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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 14

”It would not be fun otherwise!” Amber mumbled with a crazed smile on her face; she was ready to charge forward and crush the beast’s head, just by imagining what sound the beast’s skull getting crushed would produce excited the little vampire.

However, right as Amber was about to pounce on the origin beast, the black wolf snapped his terrifying mouth wide open.


At the same time, the howled, the howl was so powerful that it generated wind.

The wind was so strong as an approaching storm, trees were getting knocked over, and even slight cracks formed in the ground.

Amber, who did not expect such a situation, was knocked back; she was sent flying two meters, breaking a few trees. The top of her clothes was ripped apart, showing her white bra, and because at the last moment she crossed her arms, there were numerous cuts on them, but she quickly recovered.

”How uncool of me. Master will scold me if he sees the current me. I was careless, but!” She stopped talking, and her red eyes zeroed on the approaching beast; the wolf stopped feeling chill, that attack should have knocked down any normal opponent, or at least it should have left unable to move, but the oddity before him was fine as if nothing had happened.

Having understood that this girl was dangerous, the black wolf decided to flee but to do that; he must first distract the girl. Slamming his uninjured claw on the ground, using the dust generated from his attack, the black wolf opened his mouth and was about to howl again.


Seeing the same attack coming toward her, Amber chuckled; the first time was a mistake because she underestimated her enemy; while she did learn from this mistake, her opponent had not, as he still attacked her with the same attack. She would be a fool if she suffered from the same attack twice, especially from an enemy like this.

”Blood Arts Blood Speed!”

Crimson origin covered Amber’s feet and disappeared.

The black wolf was shocked at the speed she was going; he knew he had no way to react, then there was only one solution left.

The origin beast immediately shut down his mouth and attempted to move his claw up to defend its face. However, the black wolf was still a step too slow.

Right as its claw made it to its neck, Amber’s punch was mere inches from its massive skull.


Like the beast’s head was made up of fragile glass, Amber shattered it into gory bits and pieces. A fountain of blood gushed out of its’ mutilated flesh of a head, spraying high into the sky.

Now, the once mighty wolf’s head was just a mess of scattered flesh, brain matter, and shattered bones. Amber had already moved out of the way, not letting any blood fall on her.

”Hah! Hah! As I thought, I can’t control that level yet.” Amber lowered her body to calm down her breathing; it took her a minute to calm down. Using Blood speed let her move her body at breakneck speed, but because she was a level 7 origin master, the amount of origin present inside her body was little, therefore she could not exhibit the full potential of Blood Speed yet.

Clap! Clap!

Just as Amber was about to get up and continue her training, she froze because fifteen meters behind her was someone who was clapping. She felt a chill down her spine. Although it was only a few days ago, she became an origin master. She is different from a normal level 7 origin master because she is a vampire, and vampires have extremely sharp senses. For Amber, not detecting the other party’s presence before hearing the clapping sounds made Amber raise her guard. Whoever this person was, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

In an instant, Amber analyzed the situation and came up with a solution; without turning back, she jumped fifteen meters away and was ready for the other party to make a move.

However, when she saw who was the one clapping she was shocked because she thought it was only one person, but they were two girls, she knew them, while she had never met them she read about them in the newspaper and saw their faces.

Clap! Clap!

”Sharp instinct and nice reaction.” Lily was the one who said those words, and she was also the one who clapped earlier.

Amber’s reaction facing the twins’ goddesses she adored so much was not excitement but vigilance because she must not let them see her eyes; the current her could not make it permanent, so trouble would come if they switched from red to blue in front of the twins; therefore she immediately concealed her eyes until they were back to their initial color, ice blue. While Lily was too busy studying Amber, she missed her small action to hide her eyes; Ella did not miss it. She became slightly interested in the girl with the platinum blonde hair, but first, she had to stop her sister as she knew pretty well what would happen soon; however, she was still a step too late by the time she could act her sister disappeared.

”Here we go again!”

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