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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 139

Kratos couldn’t help but lament his fate; he was genuinely unlucky; even his old injury, his missing eye, started hurting. He caressed his eye patch and heaved a long sigh.

”I don’t know exactly where they are, but I know it somewhere beyond the sea, maybe on one of many inhabited islands.” Kratos finally answered his question, and Orpheus smiled.

”You see, I would have left if you had done it from the start. Now I’ve another question.”

Kratos almost coughed blood, but with a smile, he asked.

”What do you want to know?”

”He is here, right?” Orpheus asked with a voice that wouldn’t appreciate a lie as an answer.

”Yes! He is at the Saint Star Academy.” Kratos responded, not hiding anything. He knew he was there, but he didn’t visit him because he was afraid, afraid of what the other party could do.

”I See. Take care. I’ll see you later. I’ve got a job for you, and you know you can say no.” Orpheus said before leaving.

Kratos cursed after Orpheus left.

”Fuck! Why did everything become like this? Just because I supported my friends back then?”

He felt pity for Grim, who was with him in the academy. He better not awaken his memories, or else he would suffer hell. i𝙣𝒏r𝚎𝑎𝙙. 𝒄૦m

Kratos sat on the ground and leaned against a dead tree, and started smoking; it was something he learned in the mortal world after he reincarnated into it.

”Mortal world, huh?” Kratos sneered at his thoughts. It was true that they created intelligent lifeforms in this world, but except for that, they did nothing else. The rumors that the seven hailed as gods created this world, Ethernasia was a lie. After escaping from their world, they wandered for many years, exploring the universe until they discovered this world. It was an unusual world filled only with green life (forest) and origin beasts. The origin in this world almost rivaled that of their world.

Happy about this discovery, the seven decided to use this virgin world as their world. Each one, because they were from different races, used their blood essences to create life, high humans (Emea and Kratos) created the humans, and High elves created the Elves. While Grim, from the Daemon, created the demon, Lumis, who was from the archangel race, created the angel. Only Aatox from the Dragon race and Elliam from the Elemental race didn’t create lives because they weren’t strong enough to create one.

After they created three new races, they left to live in the new world they called Ethernasia. Emea was charged to keep what remained from their blood essences because it contained their laws; it could be used later as a last resort to defend if something happened.

Years passed, and soon 500 years passed; they became bored playing the gods and watching over their creations; it was then that Aatox came up with an idea. He suggested they would reincarnate into the mortal world as normal people to roam the world until they died and regained their celestial form.

Everyone welcomed this suggestion as they felt bored and needed entertainment anyway. Most importantly, the males thought they could use this chance to infiltrate Emea’s heart; if they could break her defense in her current form, wouldn’t it be easy to break it once she became a normal mortal?

It was what most of them thought. Grim was the first to reincarnate, followed by Lumis, Elliam, then Nui, and Emea came right after.

And what none of them had expected was Emea falling in love with a human, her creation. It was true love; they had never seen Emea so happy before; she eloped with the man who would soon turn into their worst nightmare. Grim and Lumis, extremely jealous of this mortal, plotted and secretly killed the mortal Orpheus, which was the start of their descent into Hell.

Emea, who learned of her lover’s death, was enraged, and she did something usually she wouldn’t have done; she performed a forbidden art on her lover using their blood essences. She might have talent when it came to Light attribute; she even created law from it, the Life law; however, she could resurrect the dead, so she used a forbidden art instead. Although she succeeded, she died; as a result, becoming her resurrected lover’s first victim.

”Ah! I felt like since we found this world, problems kept popping up. I shouldn’t have participated; fortunately, I was smart and renounced soon, or else I would have lost more than an eye.” Kratos said as he caressed his eye through the eye patch. Lumis was not that lucky; he died while the race he created, the angels were slaughtered, and their home erased. Orpheus’s revenge was truly ruthless. Grim almost suffered the same fate as Lumis; his soul was almost destroyed; he only managed to survive because Kratos governing the Death law, the highest level of the Dark attribute, secretly helped him; the price was one of his eyes and a serious injury. Aatox and Elliam were also injured; they were the first to flee because they feared dying like Lumis.

”He was a monster back then, even with injuries but now completely healed. I wonder how strong he has become?” Kratos mumbled before quickly shaking his head; he didn’t want to find out. For the sake of surviving, he better lay low and behaves, at least until the storm brewing stopped.

”Sigh! What a sad life.” He lamented before closing his eyes to rest and while thinking about what Orpheus would make him do. Hopefully, nothing dangerous.


After leaving Kratos’s place, Orpheus firstly visited Freya to order her to use her Saintess to monitor a certain man in the Saint Star Academy. After leaving Freya’s place, he went to the Ouroboros’s headquarters; his men had progressed.

”So you’re saying that nobody among the other gangs made a move while I was gone?” Orpheus asked Katherina and the latter nodded.

”Yes! It has been peaceful. I’m sure they are planning something; as for what they are planning, I don’t know because it became hard to plant spies on the other side.”

Suddenly, Orpheus, who was listening to Katherina’s report, smiled.


Katherina felt a chill run down her back. She didn’t know exactly why either, but all of her fine hairs were standing on end. There was no doubt about it, but her master was about to do something nasty, judging by his smile.

Orpheus was smiling because the empress called him again, he had been ignoring her calls, but finally, he decided to take it. As expected, the empress pouted that he had been ignoring her calls; she said she would love to meet him again; she said there was something she had to discuss with him, and naturally, Orpheus accepted, and they scheduled to meet up in two days.

”I will send someone later,” Orpheus said before leaving. He had just received Nemesis’s call; the latter said she had something she wanted to do.

”Sigh! You’re the leader, yet you let me do anything. I’m not your slave, you know.” Katherina complained as soon as her master left.


Somewhere in the Lost forest. Nemesis suddenly disappeared, saying she had something to do, Luna, who waited until she was tired, decided to search for her big sister and finally found her.

She was sitting on a boulder not too far from a waterfall, and sitting beside her was a student named Kyle.

Luna immediately wrapped her with darkness and decided to spy on them. From where he was, he couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but from what she saw, Orpheus was talking to Big sister Nemesis while she was ignoring him, not answering.

However, Orpheus soon said something, and Big Nemesis glared at him, but the latter suddenly kissed her.

‘What?’ Luna was shocked.

When she thought he would be slapped, Orpheus carried Nemesis putting her on a big bed that he summoned from his space ring.

From there on, things escalated, and soon they started fucking. Even though Luna didn’t have any experience in that domain; however, she knew that what they were doing was called sex. Orpheus’s penis was huge and long. The curious Luna even asked herself how that big thing went inside Nemesis.

Their sex becomes intense, and she could hear Nemesis moans even here. Orpheus was moving fast, while Nemesis’s moans became louder as well.

Suddenly, Luna started to feel strange heat inside her body. Her breathing quickened, and her knees became weak, because the heat became unbearable. Unconsciously she started touching herself, rubbing her thighs together. When Nemesis’s moans became louder again, the heat inside Luna’s body increased. She pinched her erected nipples through the clothes while her fingers went inside her panties, and she started fingering herself.

Suddenly, Nemesis let out another loud moan before calming down. Luna fingered herself faster, her body ached up, and he let out a suppressed moan.


Something came out of her pussy and soaked her underwear. She felt refreshed soon after.

After catching her breath, she looked at them, but Orpheus had already erected a tent and placed Nemesis inside it. He came out from the tent, looked at the sky, and muttered something before vanishing.

‘What I’ve done?’ Luna, ashamed, wondered, but she couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt looking at them; slowly, something began building inside, and she wished to experience this feeling again, maybe even more. Luna had fallen deeper into Nemesis’s traps.

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