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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 146

Orpheus pierced Sakuya from behind, felt his heart beating faster before his vision blackened, and he appeared in a blue space, this space was so vast that he could not see its end, but in the middle of this vast space, he saw a rainbow light floating.

Although he didn’t know what this light was, he was sure it had something to do with his left eye. The world was covered in subtle purple light; this purple light was mixed with crimson light.

Orpheus left eye twitched, not because his left eye was trying to control him but because, there was a piece of information it wished to convey.


This was the piece of information that appeared inside his head, and he couldn’t help but smile; he could use this ability on Brünhild to gain access to the information previously he couldn’t.

He knew his left eye would be incredible, but not to do this extent.


He was forced back into reality.

”What happened?” He mumbled, confused, but Nemesis didn’t allow him to slack off as she had decided to devour him entirely like that he wouldn’t go playing around.

Orpheus shook his head and decided to satisfy her first before searching for an answer completely.

He lowered his head and sealed her lips; meanwhile, his hands moved over her body, caressing it. Using one of his hands, he kneaded her big and wonderful breasts; he played with her hard erected nipples.

She felt her body becoming weak, and she tried to moan; however, because he was sealing her lips with his lips, she couldn’t. His remaining hand went toward his clitoris, and he pinched it.

Immediately, her body shook; she broke their kiss and let out a loud moan.

Orpheus didn’t give her any time before he slid his middle finger inside her sacred place; her body shook once more, lowering his head, and biting her left nipple.


Nemesis moaned while holding his head down; she was sensitive after her numerous orgasms yet still refused to sleep because she was trying to hang him dry. He smiled before acting.

While playing with her breast, he started to finger her slowly; soon, his assault became quicker.

Nemesis’s body arched up; she loudly moaned before cumming. Her body fell back into the bed, and juice flooded out of her pussy, drenching the already wet bed.

Her breathing became rough; her big breasts were moving up and down. He stared at her beautiful body overflowing with charm. He licked his lips like a wolf before lowering his head toward her hairless pussy. Before she could comprehend what was happening, he had already assaulted her pussy with his tongue imbued in mana.

“Wait, Orpheus- ugh! Annhh,”She shouted his name because she knew Kaguya had already fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, Orpheus didn’t wait as he sucked her clit before sliding his tongue into her wet cave, assaulting her with his best technique; she was sent into heaven, again and again; the pleasure was too much.


She let out a loud moan before cumming; her body twitched a few times. She had forgotten how many times she had orgasm tonight; the only thing inside her mind was the ever-present pleasure filling her body, corrupting her soul.

Nemesis gulped when she saw the furious beast; she had a hungry look in her eyes; she wanted this beast to mess up with her inside, to help her calm down the itchiness she had been feeling deep inside for a while ago. So, she looked at him as if she was begging him to end her misery.

Seeing her pitiful self, Orpheus smiled and lowered the head of his hardened cock at the entrance of her cave and penetrated her in one thrust.


Nemesis’s body violently arched back, and her eyes widened as if she was having an Ahoge.

She was feeling it almost to her soul. She had a weird expression on her face because of this.

Not like she would have cared about that because, at the moment, the only thing that mattered was to be connected to this man who was the only one capable of making her show that kind of expression.

Orpheus began to assault her with fast attacks; he was rough, making her grunt in pain.

Her body, which had not recovered yet from their previous sessions, shivered fiercely. Her tight wall wrapped fiercely around his shaft, trying to crush it.

He didn’t stop his rough assault because Nemesis seemed to love it as she kept moaning like there was no tomorrow. His cock went in and out repeatedly until it pierced her lower lips and hit her womb.


Nemesis let out a soft groan of pain and pleasure. She tried to twist her body, but he was holding her hands, so she could not move.

”Faster and rougher, please..” She begged.

“Sure.” He smiled and did as his woman wished.

Nemesis gasped deeply and groaned in pleasure.

He licked her neck and armpit, and then he bit her nipples. One of his hands was holding her hands above her head firmly, while his other hand caressed and pinched her abdomen and legs.

Finally, his hands moved to her sacred place. He used his fingers to rub her clit, making her moan loudly.

Then, when Nemesis was getting used to the pleasure, he licked her ear before biting it hard.

“Ugh…~” She moaned in pain. A shiver ran through her body, and her walls tightened around Orpheus’s cock, almost making him cum, but he ground his teeth and continued.

“Orpheus..” With a loud cry, he felt Nemesis’s orgasm coming.


After the flood of love juices drenched his waist, Nemesis gasped. She opened her eyes and panted heavily while looking at him with a pitiful expression. Although she was the one that asked him to be rough, he went beyond her expectation. 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Orpheus, who was not satisfied yet, assaulted her after switching positions.


Nemesis’s eyes opened wide. She looked at him as though looking at a beast and her face turned pale. Her body shook; it was as if someone had attacked her with a bolt of lightning.

But in the next moment, she felt his member moving again.

She moaned involuntarily; the combined assaults caught her completely off guard. She became more aroused under his rough assault.

He smirked and put strength on his waist. Suddenly, his penis pierced her deepest part. She gasped, and her body shivered. She bit her lips until leaking a bit of blood, but even like that, her mouth let out a soft grunt.


Nemesis’s pussy walls tightened even more around his dick, and his member found it a bit hard to move.

So, he thrust hard while enjoying her tight cave. Nemesis shuddered and quivered as her body spasmed due to the pleasure.


Finally, she let out another loud moan.

“Ohhhh! So good”

She moaned and screamed. Her body twisted below him, and her legs wrapped around his waist to welcome his assault.

Nemesis’s moans became even louder and lewder as his assaults went on.

The slippery sounds of his cock piercing her resounded in the room. It was mixed with the sound of her moans and created a choir of pervert sounds that overwhelmed their senses. She forgot everything; she forgot about her initial objective, literally everything; her head became pure white. She just wanted to enjoy this moment, this feeling of being connected with him.

Finally, when he felt she was about to orgasm again, he decided to bring their lovemaking to an end.

Grabbing her waist, he moved in and out quickly. He slammed his waist on her ass while using his teeth and tongue to bite and lick her back. Sakuya’s body shivered repeatedly, and her eyes turned blank.

“So deep… T-This… feeling so good. I-I’m dying…”

Then suddenly, her body spasmed.

Once, twice, and thrice.

He grunted. The attacks of his waist turned faster, and finally, he felt his orgasm coming.

Thus, he thrust one last time and cummed inside her womb.

“Cumming…~” Nemesis screamed loudly, arching her back. Immediately after that, her body lost strength, and she collapsed in the bed.

He took a deep breath and lay over her. He kissed her, and she responded with passion. He kissed her cheeks and decided to let her rest; her eyelids were slowly closing themselves, and she had already fallen asleep.

“Let’s continue later,” He whispered into her ear as though she had heard a lullaby; Sakuya fell asleep while using his arm as a pillow.

“I wonder to which extent I can rewrite things.”

He spat out a sigh before closing his eyes. He couldn’t wait and test it on a few subjects.

If he could successfully use this ability on Brünhild, then he could get rid of a lot of problems. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but because of what happened when he created her body, he was sure it wouldn’t be too hard. He would take everything for himself; he wouldn’t dance on someone else turn; he was the Crimson Overlord, after all. The one that would stand at the apex.

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