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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 136

After the exciting experience, Kaguya’s fear of height was healed, albeit not entirely, but she knew she would overcome this fear. She had just taken the first step, and to celebrate this, the two went to a bar to drink.

A few hours later, they came out. At the same time, the final ray of sunlight vanished underneath the horizon.

”Let’s go to the academy; it’s getting late.”

Orpheus had proposed, but contrary to his expectation, Kaguya suggested going to one of her mother’s villas.

”Let’s sleep over there and leave tomorrow.”

”Sure, why not.” Orpheus found no problem with her suggestion, and soon they arrived at the furthest corner of the noble district, she said it was a small villa, but Orpheus chuckled when he saw it, it wasn’t small.

They were walked but the maids and a butler. Orpheus was directed to his room.

Meanwhile, Kaguya was preparing herself before the big jump. She would use this chance to advance their relationship.

A few minutes later, she was already in front of his room; Orpheus let her in.

”You know why I’m here, right?” She asked in a serious tone, and Orpheus nodded. He knew what she was dressed lightly; she was sure bold.

Orpheus inwardly sighed before approaching and started kissing her. His hands began to move around her body, feeling her skin through her black robe. He hugged her tightly and pressed her body again his body.

Kaguya twisted her body in his arms as they continued kissing. He then moved his tongue and slowly inserted it into her mouth.

“!!!!” Kaguya was surprised, but her surprise didn’t last long. She started reciprocating by moving her tongue excitedly and entwined it with his tongue. At first, she was clumsy, but she was a fast learner; she quickly got the gist of it.

The temperature inside the room slowly increased. Sweat began to appear on their skins due to the heat brought by their entwined bodies, but they never stopped kissing each other. He pressed her body again mine and fiercely sucked her saliva.

Orpheus thought because she was an amateur in this domain, she would soon be out of breath, but he was wrong. She lasted three minutes before feeling out of breath.

“Pant.. pant..” She panted fiercely once their mouths separated.

She stared at him seductively and said.

“Kyle.. Do me.”

Upon hearing that, Orpheus felt his cold blood boil inside him.

Unable to endure any longer, he lifted her and threw her into the big bed.

“Kya” She shouted in surprise, but he immediately sealed her lips with a kiss. She hugged his waist.

He began to move his hands through her body, beginning with her chest, then waist, and finally her bottom.

He could feel the elasticity of her chest and bottom, despite her clothes. He knew she had big breasts but feeling them now proved they were enormous.

“Anh!” Kaguya moaned every time he fondled her big breasts. Her body twitched below his. He realized she was already wet; he then moved his hand toward her pussy, touching her clitoris through her pant.

She gasped, feeling his hand there. He started teasing her clitoris.

“Anh.. anh, Kyle…” Her body trembled.

Orpheus moved his other hand toward her already hard nipples and pinched them. Kaguya opened her eyes wide due to the pleasure; her mind went blank, and Orpheus was attacking her below and above simultaneously. The stimulus was too much; for a second, she could only open and close her mouth repeatedly.

Soon, Kaguya had an orgasm.

Who would have thought that she cum this quickly?

Well, better continue. Orpheus smiled and started kissing her again, first her eyelids, then he moved his mouth to her cheeks, neck, and then towards her chest. He suddenly bit hard on her erect nipples through the clothes.

Kaguya twisted her body while moaning.


Orpheus continued, but this time, he caressed her legs and put his hand against her abdomen, circling her navel. Her body trembled.

He stopped and kissed her mouth again; with their tongues, they began another round of fighting, interchanging saliva until she was out of breath.

He began to take off her clothes. Her beautiful black robe was already covered in sweat.

Meanwhile, she also did the same thing to him. They were now both naked. He observed her perfect body. He could see her beautiful pristine white skin glistening with the sweat. Her breasts were big with beautiful pink nipples. He couldn’t resist and started sucking, biting them. Kaguya moaned.

“Anh.. anh. Do not bite them, Kyle… Anh..”

Orpheus’s cock was already erected but seeing her succubus figure and hearing her moans; it became bigger again. Kaguya marveled when she saw his raging cock in all its grandeur.

“So big. Can’t it fit in?” She asked with a bit of fear and expectation in her voice.

“Don’t worry; it will fit.” He reassured her.

He smiled and slowly approached while looking at her body with a burning gaze. Kaguya panicked a little, wanting to escape, but she couldn’t escape from his arms. An instant later, he was already before her.

He kissed her mouth again, stroking her sensitive parts. He bit her ear; he knew she was sensitive there; she moaned in response.


He positioned his cock in front of her cave. Kaguya looked at his cock with a nervous expression. She had heard from her mother that the first time hurt. She was a bit afraid; nevertheless, it was her decision; she wouldn’t back down now.

He slowly moved his cock towards her moist cave. Orpheus did not enter immediately; instead, he moved his cock up and down, caressing her entrance and sending pleasure signals to her brain.

Kaguya began to moan again. He kissed her once again; they entwined their tongues passionately kissing while he used this chance to thrust inside slowly.

Kaguya opened her eyes wide when she felt something invading her. She hugged him tightly and tensed her body, so he momentarily stopped his invasion. He caressed her body, biting her ear, helping her to relax.

When her body relaxed again. He kissed her before continuing to enter slowly inside her pussy. Then, he felt something obstructing him, knowing it was her hymen.

Orpheus did not break through it immediately. Instead, he paused and stimulated her body even more.

When he noticed her nervousness was gone and she began to moan, he immediately pushed forward. He felt something breaking and his penis advanced until the end. Kaguya’s wall tightened around him, trying to make him cum.

“It hurts.” Kaguya cried, trying to stop the invasion by tightening her lower body. She tried to move, but he kissed her, pinched her nipples, biting her ear. He managed to divert her attention from the pain.

Then, he slowly began to move.

Inside, outside, inside, outside. Slowly, love juice flowed from her cave and lubricated her walls, increasing the pleasure we were feeling. His movements become more effortless.

Slowly, the expression of pain disappeared from her face, and her expression became lewd.

She began to moan loudly.

“Anhh… Anhh!!”

He increased the speed of his thrusts. The pleasure began to overcome the pain; she moved, matching his rhythm.

The two completely lost ourselves in the pleasure of lovemaking. Their moans and deep breath spread through the room, and the smell of their sweat mixed with the love juice permeated the room.

“Anhh! Kyle.. do me harder.” She said.

Orpheus sealed3 her mouth and began to move faster.

Suddenly, he turned her over, and he was now positioned behind her. Kaguya was startled by the abrupt change, but he didn’t give her any chance before he started plowing her from behind.

In this position, his cock reached the farthest corner of her pussy, discovering and laying claim to the new field of pleasure.

He gave her no pause; he slammed his hips against her ass, driving his cock deeper and crushing her inside with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

*Pah!* * Pah!* *Pah!*



She moaned into the bed as he plowed her hard.

Suddenly, Kaguya’s body trembled, she shouted.

“Anhh! Kyle, something is coming.”

Orpheus automatically pinched her nipples hard; she twitched fiercely and had her second orgasm.

Her body jerked, and a moan mixed with a scream escaped her lips. Saliva dripped down from her mouth.

At the same time, her pussy fiercely tightened around Orpheus’s cock, increasing his pleasure. Orpheus pistoned faster, and then, a white cum shot out from his cock, painting her inside white.

Kaguya moaned again when she felt his semen shot inside her womb. She twitched fiercely and moaned incoherently.


She falls onto the bed. A sigh of satisfaction escapes from Orpheus’s lips, looking at her.

Finally, after a few seconds, he slowly slid out his penis and lay down on the bed.

Kaguya moaned again when she felt his cock leaving her body. She turned around and then hugged him tightly while a little bit of white substance escaped from her cave.

“Kyle, with this, I became yours. I hope you won’t abandon, and don’t worry; I’ll make you fall in love with me as I fall more for you.” She whispered with a satisfied smile and kissed his lips.

Orpheus returned the kiss and caressed her body while saying.

”I’m looking forward to it.”

She curved her lips in happiness and closed her eyes.

A few minutes late, she fell asleep.

Orpheus sighed before smiling. It wasn’t what he had in mind, but with this, he would have her for himself and train her to become stronger, useful. He would give her a chance and try to fall for her genuinely; it was what he could do, at least.

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