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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 13

Immediately after leaving Orpheus, Kratos appeared in the middle of the forest, spreading his senses, covering the entire forest; he was able to locate the twins quickly and other’s presences as well, among them was Amber, for a moment he wanted to test the girl but because he feared Orpheus’s reaction as he knew he hated when you mess up with his property he stopped.

”Hah! To think that he would still have such strength after getting that injury. He is indeed a monster we helped to create.” Kratos mumbled while recalling how everything happened; at the beginning, he was but a mortal, but now he turned into something the seven had never seen. Orpheus, at his peak, fought five men to draw; no, it was not even a draw they lost.

Recalling that fight that lasted days and the consequences, Kratos sighed while softly caressing his eye patch; if he were to remove his eye patch, only darkness could be seen where his eye used to be. He lost this eye during a fight against Orpheus, while normally this kind of injury should have recovered because of his strength, it didn’t because Orpheus made sure he could never recover; it was his punishment and, at the same time, a warning that the next time he would kill him.

”Sigh! I hope at least he would mess up with those old geezers plans.” Kratos mumbled before stepping across space and vanished.


After leaving the area where she killed two tiers 1 Origin beasts, Amber wandered around the forest but found nothing.

‘Ah! I want to fight. I wonder where mas-‘


Suddenly then, a mighty beastly roar interrupted Amber’s thoughts.

The ground slightly trembles as a massive origin beast brazenly barrel through the forest at top speed.

Black fur from the origin beast’s mouth was massively protruding razor-sharp teeth, and its eyes were also colored in a crimson red hue. And on random spots on the black wolf fur were patches of either dried-up blood or fresh blood. The wolf was standing twenty meters from Amber; this wolf was truly massive, 13 ft.

She was sure of one thing, the beast standing before her was nothing like those lions she fought; the difference between them was huge, even so, Amber was not afraid. The little vampire was spouting a broad battle-hungry smile.

”Blood Arts: Blood Strengthening!”


Amber stimulated her blood to the limit of origin level 7; she almost closed the gap to the next level. Waves of power filled her body, and she shot forward like a missile.


From behind, a small burst on the ground. Dust swayed in the wind in the wake of Amber’s immense speed. She closed the distance of twenty meters in an instant.

In that instance, the black wolf felt its survival instincts frantically roar like thunderous drums. Then, with only a split to react, the beast swung its enormous claw straight at the rapidly approaching Amber.

The wolf’s claw cut through the air like a saw. Amber, trying to surprise the wolf, was surprised she was forced to switch strategy. She immediately decided on a head-on clash; At the same time, this action could be considered reckless as she was facing a peak Tier 1 Origin beast meaning early Level 6 Origin master; Amber didn’t hesitate as her master used to say that once you hesitate in a fight, you have already lost. Therefore, she decided for a head-on clash; she struck her fist out, directly clashing against the wolf’s claw.


An ear-splitting impact reverberated in the forest.

Blood, flesh, and black fur sprayed in the air as the two were sent flying back like a cannonball. They soared thirty feet away, violently crashing onto the ground with the wolf ending with a mutilated claw.

‘Powerful.’ Amber slightly quirked his eyebrows at the wolf’s state. While she didn’t think of ending the match with one blow, she had expected to injure the beast at least severely, but she failed. Despite this failure, Amber was not disappointed; at least from this clash, she managed to gauge her level; she could fight against a middle level 6 Origin master without too much difficulty. It was news that left her delighted.

”Time to finish this wolf.” Amber declared, and just when she was about to take a step forward to finish the beast as she said, the wolf stood up, its crimson eyes were now wholly bloodshot, pools of foams streamed from its mouth, showcasing a furious state. The origin beast was now in a frenzied state.

An intense killing Intent locked onto Amber as the black wolf forcefully pushed through the immense pain stinging its claw, the same claw that clashed against the little vampire fist.

A wave of savage killing Intent washed over Amber like rain. But instead of worrying over this horrifying sensation, the smile on the little vampire’s face only grew wider.

”It would not be fun otherwise!”

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