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Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 548 - 548 Purchase

548 Purchase

In the border conflict between the human race and the Hellions, the ones who posed the greatest threat to humans weren’t the Hellion Sovereigns but the massive number of Lv. 9 Hellion Overlords! Every one of them could wipe out an habitable planet with a snap. More than 90% of the casualties in the three cosmic sectors at the border were caused by the Lv. 9 Overlords.

“Junior Brother Wu Ming’s efficiency in dealing with Lv. 9 Hellions far exceeds ours. He’s in no way inferior to a cosmic legend,” Senior Brother Jane praised. “The situation at the border will be completely reversed thanks to Junior Brother Wu Ming.”

“Although the situation has changed, we have to come up with a solution for the six Hellion Sovereigns who possess high-dimensional powers,” remarked the silver-haired, silver-eyed Jade Feather.

“The six of them possess great destructive power. Many human Origin lifeforms have died at their hands.” Yijiu frowned and said, “We have been unsuccessful against the strongest of them, Sovereign Moyou, despite us fighting him several times. The high-dimensional power he grasps, Nightmare World, is invisible and formless. It’s good at targeting the mind and consciousness, so it’s very difficult to fend against him when escaping.”

Jane nodded in agreement. “Sovereign Moyou’s body has become one with the Nightmare World. He and the Nightmare World are one and the same! The Nightmare World spans a huge area, and my Mirror Domain can only intercept a portion! The last time we joined forces to destroy a portion, it could only be considered a light injury to him… He easily escaped.”

“Junior Brother Wu Ming, how big an area can you observe when you enter high-dimensional space?” Yijiu asked.

“12.8 light-years in diameter.” Xu Jingming didn’t hide the facts.

“It’s too small.” Yijiu shook his head. “Sovereign Moyou’s Nightmare World will fuse into the real universe. With a single Spacetime Travel with the Nightmare World, he can escape 300 light-years away.”

“Can’t you detect him 300 light-years away?” Xu Jingming asked.

His Primordial Battle Armor #9 had a very wide detection range.

“We can’t.” The red-skinned bald man, Senior Brother Red Shark, shook his head and said, “Nightmare World is a high-dimensional power; it’s one with the real universe! If it wants to hide, ordinary methods can’t detect it at all. To discover it, one either has to have high-dimensional psychic forces to spy at close range or be able to truly observe from a high-dimensional vantage! Other spacetime detection methods are useless.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

The perspective from high-dimensional space was different; everything in spacetime was within the scope of observation. The Nightmare World—which also had high-dimensional powers—fused into the real universe, but it couldn’t escape high-dimensional observation.

“Actually, we humans have many powerhouses,” Jade Feather said. “It’s just that Sovereign Moyou turned into the Nightmare World, making him too difficult to track! Junior Brother Wu Ming, you have mastered high-dimensional traveling. Your high-dimensional observation should be able to restrain him, but unfortunately, your observation range is still too small. From the looks of it… it’s difficult to take him down unless we have a cosmic legend among our ranks.”

“Cosmic legends don’t get involved in Hellion conflicts. This is the bottom line. Once this line is crossed, the conflict between the two parties will immediately escalate!” Yijiu said.

Xu Jingming also knew this.

The border battle between the humans and the Void Celestials was the most intense battlefield. Cosmic legends often appeared there.

The battle between humans and the Hellions was much less intense. If a cosmic legend joined in, some Hellion cosmic legends and Sovereigns on the verge of madness would charge over. When that happened, the destruction caused to the three cosmic sectors at the border would dramatically increase. This was something humans didn’t want.

The humans were actually very uncomfortable with the conflict with the Hellions.

As the Hellions didn’t care about the losses of the intermediate and lower classes, lifeforms below Origin lifeforms were constantly fighting among themselves. The Hellion Sovereigns and Overlords completely ignored the human Origin lifeforms’ massacres.

On the other hand, human Origin lifeforms cared a lot about Hellion Origin lifeforms plundering the human dominion. Xu Jingming and the other human powerhouses could only think of ways to target the Hellion powerhouses.

“Let’s put Sovereign Moyou aside for now,” Yijiu said. “Let’s target the other five Hellion Sovereigns who have grasped high-dimensional powers.”

Everyone present nodded.

“In that case, Junior Brother Jane, Junior Brother Wu Ming, and I will temporarily live on the same planet,” Yijiu said. “Once a Hellion Sovereign that has grasped high-dimensional powers is discovered, Junior Brother Wu Ming will rush over with us as quickly as possible. With Junior Brother Jane and I joining forces, we can deal with any of the other five.”

“Alright.” Jane and Xu Jingming nodded.

Jane’s achievements in the Mirror Domain were the highest in this era to begin with. Coupled with high-dimensional weapons, his Mirror Domain could reach the level of a cosmic legend! He was best at trapping enemies.

Only Sovereign Moyou’s Nightmare World couldn’t be fully trapped due to its transformation covering a huge area. Jane was confident in trapping the other five high-dimensional power-wielding Hellion Sovereigns.

“Junior Brother Jane, trap and suppress your opponent. I’ll enter the Mirror Domain and kill the Hellions,” Yijiu said confidently.

“Junior Brother Wu Ming might not be familiar with the information on these five Hellion Sovereigns.” Jade Feather smiled and began discussing the information on the five. Everyone also discussed how they would work as a team.

Xu Jingming knew his responsibilities very well. Regardless of who he worked with, he had to send his companions close to the enemy. He just had to stay far away and not be implicated.

It couldn’t be helped; he wasn’t a match for Hellion Sovereigns who had grasped high-dimensional powers in a head-on battle.

These senior brothers and sisters grasp high-dimensional powers that can be used in many aspects. For example, Mirror Domain can trap, restrain, suppress, kill, produce clones, escape, and so on. Even Sovereign Moyou of the Hellions uses the Nightmare World in many ways. In comparison, my usage of high-dimensional powers is too simple. Even my high-dimensional observation range is very small.

I’ve only gained basic mastery after all. If I can become a Lv. 10 Origin lifeform, and my mental strength reaches Lv. 11 or even 12, my high-dimensional observation range probably won’t be just ten light-years but thousands of light-years or even greater. Xu Jingming knew this very well. Given the same high-dimensional power, the might delivered by different people was naturally different.

Xu Jingming became even more humble when spending time with his seven senior brothers and sisters. He understood his shortcomings and knew which direction to work in.


The gathering ended.

“Junior Brother Wu Ming, wait a moment. I have something to talk to you about alone,” the golden-winged elder said.

After the other six left, Xu Jingming and the golden-winged elder remained sitting at the table.

“Senior Brother Wen, what’s the matter?” Xu Jingming asked.

Senior Brother Wen was only about 300 years away from the end of his 100,000-year lifespan. Xu Jingming was very respectful to such a senior. The other party’s experiences were countless times richer than his.

“As you know, my days are numbered.” Senior Brother Wen smiled. “Although my family, the Tenebrous Thunder family, has a long history in the Ancient River civilization, there’s only one Lv. 10 Origin lifeform left in the family after my death! Although there are dozens of Lv. 9 Origin lifeforms, ordinary Lv. 9 Origin lifeforms can’t vie for resources among the three top factions and the Cosmic Human Alliance.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

Yes, the three top factions were opening up credit exchanges, but how much credit could ordinary Lv. 9 Origin lifeforms accumulate? Typically, they were snatched away by Lv. 10 members. Only by relying on connections and favors could they benefit from the Lv. 10s.

“My family only has one Lv. 10 Origin lifeform, so we will be giving up many resources,” Senior Brother Wen said. “We can still exchange them for some money if we make a move early. To have it get usurped and the family squeezed dry when I pass in the future will be terrible.”

“With the Tenebrous Thunder family’s build-up of wealth over the years, even if it shrinks, it will still surpass some intermediate cosmic civilizations,” Xu Jingming commented.

“Haha… The universe is vast, and we ultimately look toward the top figures. Junior Brother Wu Ming, you alone might exceed all my Tenebrous Thunder family has built up for generations,” Senior Brother Wen said with a smile. “That’s not what I wanted to talk about. I held you back because I want to sell you the faction my family has been operating in the Hunter Cosmic Sector for years.”

Oh? Xu Jingming’s heart stirred.

“The Hunter Cosmic Sector is in the hinterland of the human dominion, so there are no wars,” Senior Brother Wen said. “It’s not like the three cosmic sectors at the border with the Hellions or the five cosmic sectors at the border with the Void Celestials. Without wars, one can develop safely. As long as one has the ability, they will set up their area of influence in the Hunter Cosmic Sector.”

“But now, my Tenebrous Thunder family needs to retrograde and return to the Ancient River civilization! Everything that can be sold will be sold.” Senior Brother Wen looked at Xu Jingming. “My Tenebrous Thunder family’s five corporations in the Hunter Cosmic Sector are rooted in mining, energy, agriculture, and many other industries. Your homeworld, Earth, needs to develop. I think these are quite suitable for you.”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be a low price,” Senior Brother Wen continued. “I’ll give you a 50% discount on its net worth! I need cash. After rounding it off, it’s two quadrillion cosmic dollars.”

“A one-time payment?” Xu Jingming asked.

Over the years, he had killed many Lv. 9 Hellion Overlords. No matter how few spoils of war he contributed, they usually consisted of weapons, blood-colored horns, spaceships, and other basic items. Therefore, Xu Jingming could easily fork out two quadrillion cosmic dollars.

“You can do the due diligence of the assets first and make the trade after you are fine with it,” Senior Brother Wen said.


If he sold them separately and slowly, he was confident in selling them at a 20% discount after spending a hundred years.

He sold them all to Junior Brother Wu Ming at a 50% discount as a way to build a good relationship. At the very least, he earned his junior brother an additional quadrillion!

Moreover, the resources controlled by the five major corporations were indeed very precious. They usually didn’t have liquidity to make such purchases, and if it weren’t for the Tenebrous Thunder family’s decision to retrograde, they wouldn’t have sold them.

Xu Lixing sat in her office at the Pearwood Group.

“Boss, we’re going to war with the Black Water Gang tonight. Why aren’t you online?” A message appeared on the projection.

Xu Lixing took a look and smiled. “Seventh Sister, I have something on in reality, so I’ll definitely be there before the battle begins. Moreover, with Eldest Brother and Second Brother around, it definitely won’t be a problem even if I’m not around.”

After replying, Xu Lixing continued dealing with the corporation’s matters.

It couldn’t be helped; her mother had left too many things for her to handle.


An illusory figure appeared beside him—it was Xu Jingming.


“Dad.” Xu Lixing was stunned.

“Immediately arrange for someone to review the assets of the five major corporations owned by the Ancient River civilization’s Tenebrous Thunder family. I’ll send you the materials immediately,” Xu Jingming said.

“Review their asset reports?” Xu Lixing was puzzled. “Why?”

“Be prepared to take over the five major corporations,” Xu Jingming said.

“Take over?” Xu Lixing was stunned. “I know the five major corporations of the Tenebrous Thunder family. Their net worth is probably more than four quadrillion cosmic dollars, which is more than our Pearwood Group.”

As a cosmic lifeform, she had an extremely good memory. Xu Lixing had long memorized the slightly larger factions in the Hunter Cosmic Sector.

“I’ll pay, so don’t worry about it. Review it first! Send me the review results as soon as possible.” With that said, Xu Jingming’s ethereal figure dissipated.

Xu Lixing was a little dazed, but she immediately arranged for someone to review it.

Thankfully, I arranged for a team to do the due diligence. I should be able to make it in time for the gang war in the virtual world tonight, Xu Lixing thought. Will Dad and Mom beat me up if they find out that I temporarily abandoned a four quadrillion-plus review to take part in the battle in the virtual world?

Actually, I can’t do anything pertaining to the review.

Xu Lixing arranged for someone to review it, but she would still read the asset report.

“Wow.” Xu Lixing was surprised. 29 basic cosmic civilizations are completely hired?

Those civilizations were tied to the five major corporations and worked diligently for them.

The Tenebrous Thunder family spent a long time to substantively gain complete control of these 29 basic cosmic civilizations. Once we take over the five large corporations, these 29 basic cosmic civilizations will also become a part of the Pearwood Group? Xu Lixing held her breath. Dad is ruthless.

After Xu Jingming briefed his daughter, he used Spacetime Travel and headed for an ordinary habitable planet at the front line of the Heavenly Python Cosmic Sector, Planet Black Iron, to rendezvous with Senior Brother Jane and Senior Brother Yijiu.

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