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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 134

‘Fufufu! It is going according to the plan.’

Nemesis mumbled while looking at Luna, who seemed mesmerized by the fight.

Hiding the huge grin on her face, Nemesis retrieved the Earth Lizard’s crystal core; it was red, showing that the Earth Lizard was a fire attribute origin beast.

Finally, Luna, returning to her sense, approached Nemesis.

”Big sister, you are awesome. You killed such a strong beast. I’m envious.” Luna said; she couldn’t hide her admiration.

Nemesis chuckled as she responded.

”You are not also bad. If it weren’t for your assistance, it wouldn’t have been so easy.”

”Hehehe! I haven’t done much.” Luna mumbled, feeling happy nevertheless.

”Don’t worry, you can also become stronger with a little training. I will train you if you want; you’re my little sister.” Nemesis proposed, and Luna immediately agreed.

”When will we begin?” She asked, eager to begin, and hearing her reply, the corners of Nemesis’s mouth lifted into a smile, and she replied.

”Sure, Why not.”

The two began the training until night arrived.


Deep in the night, in another location inside the Lost forest, there was a big tent, this tent belonged to the Grim Asmodeus, and currently, he was sleeping soundlessly on his bed when suddenly there was a dark mist that appeared from his body before penetrating his head. His body violently shook, and he had a dream.


It was a beautiful forest filled with giant trees, and in the middle of this forest, there was a big table surrounded by three men.

Grim couldn’t see their faces, but they felt strangely family.

Suddenly, one of them talked, his voice reminding Grim of the thing sleeping inside him. The owner of this voice broke the silence as he started loudly cursing.

”Damn it, damn it. All of this is happening because of that damned mortal. We have killed him, yet he came back. I’m sure he had planned everything from the start, even that Emea would resurrect him with our blood essences. He became powerful. I’m sure that he had planned everything from the start. He’s too cunning, that damned mortal, damn it. How dare him to fool Emea, to fool us like that. We shouldn’t have created them.”

The man’s voice was full of hatred.

Simply, because the man they were talking about was more powerful than them individually, and even when the Five of them fought against him back then, they had not managed to kill him. He was a total monster.

Ironically, it was a monster they had inadvertently created due to their jealousy. It was because of them, that Emea had stolen the box containing their blood essences (it contains a small fraction of their power and their respective laws). She then used the seven blood essences to perform a resurrection spell they had obtained in one of their expedition inside an ancient ruin in the second Heaven (Second Layer) named The Lost Civilization back then on Orpheus. It was how he was brought back, and he became powerful.

‘Orpheus?’ Grim, who was watching this conversation, couldn’t help but be surprised by this unfamiliar yet giving familiar feeling. He continued to listen to the ongoing conversation quietly

If only they had known, after killing him, they should have burned his corpse. However, now it was too late to regret it because they could not go back in time to correct that mistake; none of them governed the Law of Time. None of them had that attribute.

”Kratos, please help us. We will try to contact Aatox and Elliam. With us five joining hands once again, we may be able to eliminate this abnormally this time because he’s still injured.”

Another man said in desperation. The man had long white hair like a sacred being.

”Hahaha, do not joke with me. I do not want to die, I still have plenty of things to do, so I’ll pass. Stop daydreaming, will you? You and I know that you won’t be able ever to regain Emea’s heart in this lifetime. It’s impossible, so stop it before it becomes too late. He did not kill you yet simply because, in a sense, it was because of you two that he became this powerful, so he felt a little grateful. One must know when to stop when what you are chasing after is unreachable. In this universe, something is and will remain impossible to change no matter how hard you try. I hope you understand what I mean by saying this; we are friends who went through lots after all. So, please stop; it won’t end well for you.”

Kratos advised sincerely that he did not want to see his friends disappear, their souls erased from the universe forever. Hence, he warned them again and again. If they choose to continue, they could only blame themselves if they were to disappear from this universe; that would mean they have brought their downfall on their own.

”How can you talk like that after everything we have been through,” The man who talked first shouted angrily because Kratos disagreed with them.

”It’s because of what we had been that I’m advising you to stop your foolishness now, or it will be too late for you to regret it. There is no place in her heart for any other man than that man. Therefore, no matter how often you try, it won’t change anything. You killed her already, so what do you want? Do you want to wait for her to reincarnate and try again?” Kratos said, furious. They talked as if they forgot that Orpheus promised to return for revenge; he said he would kill them, especially the two.

”My friends, one should know when to stop; there are plenty of women out there, even here, or you can go back to our homeworld to search for your soulmate because Emealeena has already found her soulmate, her other half, and as a true friend who loved her, you should be happy, instead of trying to destroy that happiness due to your selfishness. If you truly love her, you should let her go, let her be happy even though she didn’t choose you. Sometimes, Love is a sacrifice; you renounce your love to let the one you love be happy. You are forced to compromise, to let them go with someone else because they loved that person more than you. Only beside that person can they find true happiness. If you truly love Emealeena, let her go because she has already found her true happiness, do not try to break this happiness in the future.”

”You two have already destroyed her happiness once, do not try to do it again; she would never be yours even after reincarnation.” The one called Kratos added.

Lumis and the last, whose name was unknown, could not answer; their expression became ugly.

”Never, I’ll never let that Mortal have her. He isn’t worthy of her Love.” The man whose name Grim didn’t know shouted with bloodshot eyes.

On the other hand, Lumis sighed, not agreeing, nor he refuted. He looked tired.

”Oh? So, tell me who is worthy of her then?”

Kratos asked, amused.


The man could not answer; he almost said, ‘I’m worthy of her.’ However, he could not say it; it was as if something was blocking him.

Suddenly, Kratos raised a question.

”Let’s say that hypothetically you managed to eliminate that Mortal; what are you planning to do after that? How are you planning to win an already occupied heart? Have you thought about it?”

The two looked dumbly at Kratos because they had not thought about what would come after killing Orpheus. Would she fall from them, fully knowing that it was them who killed her soulmate? Impossible, she would not.

Then came another question, a fundamental one, between the two who’s going to be her man?

The man with black hair stared at Lumis in the eyes, while Lumis also did the same thing; at that moment, the two had the same thought running through their heads, ‘For my happiness, you can only die.’

”Here comes another question, a fundamental question that you have forgotten; no, you did not forget it; you simply choose to ignore it, acting as though it did exist in the first place. Have you forgotten who’s Emealeena’s fiance?”

Kratos stopped the two and raised another question. The two became frozen when they remembered who was Emea’s fiance. They felt a chill running down their spines. Those Golden eyes hide an immense power, the dragon prince. They were like an ant in front of him, the unrivaled genius, the inheritor of the True Dragon race legacy; if someone could become an Immortal, a beyond level 0 origin master, it could only be him.

Lumis and the man with the black hair shivered in fear, thinking about what Arthur would do to them if he came to learn that they were planning to steal his fiancee. Only one outcome awaits them: Death.

The two became gloomy just by thinking about it.

”Kratos, We’ll talk another time; I’m feeling a little unwell now,” Lumis says before disappearing. Kratos also left, leaving only the man with the black hair behind.

Just Grim was wondering what the hell was this dream, the man lifted his head, and his eyes met Grim’s eyes; the latter froze. Then the man smiled at him and mumbled something before flicking his fingers, and Grim was forcibly ejected from the dream.


Outside, Grim woke up feeling sweaty; his mind was foggy, and he couldn’t recall everything he had seen, but he knew where he would get the chance.

‘He must have done that to force me, but I don’t have the choice. I’m not progressing. I can only gamble.’ Grim turned to the last person he wanted to ask for help from.

”Tell me.” Those were only two words, but to that spirit dwelling inside Grim’s body, there were more than enough.

”Ok! Hahahahahaha!” Soon he would become complete again. The fish had taken the bait and what is left, was to slowly devour him.

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