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Chapter 6

When Bai Weiwei came out of the room, Tang Lele called.

"Weiwei, what"s up? You won"t really sell your body, will you?" Tang Lele was particularly worried on the phone.

"Qin Shao promised to help me." Bai Weiwei didn"t mention selling her body. She only told Tang Lele the good news.

"Really?" Tang Lele"s flawed eyes were happy, and then he was worried, "how could he promise you that he had no relatives with you? Did you really sell your body?"

Bai Weiwei said solemnly on the phone: "Lele, you know, I"ve always been a little ignorant and incompetent. I"ve always been a rice bug. I don"t know anything, and I don"t have any friends like you. I can"t find anyone else to help me. Only Qin Yihan can help me. There are few people in a big company like Baixia group. As long as Qin Yihan can help me get back what my parents left me, I"ll lose I"d like to do it a hundred times! "

"But Qin Yihan is no one else. He is a famous playboy!" Tang Lele knows that Qin Yihan is not a good thing.

She regretted recommending Qin Yihan to Bai Weiwei.

She didn"t know Qin Yihan would have such a request. It"s not a thing.

Take advantage of people"s danger, what a man!

Damn it, I knew I should stay secretly to take a picture and threaten Qin Yihan!

"Lele, well, don"t be angry. I"m very happy!" Bai Weiwei said with a smile, "don"t you think Qin Yihan is very handsome? There"s nothing to lose compared with losing his body to an ugly man and sleeping with such a handsome man? Besides, he doesn"t sleep with me. I sleep with him. Oh, I make a profit!"

"Ah, it seems true that when you say so, you take medicine and sleep with him, and he has to help you save the company!" The simple Tang Lele was brought over.

Bai Weiwei talked to Tang Lele and hung up.

She went back to her empty home, changed her clothes, and then had a rest at home.

At noon, she went directly to the Qin group.

Bai Weiwei was stopped as soon as she came to the door of the Qin family.

"Miss, who are you looking for?" The other asked.

"I"m looking for your president, Qin Yihan." Bai Weiwei replied.

"Have you made an appointment?"

"Appointment?" Bai Weiwei shook her head, "but I agreed to meet Mr. Qin this afternoon."

"Sorry, Mr. Qin doesn"t see any guests without an appointment."

"But I made an appointment with him." Bai Weiwei frowned. Can"t Qin Yihan turn his face and refuse to admit it?

A man like him shouldn"t go back on his word, should he?

"Could you please call Mr. Qin and say that Bai Weiwei has come to sign a contract with him." Bai Weiwei said to the front desk.

"What kind of contract do you sign? You won"t say better if you lie. I"ve heard of signing a contract, but I haven"t heard of signing a contract." The front desk looked at Bai Weiwei and thought that Bai Weiwei was the kind of person who liked to pursue their president. Some of them didn"t like Bai Weiwei.

Their president is not worthy of any woman.

And what the president doesn"t like most is this kind of woman who comes to the door.

"I really want to sign a contract with him." Bai Weiwei frowned and looked at the front desk.

It"s a contract. Qin Yihan said it himself, not a contract.

The front desk sneered and said directly to the security guard: "security uncle, another fox spirit, you drive her out!"

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