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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 15

”Here we go again!” Ella sighed and decided to watch and intervene when things became bad; she was interested in this girl and wanted to know what she was. She got a familiar presence from this girl; she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Amber’s eyes narrowed as she noticed Lily disappearing, and her instinct warned of danger; unfortunately, she couldn’t completely dodge the blow.

Lily appeared before Amber and threw a normal punch; while it was only a normal punch, it came from Level 6, almost Level 5 Origin master; therefore, her punch was fast.

Because she couldn’t use her full strength, that would mean turning her eyes red letting Ella become more interested in her; Amber could only use seventy percent of her strength.

Lily was shocked that Amber could dodge her punch; she knew she was just a level 7 origin master. She had thought she would knock Amber in one blow, but she dodged it. She smiled; it was the same smile Amber had when she was fighting.

”Interesting!” Lily mumbled while throwing another punch at Amber.


Amber grunted; although she crossed her arms at the last minute to block her attack, Lily’s punch felt like a hammer got slammed into her. The shockwave of the punch traversed through her body, causing her body to shake.

Before she could move her body again, Lily attacked again, but this time, it was a kick; there wasn’t origin in her leg. It was a normal kick, but it was pretty fast.

Lily’s leg arrived before Amber’s face instantly; if she did nothing while she wouldn’t die from this blow, she would at least break a nose.

Amber decided to gamble, because her body was still suffering from the earliest attack; she couldn’t move her body as she wished. So she could only gamble; she stopped breathing and gathered air inside her lungs before pushing it out of her mouth. The expulsed air happened to clash against Lily’s leg; her leg acted like a mirror that reflected the air; Amber got knocked back; she used this opportunity and lowered her head until it always touched the ground.

”What?” Lily was shocked by the unexpected development while Ella smiled.

Amber used her hands as support and delivered a spinning kick; it was now Lily’s turn to cross her arms to defend; just as the kick was about to touch her, Amber increased its strength by secretly activating Blood Strengthening.


Lily, who did not expect Amber’s kick to be that powerful, was sent flying, but she could easily control her body to land two meters away safely.

Ella furrowed her brows as she felt a sense of familiarity for a millisecond when Amber secretly used the Blood Arts, but now it was gone; she checked Amber twice but detected nothing when suddenly she remembered something.

”Oh! no!” She panicked.

Ella knew that disaster would happen because that kick destroyed Lily’s sleeves which would turn into battle junky; she would want to pay back the opponent who did that to her.



Amber felt a giant hammer has brutally pounded onto her chest.

Her chest caved in, and her back arched out while her body slammed into a tree behind her. Lily appeared before her like a ghost; she smiled and grabbed Amber, feeling dizzy.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out of Amber’s mouth. Her eyes were filled with horror at how strong Lily was. Her face was dyed red with blood, while apart from her bra, the rest of her upper cloth was gone.

Lily had a crazed smile on her face as she lifted Amber like a doll, black origin gathered around her arms, and she was about to slam Amber against the ground when she suddenly froze.

”Lily!” Ella murmured from behind Lily, she felt a chill down her spine, and she immediately regained her cool; her battle-crazed side disappeared like a puff of smoke. She couldn’t dare to disobey Ella because an angry Ella was like hell on earth. She knew she had overdone it, to think she would lose her cool and use a part of her strength to fight against someone who had just become origin master.

”I’m sorry.” After putting Amber down, Lily apologized; she immediately took out a robe she kept and some medicine to help heal Amber.

Amber nodded weakly; Ella also apologized before dragging Lily away.

”Girl whose name I don’t know, I will wait for the rematch. Until then, train harder if you don’t want to lose again.” Lily shouted those words as she got dragged away.

Amber said nothing but nodded. But her eyes were burning; she lost, it hurt so much, she would without doubt win next time. She vowed to herself. As for Ella, Amber felt grateful toward her. Not long after they left, she recovered, not her stamina, but her blood was back into her body; Ella must have noticed this it was why she dragged her sister away.

After changing into Lily’s robe, Amber decided to stand up.

However, when she stood up, she suddenly felt light-headed. An unprecedented feeling of weakness spread through her body. She had truly been through too much.

Her vision went black, and she began to fall. Orpheus appeared in that instant and caught her.

”M.. Master, I.. lost b.. but next time I will win.” Amber delivered those words before falling asleep.

Orpheus said nothing. Taking Amber with him, he stepped across space and disappeared.

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