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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 150 The Game called....3*

Although she thought she could easily control this man through sex, she learned that it would be a challenging feat.

In the end, Lillia was a noblewoman. Although she had experienced sex with the emperor, she knew nothing about this kind of foreplay. For her, sex was only sleeping in a bed, inserting the dick with a little bit of play, and the end.

Now, though, her entire body was under the stimulation of my two hands. Orpheus chuckled and caressed her body gently, using his special crimson origin to stimulate her nerves and make her moan each time his fingers stroked her skin. This would be fun.

Eventually, Lilia’s last bit of reason started to disappear. She could not control her body and only followed his movements, moaning softly in pleasure.

“… God of Creation, what am I doing?” Lillia whispered softly after our lips separated. I grinned and kissed her shoulders, licked her neck, and kissed her earlobes.

“Don’t worry. Nobody will know about this. Besides, your husband was in the wrong first…”

“… Yeah… He was in the wrong first…”

As though these words had a special magic power, Lilia hugged my back and groaned. Her mouth let out a soft moan, and her eyelashes trembled gently.

Each time I licked her neck or breasts, Lilia’s curved her body and shivered, letting out moans and grunts of pleasure that stimulated our minds.

While I savored her body, my hands finished taking off her clothes. Finally, the naked body of my father’s wife was in front of my eyes.

The excitement I was feeling was incredible. I wanted just to throw her to the bed and pierce her brains out.

However, Lilia’s excitement was not less than mine. The feeling of betraying her husband filled her with so much guilty as pleasure; plus, the fact that she was taking revenge against him made the experience much more thrilling.

Unconsciously, both Lillia and Orpheus fell on the bed in each other arms. Lillia felt his palms groping her breasts. The soft caress made her feel good, and his gentleness made her unable to refuse. She did not stop him from touching her further.

Under Orpheus’s constant caresses, Lillia’s body was breathless. Her beautiful white skin glistened with sweat, and her wavy blond hair fell on the bed in disorder.

Orpheus’s greedy mouth kissed her body again. Each part of Lillia’s body where his lips and tongue passed trembled in expectation. He kissed her soft belly, her beautiful belly button, and finally, he reached the sacred place between her legs..

At this point, he removed his clothes. To his surprise, Lillia herself took the initiative to help him undress. In fact, she seemed even more rushed than him

“Hurry up…” Lillia’s panted and whispered. He grinned and kissed her neck, pressing her against the bed and positioning himself over her.

Then, Orpheus’s hands gently separated her legs while his strong body pressed her body firmly, pinning her down.

“… You are truly a masterpiece. Even although you are betraying your husband, you are like this…”

He said and used his finger to scoop a bit of the abundant love juice flowing out of Lillia’s cave.

Lillia blushed in embarrassment and put on an enraged expression.

“Stop that..”

“Yes, yes, let’s start…”

Orpheus, disguised as Stefan, caressed Lillia’s legs and slowly moved towards her honey hole. Lillia’s legs opened and closed constantly, and her mouth emitted repeated unconscious moans.

While his fingers stimulated her sacred place, he licked Lillia’s neck, biting and sucking her beautiful skin. In less than one minute, he had filled her breast and shoulders with several hickeys.

“… Ugh… Amm…~” Lillia’s moaned and hugged Orpheus’s head. At the same time, her legs wrapped around my waist.

His body was tightly entangled with hers. Orpheus breathed on her ear again and kissed her lips. Then, he used his hand to point his dick towards her opening.

Slowly, he rubbed his lower head against her slit. Lillia let out a soft moan and bit her lips. But at this moment, her last bit of resistance surged.

”Stefan… N-No… It’s wrong… W-We need to stop…”

Hearing her ragged words, Orpheus smirked. Then, he thrust forward!

“Ahnnn…” Lillia shivered instantly. Her already sensitive body tensed up, releasing a huge flood of love juices.

Then, her body collapsed on the bed.

Just like that, Lilia’s had cum.

“… So big…” Lillia muttered softly and hugged his back. He smirked and started to move.

“Hmm… Ahnn… Ugh… ahh…~”

Lillia’s moans were like music for his ears. Each time he pierced her, he could hear her sweet voice resounding through the room, reminding him of what he was committing.

She was the wife of the empress r, the empress of the empire, the arrogant woman that had several times tried to kill everything that stood in her way.

And now, she was moaning under his body.

“… How is it? I’m sure I’m bigger than your husband, right?” Orpheus smirked.

Lillia’s blushed and let out a soft moan.

“… P-Please, stop t-talking about him…”

“Oh?” he smiled. Then, he started to move much faster.

“Hiii… S-Slower… A-Ahn… S-Slower…”

“Tell me, I’m bigger than your husband, right?”

Lillia blushed. Her green eyes looked at me with a gaze of grudge, but then, she nodded.

Next, she hugged his neck and kissed his lips fiercely.

This woman.

Orpheus grabbed her waist and continued moving up and down, piercing her insides continually.

He could feel her walls parting to receive his cock. Each time he thrust inside her, it was as though her soft flesh wrapped around his dick, sucking and stimulating it.

Lillia was not as tight as some other women I had slept with, but her body was very sexy. Her breasts, huge butt, and hourglass figure were beautiful.

“Mm… Ugh… Ahm~ So good…”

Lillia moaned and closed her eyes, losing herself in the pleasure of sex. She seemed to forget that she was the empress, and now, she was only a woman enjoying her most primal desire. She had missed this for so long, a few years already.

All her problems, the death of her son, the indifference of her husband. Her plans, everything was forgotten in the pleasure of sex.

The only thing that remained was her desire to mate.

“Miss, You are gorgeous,” Orpheus whispered and kissed her earlobe while he messed her insides. Lillia opened her eyes and smiled, opening her arms to let him enjoy her body.

“… I don’t know who your husband is, but you should leave him and come with me; what do you think?” He asked with a soft smirk.

Lillia blushed and rolled her eyes. “You’re dreaming… Although I don’t mind making you my slave.”

‘That’s my line.’ Orpheus chuckled, amused.

For now, though, he would follow her game.


Lillia let out a loud moan. She could feel his tongue moving around her breasts, flicking them. Then, She felt his teeth pressing against her nipples.

Suddenly, Lillia shivered in pleasure, and her cave wrapped tightly against his dick.

Instantly, the love juices came again.

This was her second orgasm!

Orpheus smirked and looked at Lillia’s eyes with a smile.

“… You truly are sensitive… Are you sure you don’t want to leave your useless husband and change him for me?”

Lillia was unable to reply due to her shivering body. Instead, she let out an intelligible moan and closed her eyes.

However, he was not done with her.

Before the pleasure of her orgasm could fade out, Orpheus started to move again.


Lillia’s eyes opened wide.

“S-Stop…” She tried to speak up, but it was too late.

Without warning, she was attacked by a new round of pleasure mixed with the pain due to her sensitive body.

“Ugh…” Lillia’s arms hugged Orpheus’s back tightly, and her head rested on his shoulders. He could feel her nails piercing his skin slightly.

She stayed in that position while moaning and letting out seductive sounds.

The slamming sounds coming from their connected bodies filled the room. Each time he pierced her, he could hear the sound of his cock messing with her wet cave.

Lillia’s body was tightly glued to him like a koala. She shivered and trembled with each one of his movements. Her body twisted in pleasure, and her breasts moved up and down due to her hurried breathing.

At this time, he accelerated his movements. Orpheus pressed her body against the bed and pistoned hard, harder than anything she had felt before.

“Ahnn… S-Slo-Slower… P-Please…”

Lillia begged with a face melted in pleasure; however, he did not stop. Instead, he accelerated even more.

With her waist in his hands, he stopped the movements of her body and forced her to endure each of his attacks helplessly.

Each time Orpheus pierced her, he could feel her fleshy insides shivering. Her womb was like a mouth, sucking on his dick and begging it to fill her with his hot cum.

Soon, Orpheus could feel Lillia’s body turning tense. Her moans became faster and faster, and her breathing turned short. She was nearing another climax.

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