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Ten days have passed since the train accident occurred at the railway station. Paul and Jonathan's trip to New York was delayed because of it. For that reason, they'll have to return to their apartment and help with the reconstruction efforts of the railway station so that they can leave as soon as it's fixed.

"Poul, you read the newspapers?" Jonathan called, as he pushed a cart filled with metal debris while following Poul from behind.

"Yeah, there are 80 deaths and 100 injuries. What a tragedy," Poul replied somberly. "This train accident happens a lot due to an inefficient braking system. Well, I hope that banker, John Morgan, will give us funds to make a prototype."

"You already know how to build it?" Jonathan inquired.

"Yes, in fact, I already drew the schematics in my head. I just need to write it down and make it into reality so that we can have a demonstration," Poul replied simply.

"I'm really impressed with your confidence, Poul. Your line of work surely gives you an unfair advantage in this world," Jonathan let out a forced chuckle.

"Well, you'll have your moment. Sooner or later, there will be a new trend in construction, specifically the rise of skyscrapers. All thanks to the mass production of steel," Poul said.

Someone coughed from behind them, getting both of their attention. They two turned around and saw a man wearing a three-piece black suit and a top hat. A businessman perhaps?

"Gentleman, may I borrow a moment of your time?" the man said, removing his top hat that revealed his brown hair. "I'm one of John Morgan's secretaries, Julius is the name."

Poul and Jonathan glanced at one another first before looking back at the man.

"One of John Morgan's men? How can we help you?"

"I have a personal message from John Morgan himself. But I'd like to share it with you somewhere decent. How about a cafe house two blocks from here? I heard the tea and confectioneries there are the best in town. Of course, it would be my treat."

"So what do we do, Jonathan? Should we go along with him?" Poul whispered.

"He's a subordinate of one of the richest men in Avalonia. This could be an opportunity of a lifetime for us to start anew," Jonathan whispered back.

"Then it's settled. We will go with him," Poul whispered back, smiling at Julius.


The three entered the cafe house and the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee greeted them with gusto as they took their seats at a table by the window. The waiter approached and asked for their order.

"Anything that you'd like to eat?" Julius offered kindly.

"Strawberry shortcakes are their best seller here, and pair that with their best tea, it would be a great combination. So I will have that one. How about you?" Poul looked at Jonathan.

"I'll have the same," Jonathan said.

"Just black coffee for me," Julius said.

"I have received your orders. Please wait as our staff prepares it," the waiter bowed before he left.

"So, as we wait for our orders to arrive, let's start to discuss why I approached the two of you," Julius twiddled his hands on the table.

The two leaned forward, prepared to listen attentively.

"Gentleman, I have good news for the two of you. Mister and Misis Morgan are grateful for your medical assistance. Thanks to your bold medical procedure, Miss Fiona's health condition is stable. Even the doctors were in awe and impressed by your medical skills, even going so far as to point out that if you didn't perform the needle decompression, she would've died. They just boarded an ocean liner bound for England to see the best doctor and complete her treatment there."

"That's great, truly I am overwhelmed with joy after learning that I have saved their daughter," Poul struggled to suppress his emotions as he was overwhelmed with happiness. So this is how a doctor would feel when they successfully treated their patients. It was rewarding.

"For that, Mister and Misis Morgan decided to give you 50,000 dollars as compensation," Julius announced.

"Fifty thousand dollars?!" Poul and Jonathan exclaimed simultaneously. Their voices were so loud that they gained the attention of their fellow customers inside the establishment.

"Shhhh..." Julius hushed. "Keep your voice down."

"Sorry, we didn't expect that we will receive a huge sum of money," Poul explained, his cheek flushed red in excitement.

50,000 dollars in this world is 1,400,000 dollars in today's currency. So it's natural that the two would react in that way.

"They said that their daughter is more important than money. They could've given you more, to be honest, but they decided 50,000 dollars is good enough," Julius said honestly.

"Well we are truly grateful for that, as that money would help us a lot," Poul said.

"With this money, we can start our own business," Jonathan said.

"You are using the money you received to start a business? In what industry?" Julius curiously asked.

"Well, we want to make train transportation safe and prevent more accidents like what happened ten days ago by introducing a device that will stop the train more conveniently," Poul answered.

"I see. 50,000 dollars is indeed a huge capital. Be sure to use it wisely and I wish you good luck with your future business," Julius said as he pulled out something from his breast pocket. It was a check that he promised to give them. "Here take this."

Poul and Jonathan's eyes widened. Fifty thousand dollars is clearly written in the check.

"You can withdraw it from the bank after you finish your meal here," Julius said.

Just in time, the waiter arrived with their orders and placed them carefully on their table.


Twenty minutes later, they finished their dishes and left the cafe house.

"Thank you for your patronage. Please come back again," said the waiter who served them earlier.

Outside, Julius turned and faced the two.

"This is a goodbye gentleman. I will take my leave now," Julius extended his hand, offering a handshake.

Poul and Jonathan gladly took it and shook his hand.

"Take care, Sir Julius."

Julius tipped his top hat before walking in the opposite direction.

"So, now that we have the money, shall we get started?" Poul asked.

"Yeah, let's do this," Jonathan said resolutely. "But first, do you have a name for the company?"

Poul placed a hand on his chin as he thought of something. An idea popped up.

"Since we are introducing air brakes, how about we name our company, Axelsen & Nielsen Air Brake Company?"

"Sounds fine to me," Jonathan smiled.

"Let's go and prepare for it. First, we need manpower, supplies, and a building. I'll leave the factory design to you while I'll scour data about our new venture."

"Wait, you have an idea on how to run a business?" Jonathan asked.

"We had a course subject called technopreneurship in college where it taught us marketing skills, business planning, and know-how of how to start a business using our invention. Don't tell me you forgot about it."

"It was a boring subject, to be honest, that's why it was deep in my brain," Jonathan said.

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