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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 122

In one of the training rooms of the Saint Star Academy sat a young man. He had a handsome face, golden hair, and blue eyes; he was the genius of this year’s newcomer. His name is Arthur Demis.

Arthur also felt the pressure like the other powerhouses and frowned; he decided to accelerate his plan.


Back in the Lost forest. Lilith and Snow stood face to face.

”So what do you want?” Snow asked as she could feel Lilith’s hostility. In fact, it didn’t begin today; since the day she arrived, there was this hostility deep within Lilith’s eyes whenever she looked at her.

”What is your goal? Why are you spying on my master?” Lilith asked. She noticed Snow always sneakily looking at her master. She must have bad intentions as she didn’t look like someone who’s in love with Orpheus.

”I don’t know what you are talking about.”

As expected, Snow denied Lilith’s claim.

”I see; I don’t like you. There is that annoying scent coming from you. It makes me nauseous.” Lilith spat while glaring at Snow. It was instinctual; she didn’t like this wolf demi-human at all. There was something that made her hostile against Snow.

”What a coincidence. I’m also feeling the same thing. Let’s fight.” Snow declared before releasing all her strength.


A powerful pressure felt on Lilith making her frown; she immediately understood that, like her, this girl had been hiding her strength.

Lilith chuckled and then took a deep breath; she released the seal placed inside her body to hide her strength.

Suddenly, a powerful pressure was emitted from her body, which directly clashed against the white-haired wolf girl’s pressure. Her eyes opened wide, and from this pressure, she could feel her level; it is close to Level 3 like her. Snow licked her lustrous lips, and her eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Lilith looked at her and smiled before saying.

”I will beat you until you spit out all your secret.”

”Oh! Interesting. Even though you’re also closer to Level 3, You are nothing in front of me.” Snow responded to Lilith’s provocation.

”I wonder about that. Come do it then, Flatboard ” Lilith provoked her further. Her mouth curled into a smirk.

When the wolf girl heard what she said, her killing intent skyrocketed. The temperature around them fell to an alarming degree, and she roared saying.

”You have a Death wish.” Snow was enraged. Blood mist covered her body for an instant before vanishing.

Then Snow wolf vanished and reappeared behind Lilith, throwing a punch at her head.

‘Damn, she is sure fast, but I won’t go down with something of this caliber.’ Lilith was pleasantly surprised.

Without looking back, she also threw a punch back that clashed against her punch.

Bang! Boom!

When the two punches collided, it generated a huge shockwave that uprooted all the tree a hundred meters around them.

The two started exchanging punches and kicks at a fast speed while moving around.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

They destroyed everything around them. The movement technique she was using to move at fast was called [Sky Dance], it’s a Wind attribute-based movement technique.

As for Lilith, the blood art movement technique she named [Blink]. They exchanged moves at a fast speed, only using their physics.

Even though Snow specialized more in the Wind attribute, she was still a Blood attribute user. Still, her physics was beyond abnormal, which shocked Lilith, who was a vampire known for their exceptional physics.

Snow might be a demi-human who possessed stronger physics than humans and demons, but she usually shouldn’t have been able to content against Lilith physically. Lilith was rather proud of her physical strength because she had undergone hellish training to increase it. To think, she could keep up with her strength without transforming back into her wolf form, even with that frail physical of her. This confirmed one of the doubts she had. This girl was not normal. She must be a special existence among her peers. Maybe from royal blood.

The two looked at each other and smiled. Snow said.

”Very good. To think that human physical strength can be on par with mine, no slightly better than mine.”

She suddenly frowned and sniffed the air.

”Sniff, sniff! I detected that you’re not human, not a demon; you’re not an elf either. That foul scent. Maybe a Vampire? I never saw one, but Nah! I’m not sure. Father said vampire smell awful.”

Lilith almost flinched; what a keen nose, as expected of a wolf demi-human.

‘You’re right, but I won’t say anything.’ Lilith shrugged her shoulders and acted as if she didn’t know what she was talking about.

”I see, you won’t answer. It’s fine; let me see whether my hunch is right or wrong.”

She said wanting to execute a technique, but Lilith was faster; she used the Fire attribute.

“[Volcanic Flare]”

A small flame was born in her hand, and like a comet, it tore through the air, turning into hellfire in the blink of an eye that almost impacted the white-haired wolf girl; she hastily deployed an ice shield to block the flame but,

Boom! Crack!

Her Ice shield cracked, and she pushed five steps back. Her expression darkened; nevertheless, Lilith didn’t give her any time to breathe, because he used [Blink] to appear behind her and slashed at her with her dagger covered in flame.


She blocked it with her nails; Lilith continued to slash at her; she blocked them using the nails on her two hands. However, she couldn’t block all the slashes; one of them bypassed her defense and left a wound on her chest; her white dress was stained with blood, and her pink buds became visible.

The scent of her blood made Lilith feel dizzy and become careless.

Snow was not going to miss this opportunity; she attacked. Lilith got whipped by her tail, and thus blasted away. She had almost vomited blood. Lilith didn’t even manage to catch her breath before she appeared above her with her leg raised high before letting it down towards her head.

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