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Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 27: Bring Great Luck to her Future Family

Chapter 27: Bring Great Luck to her Future Family

Qian Meng took note of that fact with much delight. On the other hand, her father's palms were balled up into fists as he glared at his daughter. Qian Meng had the confidence to hold his gaze as she relished in the implied message.

Indeed, she had fed him the most expensive coffee of all, but in the end, all he deserved was refined animal poop.

That was the exact reason Yun Qian Meng had given the coffee to Jiang Xin and that was exactly why she had chosen it for Bai Ye Qing. If they wanted to control her, she would find her way to rebel. And when they found out, it would hurt them worse than physical revenge. She knew how to strike at one's dignity and make them lose sleep without sharp words.

"It tasted amazing!" Bai Ye Qing uttered, trying to dissolve the air of awkwardness.

"That's right. Meng'er, make sure to make this for me later, too," Chen Yue said. Her face was partially twisted with disgust, but she had to say something to stop from thinking about the disgraceful thing that had just happened.

"Sure!" Qian Meng chirped. Chen Yue fell into silence. She ground her teeth, knowing that Qian Meng had only said things to make them feel better, but this girls fangs were really venomous, with one strike, she had made sure whatever anyone else said was an insult to their family.

Despite this, she veiled her rage well.

The group was led to the dining table where Nanny Yang was waiting patiently. Leaving the head of the table for her father, Qian Meng took the seat beside her brother. Instead of the western courses that usually adorned their table, the servants brought out plates of Chinese dishes, all authentic.

These were clearly not cooked by Jiang Xin, simply because they smelled good and would probably taste well. Instead of the usual bitterness that came with the taste of her food, Qian Meng found the dishes to be quite flavorful.

She had to say, her distaste for the woman might have been the reason for her finding the food bad on a usual day.

As it were to happen, Chen Yue was the first to speak as the soups were introduced.

"Mrs Yun is proficient in cooking!" she exclaimed. Chen Yue was one to quickly disdain others and find fault but she was making it apparent that she wanted to get in the good books of the Yun family.

"Yes, I cook for the family all the time. Considering that you will be part of the family soon, I couldn't let the servants bring in food cooked by others. I didn't cook too many things, just the usual... so please enjoy." Talk about being humble, Qian Meng scoffed internally.

The menu consisted of these items: marinated appetizers, sauteed king prawn with crab meat, double boiled chicken soup with morel mushrooms, braised sea cucumber with chestnut, steamed cod fish with pumpkin, pan-fried beef with sweet potato and vegetables, fried rice with taro and preserved meat, sweetened red bean paste with glutinous rice ball, seasonal fruit plate.

Qiang Meng looked over the menu card that Jiang Xin had printed out and knew that the only thing the woman had prepared herself was probably the fruit platter that would come out at the end.

"Of course," Mr. Bai spoke up, breaking his silence once again. He gave Qian Meng and encouraging smile before his eyes lingered on the menu and something flashed in his eyes. Qian Meng pulled a tissue to her lips to hide her smile and went back to eating comfortably.

No more than a minute had passed before Chen Yue started to speak again. "Meng'er, which of these did you cook?" she asked. ๐—ถ๐š—๐˜ฏre๐šd. ๐‘๐—ผ๐™ข

Qian Meng looked up. "We're financially able to hire cooks, so I don't cook." And she didn't intend to cook for the Bais.

"I'm glad to hear that," Bai Ye Qing interjected before his mother could say anything. His words made everyone grow silent. Of course he knew. They were dining with a family of billionaires, who would think that they weren't financially capable of hiring staff. Moreover, wasn't the jab about hiring cooks meant to get at Jiang Xin who had cooked this extravagant meal?

Only the fathers were able to discern the true meaning behind Qian Meng's seemingly harmless words.

"Still, your mother had to work so hard to cook all of this. You should have helped her. At least you could present us with the food like you did the tea," Chen Yue made a show of berating her.

'She is taking on the role of a doting mother-in-law a little too early,' Qian Meng thought, irritated. She looked around the table, wondering if she should walk out but the expectant look on Chen Yue's face gave her a little idea. She wanted to have some fun.

Disappointing her father and making fun of these idiots would be the highlight of her day, so why should she be the one to leave early?

She put down her napkin and looked straight into Chen Yue's eyes.

"I have heard how prospective in-laws like to look at the gait of the bride-to-be and the size of her feet before deciding on the marriage decades ago," she started thoughtfully. "I know yours is a very traditional family, so I forgot to mention this before." She bowed her head and apologized.

Chen Yue spluttered and Mr Bai paused his spoon mid-air.

Qian Meng stood up abruptly and did a twirl. "I should disclose everything in the beginning. My measurements are thirty six, twenty five, thirty seven. I know that it doesn't meet the beauty standards of our times or the country. My height is one sixty centimeters and the size of my feet is small enough that the usual sizes don't go on my feet."

Jiang Xin was about to stop her but Qian Meng put her hand up. "I can confirm that with small feet like mine, I'll bring great luck to your family." She gave a poignant look towards Bai Ye Qing. "Though my figure is not ideal, it suits the needs of being a mother in the future."

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