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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 144

”Take care of her as we said,” Leon said before cutting off the communication with the other party. Although he had failed in assassinating Orpheus, he could take care of Angel, his sister, who could become troublesome later.

Because of his order, Angel Marylou Neos lost her life; she could have been gone forever if Orpheus didn’t have some plans for her.


~Angel POV

”So, he finally couldn’t wait any longer,” I said.

Too scared to move, no, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to; the enemy’s dagger pierced my heart. My world darkened; I knew I was going to die; I didn’t hear anything; everything was darkness.

‘Ah! I guess I die then. Too bad I couldn’t see you again to convey my feelings. I’m fine with sharing you with the other girls; even if it is still a little uncomfortable, I’ll do my best. I love you, Kyle.’

That was my last thought before darkness shrouded me completely.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard something calling me; it was crimson; seeing this crimson light, I felt a serene and blissful feeling; basking in this crimson light, I knew I was saved. Somehow this crimson light reminds me of Kyle’s beautiful crimson eyes; basking in the crimson light, I let myself go and slept peacefully.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw Kyle sitting on a tree’s trunk.

He walked toward caressing my head before asking me what happened, so I told him what happened after I got separated from my friend.

For a moment, there was a murderous glint in his eyes, yet it quickly disappeared; looking at me, he announced,

”As you may have noticed, you’ve still alive, but you are different from the previous you. You have now become my servant.”

With a warm smile, he finished his words.

Ba-Dump Ba-Dump !!

My heart started beating furiously as he said. I noticed that I had changed; I was not a human anymore, I became strong, and my senses became sharper; if I were to face those assassins again, I could say with conviction that I’ll beat them without too much difficulty.

I don’t care about what I’ve become if it means I’ll be with this man whom I yearned for.

With a beautiful smile, in turn, I said, ”Take care of me from now on, master.”


Hearing Angel’s words, Orpheus smiled, he didn’t have time for her now, but he would make sure to talk with the girl later.

Time to talk about serious things. Locking eyes with Angel, he said, ”As your master, I ought to tell you what you have become. You’re not human anymore; to be more accurate, you’re a vampire.”

When he spoke there, he stopped and observed Angel’s reaction; he chuckled because, as he expected after hearing what he had to say, Angel didn’t react like what normal people would do.

”You are taking this too simply, aren’t you?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Angel answered,

”Well, I was surprised by the news. I don’t care about what I’ve become if it means that I’ll be with you. If I’m a vampire, this would mean you’re not human to begin with. You’re some kind of high-ranking vampire for you to be able not to fear the sun. A pretty high-ranked Vampire if my guess isn’t wrong.”

This girl is sure of something. Well, the first time they talked, he knew she was lonely; she wanted something to lean on; in that damned place, she felt unwanted. Finally, she saw a place where she felt she belonged to.

”Pretty much, but not entirely true. Let’s not dwell on this matter for now. How do you feel?” Orpheus asked her.

”I’m fine. I feel powerful, but I know you knew this already. Looking at your face, you know a lot of things. I bet you even saw this coming. Your timing was too perfect, almost as if you had been waiting for this. Tell me you knew, don’t you?”

To this question, Orpheus chuckled; it was like he telling her that he knew this.

”I see. I won’t say anything as I’m grateful for what you did. Nobody does something without a goal in mind; I’ll use you as you will use me.”

”Cool, do you wish for revenge?” He asked her, and of course, she nodded; Orpheus smiled.

”Then become the empress for my sake.” He told her, and Angel smiled; previously, she didn’t wish for this, but just for the sake of messing with Leon and the empress, she would gladly do it.

Orpheus had gained a good pawn.


Meanwhile, at the exact moment in the capital, Leon and Daniel were talking.

Leaning against a nearby tree, Daniel glared at Leon with anger as he said.

”Leon, you’re crazy. Why did you assault your sister?”

Leaning lazily against another tree, looking unfazed by Daniel’s intense, angry stare, he answered while massaging his throbbing temple, ”Don’t shout; what has been done is done. I’m rather tired; let me rest for a moment.”

After finishing talking, Leon closed his eyes, not even glancing at Daniel, who had an ugly complexion.

”Don’t you regret what you did? She was your sister, for god’s sake. I shouldn’t have lent you, my men.” Daniel lamented; he thought he would use those men to get rid of Orpheus, but unfortunately, it was not what the asshole did. It was why he came to see him.

Not even bothered to open his eyes, Leon answered in a lazy tone, ”Why would I regret it? She deserves what I’ve done to her. I’m the future emperor; I should eliminate every obstacle on my road.”

Daniel’s brows twitched, sighing he asked, ”I see. You have your reason for doing that, but you seem to forget that all Royal family members possess a Soul crystal, and upon dying, one may know how they died and who killed them. You have been too reckless.”

”Eh? To think that the fiery Daniel may be dumb sometimes. Hahaha! How amusing.” Leon said mockingly.

”Hoh? Why did you say that? Care to explain?”

Not becoming angry even after being openly mocked, Daniel asked because he felt that he had overlooked something; Leon seemed to be too calm for someone who had just killed his little sister. He wanted to know why he seemed so calm.


Clicking his tongue in annoyance because his little jab hadn’t worked, Leon decided to explain why he seemed so calm,

”You no fun at all. Well, the reason I acted so reckless is because of the ring I’m wearing on my finger.”

Saying this, Leon showed a simple golden ring he was wearing on his right arm and middle finger.

Daniel’s eyes narrowed for a moment because he already had an idea of what Leon would say next, and he did not like it.

Not noticing his accomplice in a crime state, Leon proceeded with his explanation.

”You see, this ring can cancel the Soul crystal’s function. Simply put, with this on my finger, I can kill anybody with Soul crystal; nobody would connect it to me.”

Daniel’s complexion darkened instantly, and what he feared the most came true. This will complicate things.

Leon observed Luxor and chuckled before saying

”No need to worry, I’m not planning to use it on you anyway. We are allies after all.”

The two smiled; however, inwardly, they were cursing at each other, plotting how to get rid of the other.

”Let’s discuss how to get rid of Kyle for good. I’m sure you have some ideas to share with me. I’m all ears.” Leon said.

”Indeed, I’ve few ideas,” Luxor replied.

They started exchanging ideas on how to get rid of Orpheus while at the same time, internally, they plotted how to get rid of the other. Daniel particularly was thinking about how he would kill Leon and blame it on Orpheus; like Leon, he also had something that enabled him to cancel the Soul crystal’s function. Hell, his artifact was more powerful than Leon’s artifact. With his ring, he could impersonate anybody when killing someone with a Soul crystal. This artifact of his has numerous functions.

The reason why he had not made a move yet was that he was unsure of his victory against Leon if the latter were to become serious. He was preparing something, and soon it would be ready; with this thing, Daniel was sure of his victory and at the same of Orpheus’s doom; it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

They continued to discuss how to kill Orpheus and, at the same time, decide on how to divide his women between themselves.

Unaware of being observed by a small bat with red eyes, the two continued to plan Orpheus’s death further.

In the grand scheme of things, they are just but mere toys.

Full of themselves, they thought they had everything under control; however, it was not the case, and they would soon learn this hard truth.

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