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Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 8: Infuriated by Her Refusal

Chapter 8: Infuriated by Her Refusal

"Aunty, it takes years of training to learn anything from shadowing. If he doesn't go to college or get some training, he will be a nuisance in the company." She didn't want to argue, but she had to put a stop to the discussion before they thought she was committing to something.

"Mind your tone," Yun Sui Bo warned. Qian Meng glanced between the older couple and rolled her eye. Jiang Xin had her hand hidden under the table, no doubt clenching her fist and cursing Qian Meng for denying her request outright.

"Your brother is highly intelligent and can pick up the pace."

"Yes, I know. A child of Yun Sui Bo can't be dim-witted. I am living proof of that. I don't doubt that he is intelligent. He's just too young and inexperienced to contribute to my team. I will not be wasting my resources. When he is prepared, I will welcome him with open arms." That was that.

"Thank you," Qing Yuan beamed at her. Qian Meng threw him a small smile, not saying further.

"I hear your company doesn't discriminate against people with less experience or degrees from bad colleges."

'Mrs. Jiang, wasn't this a roundabout way of insinuating that I am purposely keeping your son away from the company?'

"That is true. As long as the candidate has the aptitude, we employ them." But she was not going to let an eighteen-year-old boy who didn't know what he wanted to pursue to sit in on board meetings and see the private papers Qian Meng was signing.

"Employ Qing Yuan. He will take over Venus anyway." Her father's words came as a command. Qian Meng froze instantly. What did that mean? Why would her younger brother inherit the company she had build with her blood, sweat, and tears? It was hers.


Yun Sui Bo snapped his head up, rage flashing in his eyes. "What did you say?" he seethed.


"Say that again," he dared her. Qian Meng raised her brow, wondering if he wanted to play that game with her. Yes, hers was a conservative family and she had done her best to be civil with them and go with all their decisions, but not this. Venus was hers. If anyone tried to touch it, she would ruin them. Even if it was her bastard father.

"No," she said. The amusement was clear in her voice. The table grew silent until a sharp sound of glass shattering came into her ears.

How typical, Qian Meng thought. Yun Sui Bo was throwing a tantrum because someone had challenged him.

"I'll get going. I don't feel hungry anymore," Qian Meng said with confidence and stood up. She took her coat on her arm and was walking out when she heard the evil witch mumble under her breath. πš’π’π“ƒπ“»eπ‘Žπ™™. π™˜ο½π‘š

Yun Qian Meng doubted anyone else heard the words, but they were loud and clear for her.

"That's why no one wants her."

Qian Meng stopped in her tracks and wondered what she should do next. The calculations flew in her mind, but the only one that ensured she left the house and slept in peace that night was if she ignored the comment.

So, she did just that.

As she drove back to the hotel she was living in, Qian Meng thought back to her childhood.

Her mother settled down in the States, became famous in her field, and married the boyfriend. They have kids together and she seems to shower them with love. Couldn't say the same about Yun Qian Meng.

She spent a year trying to understand why she was unwanted. The nannies remained constant but Qian Meng knew none of them liked her. She was just a girl they needed to take care of to get their next paycheck. Meow had also passed away. She remained friendless until she found economics.

The love of her life. She gobbled up books one after the other. She scored full marks in all her tests, she bought advanced level books to make sure she could shine. The school recognized it. Her father wasn't bothered.

She skipped two grades. They wouldn't let her do more. She was sixteen when she started college. She double majored in fashion technology and economics. It wasn't as hard as she had thought. Time breezed by. It took her three years to complete all courses. She graduated early and went into her MBA when she was nineteen-years-old. With internships, projects, and plans to start up her own business, she took two years to complete the course.

Fresh out of grad school, she used all the money she had invested and got returns on (primarily from the meager amount of money her paternal grandmother had left her on her death) to start her luxury jewelry business, Venus. The business expanded rapidly, she acquired more companies, invested back, and expanded. The vicious cycle continued.

All in an attempt to be acknowledged. Numbers spoke volumes and 12 billion dollars was just not enough. That stupid Mo Qingchen had 21 billion dollars in his personal coffers and she burned with jealousy. She would beat him someday. He had a six-year advantage on her, anyway.

'Forget about Mo Qingchen and those Yun leeches. You have to appear on live television tomorrow and face your arch-nemesis. You have to defend the housing bill and come back victorious and having tilted public opinion to your side. Mo Qingchen wouldn't stand a chance.'

She meticulously went about her skincare routine and put on a face mask before she went to sleep. She had to wake up in the morning looking like she normally does.


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