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Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 6: A Ruse to Bring her Home

Chapter 6: A Ruse to Bring her Home

This nanny was somewhat different. The crow's feet at the corner of her eyes deepened when she saw Yun Qian Meng. She had watched the Young Miss grow up in front of her eyes and felt that the child was pitiful.

For Yun Qian Meng, she knew this woman as Nanny Yang. No one else called her real name and the older woman never offered. Qian Meng wasn't one to pry, so she had never probed for more information.

"Please have a full meal today," the older woman rasped as she led Qian Meng to the living room. Qian Meng looked at the Nanny with a small smile, disappointment flashing in her eyes.

Didn't she always try? It just seemed that no matter how hungry she was, her hunger disappeared when she ate here.

Qian Meng didn't reply. The living room was brightly lit and grandly decorated. It reeked of people who loved to show off their money.

Three prim and proper figures sat on the couch. It looked like she had walked into a meeting. As usual, when she greeted her father with a bow of respect, he hummed in acknowledgment. When she looked up, she saw his eyes inspecting her. There was a hint of calculation in them that warned her that tonight was going to be a long battle.

She pretended not to see the female in her late forties sitting beside her father. Instead, Qian Meng looked at the younger brother she liked. Surprisingly.

"Big Sister," he chirped, hopping up from his perch and coming to hug her. Though she didn't return it as warmly, her eyes turned into two crescents. A small smile played on her lips as she patted his back. "Where is my allowance?" he asked. In front of his sister, he acted more spoiled than others. If it had been anyone else, Qian Meng would have thrown them out of the window, but this brother of hers, she really liked.

She pulled out her cell-phone and transferred a reasonable amount of money to him. Even though he was rich. He shouldn't be getting exorbitant allowances. He would have to learn to work for his own money.

His phone pinged in his pocket and his eyes widened. He rejoiced as he saw the deposit, hugging her once more. "Thank you." He plopped down on the couch beside his mother and showed her the amount.

Stepmother was not happy. Even though she smiled, it didn't reach her eyes.

"Qian Meng is so good to Qing Yuan. She even gives him a small allowance," Jiang Xin said, her voice sweet. The emphasis, though, was on the word 'small.' π’Šπ§π’π˜³π™šΞ±π™™. π˜€π—Όπ¦

Yun Qing Yuan startled, shooting an apologetic look at his sister and hoping she was not offended.

"Big Sister gives me an allowance because she loves me. If she gave me too much, I'll get greedy!" he proclaimed. The pure smile on his face made Qian Meng sigh.

'You idiot, that is exactly what your mother wants.' She couldn't shake her head but she felt like it.

"Sit down," her father ordered. She sat down in the most ladylike manner and waited for her father to get to the point.

He didn't like engaging in small talk with her. And to be fair, it would be awkward for Qian Meng if he tried. So, she was relieved when he went right to the point.

"You know about the recent bill on housing and employment that we are trying to pass, right?" Yun Sui Bo started. Qian Meng nodded, not knowing where the conversation was headed. "There is a television interview tomorrow morning that you need to attend."

"Excuse me?" she asked, baffled. She was supposed to go on television but she didn't know. What was it about? Why would she be going on?

"Yes, you need to defend the bill. It is a roundtable and will work as an argument," he had the gall to nod sagely.

"And you're telling me this the night before? I don't know what the bill is about or what I am supposed to talk about. Why would you put me in this position?" Suddenly, she realized that she was being thrown under the bus. It sure as hell felt like it.

"You show off your intelligence all the time, so it shouldn't be a problem for you. I've prepared a document for you to go over, as well." Qian Meng wanted to scoff. Yes, because springing something so big on her was good news. He even had to act so proudly of himself for having basic decency.

"Which channel is it on? Who is the host? The name of the show. The other panelists." She was exasperated. Everything started to come into place.

"Mo Qingchen? Mo Building Solutions is against the bill?" Qian Meng asked.

"I already told you. Don't make me repeat myself," her father grumbled. Clearly, there was a story behind this and she was sure that her father wasn't going to say a word about it.

"It doesn't make sense. This bill will only help the industry."

"He will do everything in his power to oppose me. He loathes me," Yun Sui Bo sipped at the glass of whiskey in his hand without saying anything further.

Yun Qian Meng didn't think that was the case. But Mo Building Solutions was slowly gaining more market share so they could pit themselves against the Yuns and win more contracts from the opposition group. Ah, right, wasn't the leading politician on the opposing side a close family relation?

She thought so.

"I'll do as you say," she said promptly, looking at the file that her father had thrown at the little table at the center of the room.

She had to read it really well and inform Li Min to prepare additional material. Nanny Yang announced that dinner was prepared and the family promptly made their way over. Yun Qian Meng thought that the worst part of the evening had come to an end, but she had been wrong. After some polite chatter, her father finally came to the main point.

The television appearance had been a ruse to bring her into his home and corner her.

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