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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 145

Two days passed in flash after what happened and Nemesis came back, strangely she became friend with the Ice Queen, she was even leaving with them in their villa. The three went on date.

Orpheus and the girls arrived at their villa when the three continued to chat after.

Suddenly, he felt something,

“You girls what….”

That’s all he could say before the girls pulled his pants down. They were talking about something else when the topic suddenly switched to this.

Both Kaguya and Nemesis’s hands went on top of Orpheus’s pants, feeling up the bulge hidden beneath it. Kaguya boldly took his lips into a kiss. It was an intense kiss, so intense that he almost mistook her for someone else.

Nemesis, on the other hand, removed his shirt and started kissing him on his neck right before descending slowly toward his chest, then his nipples.

The two alternately switched on, either taking his lips or his neck.

Finally, he understood what the two were planning.

And as a man, how can he let his girls do everything? At one point, his hands slipped inside their clothes, cupping their breasts. Along with their moans every time he pinched their nipples, the sounds of their kisses and entangling tongues reverberated inside the room.

Not satisfied with just feeling it on top of his pants, Kaguya decided to set the beast free.

And now they were on the point where they pulled it down along with his underwear. With that half-erect cock exposed in front of them, they grabbed and started stroking it.

Both girls were staring at it as it started to harden and stood up slowly through the stimulation of their touch.

”No matter how many I’ve seen, it’s still big,” Kaguya commented, a comment to which Orpheus let out a chuckle.

“Then I’ll take care of this first….”

Kaguya then let go of his lips as she leaned over on his cock. She then snatched it to pull it near her lips. She glanced at him first before opening her mouth and slowly dropped her head down, taking in the head inside it.

Nemesis and Orpheus started another round of battle tongue, and with her tongue wrestling with his tongue, he could feel the Ice queen take in more of his member. From the head, she dropped her head down further. The hot and slimy sensation from her mouth, along with her slick tongue, made it fully erect, and she started sucking it.

Nemesis, at the same time, took his hand that was freed from Kaguya’s breasts and put it inside her skirt where she had him feel her moist panties.

In a swift motion, orpheu5 tore off Nemesis’s panties to directly access her glistening pussy; he sent a finger inside her while his thumb was used to rub her clit.

”Anhh!” She moaned before resuming their battle of tongues.

While Kaguya was sucking him off, he fingered Nemesis at a fast pace; the room was soon filled with erotic sounds. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Over time, as the pace of Kaguya’s sucking increased, so was his fingering, and the stimulation the two of them were receiving reached its peak,

“Kyle, I’m cumming!” Nemesis shouted not forgetting to use this name.

She couldn’t hold her moan out as she trembled uncontrollably from cumming. Her insides squeezed his fingers, and he felt how her wall couldn’t stop pulsating, trying to suck his fingers in.

Kaguya smiled before hastening her pace, while at the same time stroking the part she couldn’t swallow faster. From that continued stimulation, his cum couldn’t be held back anymore. Orpheus suddenly held her head and piston a few times before releasing his cum inside her mouth.

After feeling that extreme pleasure of cumming, he watched Kaguya, who never let go of his cock as she continued to suck out the last bits of his semen. Only after making sure that nothing would come out anymore did she let go of it.

Kaguya then lifted her body and turned towards me with her cheeks bloated due to the stored cum in them, while a little bit spilled at the side of her lips. With a seductive smile, she showed him how she gulped it down before opening her mouth to show that there was nothing left inside it. He was amused; this side of the Ice queen, once she goes wild, is sure interesting.

“Thank you for the meal, Danna; it was quite tasty; I wouldn’t mind taking another shot.”

She lusciously smiled at him before she took his lips and kissed him again. Nemesis was slumped down next to him, still recovering from her climax.

“My turn now….”

He watched her remove her dress piece by piece while slowly doing it; she undressed seductively, taking her time to do it. It left one salivate in anticipation.

”I want it rough,” Nemesis said, awakening the beast inside Alex.

”Go on all fours then.”

Nemesis did it, not forgetting to shake her booty as if to provoke him.

He held her hips firmly while piercing her from behind, and started to piston her. Each second, he moved back and forth, invading her insides until her deepest part.

”Ughhn… Ahh…slower, please.”

‘You asked for it, but now you want me to go slower? no way.’

Nemesis’s ragged voice reached his ears. But he did not stop. Instead, he pressed his body against hers and kissed her back and neck, using his tongue to lick her tender skin.

She shivered with pleasure when she felt his tongue over her body; she let out a soft hum and put her face against the sheets. Then, she stopped struggling and left her body at his mercy.

He grinned and decided to accelerate, he moved faster and faster, enjoying the feeling of her flesh wrapping around his dick, trying to crush it, but instead, it was his dick piercing her womb. Nemesis could only moan helplessly while suffering his attacks.

He grabbed her two breasts from behind and pulled her body up. Then, his mouth kissed her shoulder before going up to lick her earlobe and biting it hard.

“Ahhnnn…~” She screamed. The pain of the bite made her tighten her vagina around his cock. He sucked a mouthful of blood and continued biting her, leaving his marks all around her body.

Her neck, her shoulders, her back. Nemesis was filled with hickeys symbolizing tonight love affair she had tonight. For an instant, he could not help but wonder what the other girls would say if they saw these hickeys; well, it would disappear before tomorrow morning anyway, do her high regeneration.

As he thrust his hips faster and faster as he ground her insides, she also started moving her hips to match the intensity he was giving her; at some point in time, they unknowingly changed position from doggy style to sitting. With her legs still circled him and their lips that would only let go of each other when they needed to breathe or pour some love on their necks. He held Nemesis on her butt to lift her and down his cock as he plowed her hard.

*Pah* *Pah*

Soon the sounds of her buttocks slapping against his gland could be heard.


”Ohh, so good.”

At one point, Kaguya, who had been watching, decided to join them; she went over and stole Nemesis’s lips, and an intense kiss followed.

He grinned and continued plowing Nemesis while he fondled Kaguya’s breast, but it seemed she wasn’t satisfied; therefore, he started sucking on her nipples while Nemesis continued to hump herself on his cock.

After Nemesis got her second climax, she stood up for Kaguya to get her turn. Changing their positions, he started to suck on her twin peaks, turning the pinkish nipples red from how hard he was sucking on them.

Kaguya, on the other hand, held onto his hand as he guided her to slowly sit on his cock; though it slid inside her smoothly; Kaguya’s moans couldn’t be contained as she started squeezing on him even before it was entirely buried deep inside her.

Orpheus circled his arms over her body, he started pounding her from below. The way she twitched her hips made it more pleasurable to both of them.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*


Another chorus of flesh hitting flesh mixed with moans resonated inside the room.

As time passed, he kept switching on the two of them by letting them reach their climax first. As they’re now lying down on the bed, which was already stained from their love nectars.

After cumming inside Kaguya, he immediately switched to Nemesis to stimulate it again. As soon as it became as hard as earlier, he increased the pace of his pounding while Kaguya was resting.

“Aahhnn… ahhnnn… I love you Kyle.”

Nemesis shouted as she moaned out during her fourth climax. At the same time as her, he finally reached climax and poured another load of cum inside her.

After that, he fell to her side as they both started catching their breath.

Glancing at Kaguya , who had just regained consciousness, he said, ”I can continue if you want.”

”Nope, I’m too tired. I’ll gladly let sister Nemesis enjoy it.” She declared before falling asleep.

The hungry vampire wasn’t satisfied and Nemesis could feel it.

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