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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 12

Kratos smiled joyously; it was like a child who just got a new toy and couldn’t wait to play with it.

Black origin pulsated out of his body to immediately form a four meters tall skeleton in black armor. When this skeleton appeared, the ground underneath its feet started darkening as if it was getting corrupted.

Then the giant skeleton took a step forward, and a distance of ten meters was closed instantly; on his second step, he was already before Orpheus, the 6.6 feet Orpheus was like a child before an adult.

”Say Kratos are you looking down on me?”

Orpheus cracked his knuckles. Kratos said nothing as he continued to watch on the sideline.

”Seriously, sending an Origin Level 4 monster to fight me? I must have become a joke in your eyes.”

Immediately after saying those words punched forward; his punch was so powerful that it broke space.


The space in the punch’s path ripped open, revealing a black rift that seemed to be a part of a black hole. Terrifying gravitational force burst from it, swallowing everything in its range, even light, causing the surroundings to turn pitch black.

The giant skeleton, the Origin Level 4 skeleton, was destroyed instantly.

As if he had expected this outcome, Kratos’s expression didn’t change, but his eyes flickered, and he jumped back. Orpheus appeared behind like a puff of smoke and threw a punch; because he couldn’t let this punch touch him, Kratos escaped.

However, while jumping back, Kratos mumbled something, and dark origin wrapped around his body to form an ominous black armor. Immediately after this black armor appeared on his body, it was as if he had become a whole another person; he was like the God of Death, even Orpheus’s face turned serious.

”You know the past, you wouldn’t have hesitated as you are doing right now even if you lose your limbs. So I’m kinda disappointed to tell you the truth.”

Kratos’s voice echoed behind Orpheus, giving no time to dodge as a black scythe ripped apart his clothes, leaving a terrible injury there. Orpheus was sent flying thirty meters before rolling on the ground several times.


Kratos, who was about to give a chase, stopped, his eyes flickered with surprise, and he looked up.

The sky was rumbling with endless bolts of lightning, bursting with a power that sent a shiver down the one hailed as the God of death’s spine.


Kratos looked at his body in disbelief. Despite being covered by a layer dense dark origin, his body was filled with goosebumps.

”Hahahaha! As expected of Nero Bloodfall, the devil is back.” Kratos burst into maniacal laughter.

Orpheus, who should be lying on the ground, was already up with his wounds healed. While vampires, the blood-sucking race known for their insane regenerative ability, it was not to the extent of being godly. In front of a particular type of origin master, Kratos, for example, is a Dark origin attribute user. Still, unlike the normal dark origin attribute, he had a mutated dark attribute; he called it the Death Origin attribute. He could kill any cells in any living organism with just a touch, so vampires with high regenerative ability are nothing before him.

So naturally, that terrible wound he inflicted on Orpheus was filled with Death origin, he shouldn’t have been able to recover that fast, but because he had developed his art, the Blood Arts, the ultimate form of the Blood Arts is called True Blood. It gave Orpheus immense strength and a godly regenerative ability, something the strongest origin master couldn’t hope to achieve.

‘He is a monster.’ Kratos thought while tapping his foot on the ground, immediately dark origin was shot forward in the form of webs.

At the same time, Orpheus lifted his hand and made a grasping motion. A terrifying pressure descended, and the lightning rushed into his hand, turning into a black spear.


Orpheus swirled the spear, causing the pressure to rage out. The space was covered with webs of dark origin, but when he motioned the spear, lightning particles surged through them; they quickly broke apart. His figure blurred, Kratos immediately spun his scythe backward to protect himself as he believed that it was where Orpheus would strike from.

However, Kratos’s face drastically fell. The sharp sound of space being slashed followed from above him instead of behind as he had thought.


Kratos was shocked. Orpheus was above him, his spear slashing downwards to split Kratos’s head into two, however Kratos’s scythe elongated and clashed against the spear.


An ear-piercing clang sound echoed as the spear met the scythe. Black gravitational force boomed out from the clash along with flashes of lightning, merging to turn into devastating shockwaves that sent Kratos flying.

Orpheus appeared above Kratos and sent a punch forward; however his punch only hit empty air, Kratos teleported at the last moment, but to his surprise, Orpheus appeared behind him.




Kratos was sent flying his mouth fell open and blood flowed out; he quickly shouted.

”I surrender.”

Orpheus stopped; his face was paler than usual, his old injury reacted again.

”I guess the current you can do it. My advice is to go to the academy together with the girls. Here’s an invitation.”

Kratos threw a black envelope at Orpheus; he caught it and looked at Kratos, waiting for answers.

”Just follow my advice, go to the academy, live a student’s life, and maybe you will find what you are after.”

Just after he said those words, the desolate world trembled, and the two were back in the forest.

”Beware, he is here!” Leaving those words behind, Kratos disappeared.

”Ah! I wonder who he’s talking about?” Orpheus wondered while keeping the black envelope he received; he decided to follow his once enemy advice; he had the feeling that it was going to be fun.

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