing such a high jump, the Shadow Ape appeared above the flying Water snake before joining his two hands together and using them as a hammer to strike the snake toward the ground.



Like a rocket, the Water snake was launched from the sky toward the ground and crashed against it.

A five meters deep crater was created. The remaining water inside the lake was evaporated.

An ice-cold chill ran up Amber’s spine like an electrical current.

‘No good. I must flee.’ She decided. She was a Level 5 Origin master but just at the beginning, it would be too hard to fight against this ape if she didn’t wear him out a bit more.

After the Shadow Ape strikes the Water snake, still free-falling he looked in her direction and extended his hands, two meters long wind spear was created. The reason this ape was deemed dangerous was that he could both use the dark and Wind attributes, normally he shouldn’t have appeared here but ruins are known for being unreasonable and twisted for most people to understand.

Meanwhile, as the Shadow Ape was about to throw the spear at Amber, the Ape’s expression abruptly changed because the Water snake hissed before dozen water spears were launched at the Ape.

Clank! Clank!!!

Using the wind spear, the Ape deflected the iing water spears.

Amber who just managed to safely escape heaved a sigh of relief. She hadn’t thought that the ape would still target him even while fighting against the snake.

Shaking her head she focused her attention ahead, she saw that the snake was injured, few of its scales had fallen off.

‘I guess, the ape is stronger. I was hoping for mutual destruction though.’ Amber murmured before her expression abruptly changed.

The Water snake kept launching water spear after water spear while the Ape deflected them using the wind spear in his hand.

However, in the next attack, instead of only spitting water spears, the Water Snake spurt another thing, it was poison.

The Shadow ape was caught unprepared, when the poison landed on the ape’s arm, it let out a burning sound before that arm started to rot. The Shadow Ape roared in pain and tried to retaliate.

It was at that moment, the Water snake activated its full strength, the water remaining in the lake was shot into the sky before transforming into thousand small water spears. These water spears were pointed at the Ape.

Sensing his doom, the Shadow ape used his special ability to teleport from where he was before the water spears strike.

However, just as he reappeared, the water spears that should have been obliterated after striking the empty ground appeared right before him. It was already too late to dodge Ape and punched the iing spears to oblivion.

While doing such a thing, his focus was momentarily drawn elsewhere, therefore the Water Snake chose that time to strike.

Appearing in the Ape’s back, the Snake opened its enormous maw and tried to bite off the ape’s head.

It happened at that moment, the Shadow Ape whose attention should be focused ahead abruptly spun around and sent a punch straight into the snake’s mouth.

Amber was flabbergasted by the Shadow Ape action, and so was the snake.

However, the next moment after closing its maw, the snake’s expression changed.

The Shadow Ape arm (he used the one that was rotting) exploded inside the mouth of the Water Snake. The latter head exploded into pieces.


The explosion sends the Ape crashing back, he vomited a mouthful of blood and struggled to get on his feet with his remaining arm. He knew he must quickly escape or that despicable human wouldn’t let this chance go. Using his injured arm covered by the wind element, he detonated it to kill the snake, it was a huge sacrifice. If he had not done this, he would be gravely injured, worst he may lose his life.

Once on his feet, the Shadow ape scanned his surrounding in search of Amber, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to locate him no matter how many he tried.

Frustrated, the Ape could only drop the matter for the moment. He vowed to take revenge on the despicable human after recuperating.

Amber hides her presence thanks to Blood’s strengthening move.

Like a cheetah, she appeared in front of the injured Ape.

The Ape was surprised at first before his surprise turned into anger and he bellowed while raising his remaining arm to quash this damned bug into a meat patty.

However, just as his arm was about to strike Amber it stopped. The Ape couldn’t move a muscle, he started trembling uncontrollably under Amber’s red eyes, she used vampire innate intimidation skill.

The Shadow ape was overwhelmed by the intense bloodlusting from Amber, he had never felt something like this before, and his instinct was telling him that this girl was not a human but the apex predator that would devour him plus he was injured, so Amber’s intimidation skill worked fine.

Grinning she chanted.

”Blood Strengthening: Bloody Sword!”

A sword made from blood was created bringing more pressure on the ape.

”It’s checkmate.”


The head of the Shadow Ape was sliced off its head by the blood sword. Until the end, the Ape wasn’t able to understand why he died so easily. He may have been weakened, but it wasn’t to the extent to die like this.

Amber fell onto the ground while panting heavily. The feet he had just aplished weren’t easy as it seems but she was happy that everything went well, sometimes it works fine when strength is lacking. She borrowed a knife to kill and unexpectedly succeeded.

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