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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 123

Lilith didn’t even manage to catch her breath before she appeared above her with her leg raised high before letting it down towards her head. Lilith knew that if she took this strike, she’d be done for; even if she didn’t die, it would hurt like hell. So, she chose to dodge by rolling on the ground.


Having missed her head, her leg struck the ground; instead, an enormous explosion occurred, and it left a bottomless pit on the ground.

Lilith shuddered when she looked at the pit left on the ground by her foot. That was dangerous. She looked at Snow, but her next attack was already ready. She pointed her arm in her direction and muttered.


When Lilith heard the spell name, she frowned. Her instinct told her that this was a dangerous spell.

Lilith immediately prepared a spell to counterattack her spell. She muttered the name of that spell


A dark red flame appears; the temperature around her increases to an alarming degree, as though a miniature sun has appeared, and the tree five kilometers around her burst into flame.

On the other side, Snow’s spell Nilfheim transformed all trees’ radius of six kilometers into ice, and it started advancing in her direction. Lilith’s Inferno also advanced; soon, the two elements were about to clash. Lilith quickly deployed four barriers to protect herself against the explosion.

On one side was Nilfheim, an Ice attribute-based spell. In contrast, on the other side was Inferno, a Fire attribute-based spell to opposite attributes. Soon the two opposite attributes clashed against each other, provoking a big explosion.


Everything radius of twenty kilometers was destroyed, sending multiple shockwaves in all directions. The ground trembled, and where the two opposite elements collided now stood a huge pit, even the distant Ella and Alvinia’s expressions changed as they felt the explosion from afar.

For a moment, they considered going to check but finally decided not to. They continued their mission, while Alvina secretly tried to contact Orpheus but couldn’t, this made her frown, but she could only wait and try again later.


Back to the fight.

After their spells clashed, the two were swallowed by the explosion, and when it died down, they were wretched. Both had their clothes ripped apart with injuries here and there. They both vomited blood.

”You are not bad,” Lilith said, half kneeling, and Snow, who was in a similar state, responded.

”You too, but it’s my win.”

Right after she said those words, the atmosphere around her began to give an odor of ozone as sparks of lightning surrounded her body, while the wind stirred as if giving birth to a storm.

Her long white hair became spiky as it swayed in the wind, and her eyes blue had a taint of gold within. White fur appeared on her hands and feet. She was giving a dangerous vibe.

For some unknown reason, Lilith felt fear as she looked at Snow’s current form. Something deep within her was whispering to her that she must tear this girl apart and rip her throat with her fangs.

Finally, Snow’s transformation finished, and her nails became as sharp as claws.


She growled like a beast.


A chill crawled up Lilith’s spine when she heard this growl.

”Imperial Wolf 1st Form!”


Under Lilith’s shocked eyes, Snow vanished, and she couldn’t locate her even with her spirit perception and her senses coupled.

The next thing Lilith knew was, Snow appeared before her and caught her face. She was too fast; she couldn’t even react before Snow thrashed her face into the ground.


Before Lilith could release a cry, Snow pulled her out and tossed her into the air. She followed her in the air, her knee crashing into her belly.

Lilith’s mouth fell open, and blood sprayed out.

She tumbled to the ground, her body convulsing with pain; however, she rolled to the side, dodging an icicle thrown from the sky by Snow.


When the icicle crashed against the ground, it exploded, sending Lilith flying.

Bang! Crack!

She crashed against a tree, breaking it, before rolling on the ground, vomiting blood.

Snow tried to follow up and attack with her sword but suddenly felt a chill run down her back. She didn’t know exactly why either, but all of her fine hairs were standing on end.

Lilith stood up; her clothes were tattered beyond words. Still, her expression was calm. She wielded the dagger in her hand. A drop of scarlet blood coming from her glistened in the sunlight as it dropped off the tip of Scarlett and was immediately swallowed.

Immediately, she lowered her head to hide her shinning eyes while mumbling.

“Blood Arts: Scarlett!”

Lilith’s hair turned scarlet, and she vanished.

”What?” Snow was alarmed. She hastily brought all her focus on her back, where her spirit perception felt Lilith’s presence coming from. Snow slashed with all of her might; however she felt like she hit nothing even when her sword passed through Lilith’s body.

”Shadow Clone!” Lilith mumbled at the last moment.

It was her shadow Snow hit.


Meanwhile, Lilith, with the scarlet hair, slashed with her dagger. It was frighteningly fast; Snow could not dodge, and the dagger passed through her defense, leaving a vertical wound on her chest.

”Guh!” Snow grunted in pain; she almost dropped her sword, but something forced her to retaliate, and it was what she did; she slashed upward with her sword, also leaving a vertical wound on Lilith’s body, who couldn’t also dodge as she didn’t expect Snow to be still able to attack after being attacked by Scarlett, it was a cursed weapon, after all, it contains many poisons. She used muscle stiffness poison, but it didn’t seem to work.

The two girls, unable to attack with their respective weapons, used their heads.


They were sent flying after their heads clashed.

Huff* *Huff* *Huff*

The two stood up with difficulty, their breaths were ragged, and their clothes ripped in different places, blood dripping from each of them. They glared at each other and were about to resume when an unexpected voice stopped them.

”What do you think you are doing?”

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