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Chapter 9

Qin Yihan takes over the contract, which says Bai Weiwei"s name.

Not only do people look like Gu Qingya, but even this word is a bit of Gu Qingya"s beauty.

Qin Yihan narrowed his eyes. He loved and hated this woman. Such emotion was directly transferred to Bai Weiwei in front of him.

They"re so alike. They"re so alike!

"Thank you, Qin Shao." Bai Weiwei is really grateful to Qin Shao. No matter whether she pays the price or not, she is very grateful to him. Without him, she won"t have any chance to get back the company.

Qin Yihan looks at Bai Weiwei coldly, with a slight hatred in his eyes.

Not only looks as like as two peas, but he even cheated his personality.

Obviously not such a character, but he pretended to be kind and innocent.

Qin Yihan sneered and said coldly, "we have a mutually beneficial relationship. Don"t talk about any thanks. You don"t have to pretend to be hypocritical in front of me."

Bai Weiwei was stunned.

When did she pretend?

"I"m not hypocritical." Bai Weiwei frowned. Her eyes were full of simplicity. Looking at Qin Yihan in front of her, she wanted to explain something. After all, she was misunderstood and she didn"t like it very much.

"I said you don"t have to explain to me, and you don"t have to pretend to be simple or kind in front of me. I"m a businessman. I only talk about business." Qin Yihan said coldly, "you can go. There"s no need to appear in front of me before I don"t want you to appear in front of me."

Pretend to be simple, pretend to be kind?

Bai Weiwei feels a little funny. When did she pretend? She doesn"t have to pretend, does she?

The feeling of being misunderstood was not very good. Some looked at Qin Yihan stuffy.

Without explaining anything more, Bai Weiwei turned and left.

Out of the company, many staff members of Qin group poked their heads out of the office to see her and pointed at her one by one.

"Is this the president"s new woman?"

"This woman looks very simple. The president always likes to tease such a woman!"

"What"s simple is just pretending. They all think it"s a great good thing to hook up with the president. In the end, they don"t know how miserable they died."

"It"s all a bunch of bitches!"

Some people scold, others are the attitude of watching a good play.

Bai Weiwei left the Qin group without saying a word.

The next day, the shareholders" meeting of the company.

Bai Weiwei drove to the company early in the morning. As soon as she stopped the car and was ready to enter the company, the security guard stopped her.

"Miss Bai, I"m sorry. There are orders from the top. You can"t go in!"

"This is my father"s company. Why can"t I go in? I also own shares. I"m also a shareholder of the company. I"m qualified to attend the shareholders" meeting!" Bai Weiwei said angrily.

She did not expect that the general meeting of shareholders could be shut out.

"Miss Bai, this is an order from the top. We can"t help it." The security guard still stopped Bai Weiwei.

Not far away, several shareholders with a group of bodyguards appeared at the door of the company, and they walked in this way.

Compared with them, Bai Weiwei is weak. She is alone at the door of the company and has a theory with the security guard.

"Miss Bai, it"s said that you just give up your shares. Why? You don"t know how to manage the company. What are you doing in the company? Even if we hold a shareholders" meeting, even if you sit in it, you will humiliate yourself. You don"t understand anything!" A shareholder said to Bai Weiwei sincerely.

"Don"t understand, I can learn!" Bai Weiwei looked at the shareholder in front of her with a cold face.

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