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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 140

Orpheus, who had played with Nemesis’s game, decided to explore the surroundings to cool down; maybe he could encounter Ella. Unexpectedly he discovered a lake. It was a big lake.

The lake mirrored the sky above, both of them blue and shimmering. A beautiful view, if he must say. He quickly discarded his clothes and jumped in the water with a splash sound. The cold sensation of the water caressed his pale white skin. He started to swim backward, letting the cold water caress his skin; he decided to enjoy this rare moment of tranquility, not thinking of anything, just like a normal mortal.

However, soon this tranquility was interrupted by someone. From the depth of the lake, a person came out. Strangely, this person appeared in front of him, and when he finally saw the person that appeared from the depth of the lake, he chuckled.

In front of him was a girl, a beautiful girl, she had shoulder-length golden hair, and a cute face, her height was around 1,71 m, because she was swimming, she was naked, her body lay bare in front of him.

This girl had porcelain skin that was glistening with the lake water, her breasts couldn’t be considered big, nor it’s small the perfect size. Her pink nipples were so beautiful.

He looked at her hourglass figure, big round ass, and finally, Orpheus’s eyes moved down towards her secret place; she got golden trimmed hair below. What a beautiful body, she may not be beautiful like Ella, Lily, Nui, Nemesis, and Kaguya, but she won’t lose if he were to compare her to Luna and other girls.

‘Wait for a second, golden hair. Could she be from the Neos family?’ Orpheus thought suddenly, and his lips couldn’t help but curve upward.

However, his thoughts were soon interrupted because the girl opened her eyes; she had golden eyes like her hair. Her golden eyes stared straight into his crimson eyes before her expression turned frosty as she said.

”Die, you pervert.”

Immediately, from her pointed finger, a golden lightning bolt was fired, coming straight at him. As he thought she was from Leon’s family. Orpheus avoided the lightning bolt without a problem.

The golden-haired beauty shouted at him to stay still and receive his punishment, but he ignored her; he was already thinking of a plan to use this girl.

”To think that the rumored genius of this year would be a shameless pervert that peeps on maiden bathing. What a joke.” She said after seeing that she couldn’t touch him at all.

”Ah! I’m that famous?” Orpheus asked with his head tilted to the side before pointing out.

”I get it, but you need to dress up before we can talk. So, can you please dress up? ”

”Eh? Kyaa!”

It was now that she remembered that she was naked, she shouted before hastily dressing. She wore a sweatshirt and short pants. After finishing, she looked at Orpheus with an expressionless face, but there was a small blush on her face. She saw that he had already dressed in black pants and a white-sleeved shirt with a black jacket on top of it.

Her face flushed red when she looked at Orpheus’s handsome face; she hastily averted her eyes and said.

”You have to take responsibility. You saw my everything. You damn pervert.” She stopped talking because she saw him smiling evilly, so she didn’t dare to continue.

”Oh? Let’s first introduce ourselves. I’m Kyle Blake. A 1st-year student in the S class. What about you?” He asked.

”Humph! As if I would introduce myself.”

Orpheus smiled and looked at her; she hastily retreated before talking.

”Ugh! I’m Angel Marylou Neos, the second princess of the Luxiria empire; Leon Nexus is my big brother. I’m also a first-year student. I’m from the A class. That is all.”

As he thought, but to think that she was Leon’s sister, sister from another mother instead. Her age was the same as Leon’s; maybe Leon was older than her by months.

What a strange coincidence indeed. He never thought he’d meet Leon’s sister when he chose to bathe. Fate is a mysterious thing. He would use this to his advantage; he decided to wreck the boy Leon.

Orpheus looked at Angel, the corner of his mouth curled up, forming a mysterious smile.

”Disgusting, what are you grinning for? I’m a princess, you know. You’ll have to take responsibility for your earlier offense by… ”

”I see. Just because I saw you naked? Didn’t you see me naked too? We are even then.”

At Orpheus’s words, Angel was lost for words. It took her some time before she managed to say.

”That is not fair.”

”Life is not fair,” Orpheus said before suggesting they should sit and talk.

She looked at him and nodded; she accepted as if she was under a spell; maybe it was because she fell lonely.

Orpheus summoned a table and chairs from his spacial ring (a fake) and beckoned her to sit.

They sat across from each other. Soon, they started talking about each other.

Orpheus lied, saying that he was an orphan living in a recluse village until when he turned seventeen, someone from the academy who was passing by saw his talents and decided to enroll him; he gave him a special envelope to her and two of her family members.

It was Angel’s turn; she started talking.

To sum up, Angel was the second princess of the Luxiria empire; she was born from the emperor’s third concubine, and her mother died after giving birth to her. Leon was older than her by two months. The emperor has a lot of children born from his empress and other concubines. There was no love between the siblings; everybody tried to scheme against each other. Angel was not interested in the struggle for the throne. Hence, She stayed in her mansion, not coming out; she didn’t interact with her other siblings.

In the beginning, it was not Leon who was the crown prince. It was another prince, prince Leonid born from the First Concubine Jenny, who was crowned the crown prince. If you’re wondering why Leonid was crowned and where was the Empress child when this happened. Well, it was because, at that time, the Empress couldn’t get pregnant no matter what. So, when Concubine Jenny had given birth to a baby, a boy to boot, the Emperor was delighted, and when Leonid turned five, he was crowned. His talent and intelligence were top-notch even at the age of Five, so nobody complained when Leonid was crowned apart from Empress Lillia, but because she didn’t have any children, she chose to bear it.

It was six years later that Empress Lillia managed to get pregnant and give birth to Leon. The Empress was displeased with the emperor’s decision not to give the Crown back to his son, who has the right to legally have it, because he was a child born between the Emperor and the Empress, the legal wife, she cried injustice. However, no matter what she said, the Emperor’s decision did not change. Leonid was excellent in everything, plus concubine Jenny was the emperor’s favorite. The Empress could only swallow down her anger; a silent war started, but because the Emperor was watching, nothing drastic happened.

However, two years later, the crown prince Leonid suddenly died unnaturally in his sleep; he was perfectly fine the day before, so how could he die like that?

The Emperor was furious, and he ordered his imperial guard to investigate this matter seriously, but nothing had been found, no matter much they investigated. Some suspected the Empress, but she was not present. When this tragedy happened, Empress Lillia and her son Leon were in their family villa. Finally, this case remained unsolved, and Leon was crowned the new Crown prince five years later.

‘What a story; I’m sure it was empress Lillia that assassinated Leonid, even though the guards guarding Leonid’s chamber attested that nobody went inside the chamber after the prince. A powerful vampire assassin can sneak in and kill Leonid without touching him directly. No wonder they got her.’ Orpheus thought while thinking of the Zeroth Organization and his subordinate disguised as a maid under the empress’s command.

It must be hard to live in that kind of environment full of deceits and schemes. Orpheus understood Angel when she said she would rather live as a commoner, rather than a princess.

Angel was talkative when she saw that Orpheus truly listened to her story. Time stealthily flowed, and soon the evening came. They stopped talking because he decided to return.

Angel looked at me and asked.

”Kyle, will I be able to see you again? Will you listen to my story again?”

”Yes, we will see each other again,” Orpheus promised, and Angel smiled. She was happy to have someone she could share her worries with. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

”Okay, let’s meet soon.” She declared before disappearing into the forest. Her control of the Lightning attitude was not bad.

She had no idea that Orpheus had already marked her with a special method. If Lilith or Amber were to encounter her they would feel his presence from her.

”Let’s observe for now. I can turn her into my servant later.” He mumbled before stepping across space and disappearing.

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