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Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 9: A Benevolent Boss who Employees Cant Hate

Chapter 9: A Benevolent Boss who Employees Can't Hate

Yun Qian Meng woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. As she went about her morning routine, she looked at herself from all angles. No blemish in sight, her skin looked youthful and glowing as if exuding a light of its own. What could she say? Venus' skincare products in association with her aura made for an irresistible face.

The television appearance was in a couple of hours, but the participants had been asked to go early so that their makeup could be touched up and other formalities were maintained. Business Today was the number one television show for news related to business and policy news, which was why she had accepted her father's proposal that she do the interview in his stead.

It made sense. While she was the daughter of Yun Corporation's Chairman, she had her own business portfolio to speak of. It didn't hurt that she was taking the side of a bill that had been recently introduced. That was what the debate was about. If the bill passed, Yun Corporation would benefit greatly. The returns on her investment would skyrocket as well. As long as she could tip public opinion in their favor, it would be a cakewalk.

But on the other side was Mo Qingchen. The man had led Mo Building Solutions for two years before assigning an acting CEO. On the other hand, he had created his own tech empire and invested in impressive technological research studies and products that had made him a bucketload of money. The man also had a keen eye for patented ideas.

Anyway, he was a formidable opponent.

Qian Meng put on minimal makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through, and donned on a white high neck shirt with a mustard yellow double-breasted blazer and matching pants. She had the hue down to a T. After checking herself out in the mirror and ensuring not a single strand of hair was out of place, she pulled out her designer bag. She filed through it to check if all the documents she needed were in there and set out.

Her phone rang just as she pressed the button of the elevator. "Hello?" she answered, knowing what the other person was going to say.

"The car is parked in front of the entrance, Miss Yun," Li Min said confidently. Qian Meng smiled.

As usual, there was nothing out of the ordinary. She had gotten ready on time and her staff was also following the clock. They worked like a well-oiled machine. Just as the system should.

As the elevator door slid open, she was bombarded with the faces of multiple people waiting to enter. She leveled them with a look, making them scurry away from her path. She walked out, placing one foot in front of the other.

The guards at the entrance greeted her. She gave them a smile and went over to her car. Li Min awaited in front of it, holding the door open.

"Good morning, Miss Yun," she said, bowing slightly. Qian Meng hummed in acknowledgment and slid in. As she made herself comfortable she saw a file with sticky notes of it kept on the seat beside her.

"What is this?" Qian Meng asked casually after Li Min slid into the driver's seat.

"I've gone through the bill, and transcribed all the opposition's opinions and messaging of those that are for the bill. We also have notes on Mo Building Solution's activities and the points they can bring up during the live broadcast," Li Min said without looking away from the road.

Li Min had been by her side since the very beginning, working beside her for four years. She was twenty-two years old and had a high school diploma but her work ethic was far better than anyone else who had applied.

Qian Meng picked up the file without a reply. She read through all the details between the time they left the hotel and entered the news agency's underground parking lot. They sat in silence as Qian Meng finished the file and set it aside.

"Good work," she said, startling Li Min.

"Thank you," Li Min replied in a low voice and said nothing further. Qian Meng didn't compliment her employees all that often unless they did good work. Out of all her employees, Li Min seemed to be the one who worked best. This young girl had been by Qian Meng's side and worked tirelessly through the time crunches, design failures, and holidays. The sixteen hours Qian Meng worked? Li Min accompanied her.

Qian Meng made a note that Li Min hadn't taken any comp offs in a while. She probably had a couple piled off. "Take a break from Wednesday through Sunday. I won't call you. Choose a location you want to visit, the company will take care of it." There wasn't any emotion in her voice, but Li Min, who sat there surprised looked at her boss in the rearview mirror and almost teared up.

'Boss, I want to be as hardworking as you. You make me work so long and at odd hours. How will I hate you if you treat me so well?' Li Min wanted to sob. On her face, nothing showed.

"Things are busy at work in the moment, I'll ask for the comp offs later on," Li Min supplied in return.

Qian Meng pretended not to see the look she had received and pulled out of the car.

Soon, she was in front of the studio, pulling out her identification and walking towards the green room. They only had one green room for the guests, so she might just run into her arch-nemesis Mo Qingchen before they butt heads onscreen.

How interesting.

She waited for some time, but Mo Qingchen didn't appear. When she was led to the studio, the crew was busy preparing and Mo Qingchen was lounging on one of the visitor chairs.

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