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Chapter 7

Bai Weiwei had no time to make any argument, so she had been pulled out by the security guards.

The front desk looked at Bai Weiwei with a smile and said sarcastically, "what"s the difference between being beautiful and having money? Is a woman like you worthy of our president?"

After that, the front desk shook his legs and began to look in the mirror.

Qin Yihan just came out of the elevator. Without hearing anything, he heard the words said by the front desk and Bai Weiwei who was driven out.

"The president doesn"t like such a woman. What kind of woman should he like? He should like you?"

"Me? If only it were me!" The front desk said excitedly. As soon as he looked up, he suddenly found Qin Yihan. He was frightened and shuddered, "general manager, president!"

Qin Yihan glanced coldly at the front desk.

The front desk was stunned by the powerful momentum and couldn"t speak for a moment.

Nervous, trembling all over.

"You don"t have to work tomorrow." Qin Yihan said.

"President." The front desk is a little incredible.

Qin Yihan has walked towards the door. Bai Weiwei sees Qin Yihan coming out. Naturally, she runs over, "Mr. Qin, you"re not going to break your promise?"

"Do I look like a man who will break his promise?" Qin Yihan asked coldly.

"No." Bai Weiwei said very seriously.

"That"s good." Qin Yihan goes to the bottom of the steps. The assistant opens the door for him. He looks directly at Bai Weiwei, "get in the car."

Bai Weiwei obediently followed Qin Yihan into the car.

In the company, the front desk looked at the black luxury car incredibly. She couldn"t believe it. "Does this woman really know the president?"

How is that possible?

She clearly has never seen this woman, and the president clearly doesn"t like such a woman!

Bai Weiwei gets on Qin Yihan"s car.

Qin Yihan has been calling to discuss things at work in the car. Bai Weiwei waits quietly.

Although it is said that Qin Yihan is a playboy and completely a scum man, he looks handsome when he calls and seriously discusses the things in the mall.

Just when Bai Weiwei was still in a daze and thinking, the car stopped at the door of a hotel.

"Get off." Qin Yihan said coldly.

Bai Weiwei gets off with Qin Yihan and enters the hotel together.

"What about the contract? I"ll sign it with you and go. You seem to have work to do." Bai Weiwei followed Qin Yihan and said cautiously as she walked.

She doesn"t like the hotel very much.

Qin Yihan stopped, but he didn"t speak, even didn"t look at her, but he began to walk quickly towards the front in a moment.

Bai Weiwei swallowed her saliva nervously, but she still followed Qin Yihan.

She is sure to get the contract today. Tomorrow is the day of the shareholders" meeting. Without Qin Yihan"s help, she may even have a problem entering the company, let alone attending the shareholders" meeting or becoming the chairman of the board.

But Qin Yihan kept silent and walked silently, which made her feel a little confused.

She was very upset.

She was afraid that Qin Yihan would break his promise. She had already slept. If he broke his promise again and his words didn"t count, she didn"t even have a place to say. Even if he said it, she would lose her face!

In a private room in the hotel restaurant.

Bai Weiwei follows Qin Yihan and nervously looks at everyone in the private room.

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