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Cornered by the CEO

Chapter 10: Appearing as Enemies on Live Television

Chapter 10: Appearing as Enemies on Live Television

Qian Meng gave him a cool look as she passed him and took her seat. As the sound tech adjusted the tiny microphone pinned to her lapel, she gazed at the rear projection screen that showed the name of the show and the Shanghai skyline. The background was blue, making her clothes striking in contrast.

Her nemesis, on the other hand, was wearing a burgundy suit with black lapels and a black tie. His white shirt was nothing to brag about. His suit might have looked flattering on him, but it didn't stand out compared to her.

Her trick had worked, apparently. She had made the right choice. When people watched one person more closely, they heard their words louder. Attention was the key, as she definitely demanded it.

Yun Qian Meng pretended to listen to Su Jin, the host of the show as she gave out last-minute instructions. When Qian Meng looked back at the woman, she saw Su Jin pointing a manicured finger towards a camera that was positioned in front of them.

"You can make eye contact with the camera but we want a more engaging feel." Qian Meng smirked. Ah, Su Jin wanted to show this like a round-table where both parties appealed to the other and not the audience. iπ§π“ƒπ’“π’†π‘Žπ™™. π˜€π˜°πš–

Qian Meng nodded and in her peripheral vision, she saw Mo Qingchen do the same.

She took the opportunity to study him. The sound tech had moved to him and was now adjusting his mic.

Qian Meng grudgingly admitted that the man looked way better than she remembered. His pitch-black eyes positively shined under the flash of the cameras and under the lights on well-illuminated parties. She had not spoken to him in years and had no inclination to be near him if she could help it, so she had watched him from a distance. His face was all sharp angles, the shadows cast by the studio light making him look better than he should have. If she wasn't confident she looked just as beautiful if not more, she would have been jealous.

If only that mouth of his didn't spew nonsense whenever he opened it. She wanted to smack him whenever they had interacted. He was attractive, but a frigid asshole at that.

The stark black eyes found hers and Qian Meng caught a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. He looked extremely pleased to have caught her looking.

"The camera is over there, sweetheart," he said. Qian Meng gave him a soft smile, amusement flashing in her eyes.

"I'll have to learn from you," she started. "You are self-absorbed enough to know every camera lense in the building. Did your sister teach you that?" She had expected Mo Qingchen to scowl or glare at her for the comment.

Instead, he grinned. She couldn't say she had seen him grin at anyone, especially such a genuine and evil one. She suddenly realized what he had done. Mo Qingchen enjoyed a good fight and Qian Meng had just taken the bait.

She rolled her eye and glanced back at the host, only to find the woman glancing between the speakers with barely-disguised intrigue. Su Jin was actually looking forward to Mo Qingchen and Qian Meng to tear at each other's throats.

Someone touched her hair and she almost swatted their hand away. Being on camera was bothersome but one had to do it if they wanted more money. She calmed herself and eased into the role she was going to play.

"We'll start by discussing the bill," Su Jin spoke slowly, looking disturbingly disappointed that the two guests hadn't continued to banter. "Then we can take the questions and debate on points from each side. Is that okay?"

Qian Meng snorted. Suck Jin (as she had come to call the host) wouldn't try to stop them if they started hissing and biting each other. She might even have passed on the proverbial weapon. If Qian Meng had to bet, the looks Suck Jin was giving Mo Qingchen would indicate, she would be on the losing side of the argument.

"Forty seconds," came a loud voice from the darkness beyond the blaring spotlights. Qian Meng saw Su Jin shuffle through the cards in her hand as the time ticked.

"Your older brother applied for Mo Building Solution's marketing department, I hear," he said quickly, leaning towards the host. Qian Meng looked up surprised, not knowing why the usual cool man was actually conversing with others. "Tell him that the written test doesn't matter much, he will get in if he does the interview well." Su Jin beamed at him and Qian Meng clenched her jaw in irritation.

Mo Qingchen threw Qian Meng a smirk, telling her that she was doing this to taunt him. With that, he moved his attention to the primary camera. She glared at his side profile.

"Live in 3, 2, 1..."

The studio darkened and the show's signature theme music came on. The monitors at the side of the stage showed the title cards and Su Jin's face before the voiceover spoke.

"Business Today, with Su Jin," the voice said.

"Welcome to this morning's edition of Business Today where we tackle today's hot political and business issues. We have our correspondent in front of the cabinet and Su Jin reporting from the studio." Su Jin paused.

Qian Meng had to say, even though she didn't like the woman because of her bias, she had to admit, Su Jin was good at her job.

"Good morning," she greeted the camera, her pristine white teeth on show. "We are joined by the Miss Yun Qian Meng, CEO of Venus, and Mo Qingchen from Dynamic Tech. Welcome."

"Thank you for having me," Qian Meng said sweetly, shifting in her seat so that she was slightly turned towards Su Jin. She was used to speaking behind the podium in front of her workers, but she rarely appeared on television. She would never get used to the elaborate setup and the melting heat in the room.

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