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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 17

Amber understood what her master’s words meant, but she still hesitated; however, soon, her expression became frosty when she heard the thugs following words.

”Hehehehe! I can’t wait to taste this girl.” The leader of the thug declared with a lascivious smile; his eyes wandered all over Amber’s body, making her feel extremely disgusted.

”Hahahaha! Let’s us taste her after you are done. Once we enjoy her a few times, we will kill like the previous ones.” Another thug said, and the others immediately burst into laughter.

Amber began to feel inexplicable anger, her breathing quickened.

”Worse than trash!” She spat out, and her words happened to reach the thugs who stopped laughing and glared at her.

”What did you just say?” The leader of the thugs, a level 7 origin master, asked, wondering if he had not misheard, but to his surprise, the pretty girl with zero strength they were about to enjoy repeated those words she had said a few seconds ago.

”I said you are worse than trash.” Amber calmly and slowly muttered those words.

The leader was shocked; he exchanged a look with one of his subordinates; he could see the confusion in the latter eyes before all of them burst into laughter.

”Hahaha! She is sure a fiery one, I see.”

”Indeed! They are good at moaning. Let’s enjoy her.”

Amber had labeled the thugs lesser than humans, so the previous hesitation she had vanished like a puff of smoke, and a slight sense of exhilarating excitement slowly bubbled within the little vampire heart. She thought those human targets should be more exciting to fight than the origin beasts, right?

Despite being unable to read through Amber’s thoughts, the leader could see she was making fun of them, and he became enraged.

Circulating his origin through his body, his eyes glowed, and he shouted.

”Girl, better not resist and obediently come with us.” The leader’s voice was laced with a slight chill of Killing Intent, normally Amber should have become frozen, her eyes filled with fear, but nothing she was excellent, which shocked the leader.

However, as a leader, even though he found the situation a bit unusual, not to lose his men’s trust, he decided to forget the unusual feeling he experienced upon failing to intimidate Amber.

The leader dangerously narrowed his eyes on Amber as he started to say, “Tch, you don’t realize your position, huh? I’m being nice, but you do not appreciate it; Then don’t blame us if we end up-”


Whatever contempt words the leader had would never be heard.

In the middle of his speech, Amber burst forward with incredible speed after secretly executing her Blood Arts.

A fierce gust of wind whipped past the four thugs, forcing them to squint their eyes.

Fast, it was too fast! Amber’s speed was a blur in the men’s eyes; they couldn’t react at all. Normal humans shouldn’t possess this kind of speed, she had been concealing her strength, but it was already too when they noticed this.

Without losing her momentum, Amber flashed right near the leader and swung both of her fists out!

Dense Blood Origin filled her fist, causing both the leader and the man to his right side to feel an incredible sense of crisis like they had never felt before. In a desperate attempt at defense, they raised their swords to block but were a step too slow.

‘Bang, Bang!’


Two miserable wails echoed out, accompanied by two streaks of blood.

The two thugs were flung like ragdolls as Amber’s fist caved their chest in, sending them crashing right into the nearby walls.

Using the element of surprise, Amber flashed next to another thug and punched his chest; this punch happened to land on a location of the heart, it immediately ruptured, and the man died on the spot. However, Amber had already disappeared to finish the two she previously sent flying.

They couldn’t utter a word as they were gravely injured, and even if they could, it was not my like she would have listened to any of it anyway. She could see that they were begging to be spared from their eyes.

One of Amber’s strong points was her decisiveness; once she decided on something, she would stick to it until the end. She had decided to deal with the thugs, so nothing they would say afterward would make her change this decision. After all those girls they killed after raping them must have pleaded for their lives, yet they were still killed in the end, so naturally, she would give them the thugs the same treatment.

She sent two powerful kicks which snapped the thug’s necks; their last thought had been they should have gone out tonight to hunt.

As for the last man remaining, he watched face full of horror the massacre; it was too much, his body refused to listen to his command, he couldn’t run away, and when he saw Amber snapping her head into his direction, the thug felt goosebumps rising all over his body as alarm bells rang in his heart.

He must survive. He repeated those words like a mantra.

Meanwhile, Amber, who was about to shoot toward the last thug, frowned; she could feel her origin depleting at a fast rate. At this rate, she would have two seconds at most before running out of origin; the previous exchanges, although fast, seemed to have depleted a lot of her blood origin.

‘I must end this fight faster.’ Amber thought before shooting forward.

The last thug was doing his utmost to free himself from the feeling of fear and escape but wasn’t given any chance to do so.

Not when Amber appeared before him in an instant.


On pure survival instincts alone, the last thug frantically thrust his sword straight at Amber; he poured all he got into that strike, making it faster.

Even though she became slower because she was running out of origin, she was still incredibly faster than the thug, the weakest of all; he barely had any origin stored inside his body.

With a crazed smile splitting across her lips, Amber easily dodged the man’s sword and struck her fist squared on his chest!



Another groan of agony echoed inside the dark alley as the man got sent flying like a ragdoll.

Blood gushed out of his mouth like a crimson stream as he brutally crushed deep into the nearby wall. His body twitched a few times before stopping moving.

Looking around her, Amber heaved a sigh; she was disappointed; this fight was not challenging at all. Besides the slight discomfort she just experienced because of her first time killing another human, she felt nothing else other than disappointment.

”Don’t worry, more challenges await you in the future. You won’t be bored.”

Orpheus’s voice echoed inside Amber’s head, who had become accustomed to the sudden intrusion, so she wasn’t surprised. She nodded before beginning to clean up the mess she had created. She controlled her urge to throw as she cleaned; the scene was too much.

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