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Chapter 5

In the hotel room, the temperature keeps rising.

Bai Weiwei kisses Qin Yihan astringently. Her skills are clumsy. Kissing is not like kissing, but she wants to chew.

But Qin Yihan"s heart was filled with kisses and looked at the familiar smiling face that seemed to overlap with the woman"s face,

He was angry and crazy.

The heart beat violently. In a trance, the woman"s face in front of me seemed to overlap with that woman"s face.

She seems to be her.

The woman who escaped from him for many years.

Bai Weiwei doesn"t know what Qin Yihan is thinking. She just clenched her teeth and tried to persuade herself. Qin Yihan in front of her is also good. She handed herself over to him, and he helped her fix the company. It"s definitely a good deal.

Business genius is such a powerful figure that so many women want him. She shouldn"t resist it.

The medicine made her in a trance, and the resistance gradually disappeared.

Bai Weiwei completely handed herself over to Qin Yihan. She didn"t intend to continue to resist. She planned to drift with the tide, give up herself and reach a deal that she couldn"t say was cost-effective or not.

Qin Yihan looked at the familiar face and felt cold.

Gu Qingya, beg for mercy from me. Please beg for mercy from me!

In a trance, the temperature in the room began to become hot.

Qin Yihan imagines that Bai Weiwei is Gu Qingya, the woman he once loved and now hates.

He constantly tortured the woman in front of him.

I can"t tell this woman from that woman.

Bai Weiwei obeyed Qin Yihan"s instructions. Because of the efficacy, she didn"t know what she was doing, but smiled foolishly.

But that silly look touched Qin Yihan"s heart.

She looked at Qin Yihan in a trance, for the company, for the company

That night, I don"t know how long I tossed, from bed to windowsill, from windowsill to bathroom, from bathroom to sofa

Everywhere, two people"s sweat was left.

The next day, when Bai Weiwei opened her eyes, she looked at the strange room for a long time, and her brain came back. She was shocked to sit up from under the quilt.

Then she felt the tearing pain of privacy.

Qin Yihan

The sight fell on the five condoms in the trash can, and the atmosphere in the room was extremely ambiguous because of the condoms.

But what about Qin Yihan?

Bai Weiwei looks around with low back pain. Qin Yihan is gone!

Did he go back and run after sleeping?


Just as Bai Weiwei got out of bed, the bathroom door opened, and Qin Yihan came out. He was only wrapped in a bath towel, while she was naked.

There was some embarrassment.

"Ah!" Bai Weiwei screamed and hurriedly grabbed the quilt and covered her whole body.

"I haven"t seen it or touched it last night. Can I cover it now?" Qin Yihan sneered. His eyes fell vaguely on the condom in the trash can, as if announcing what they did in bed yesterday.

Bai Weiwei blushed.

But now that she has been seen and will maintain this relationship in the future, she doesn"t need to hide.

Her eyes looked at Qin Yihan calmly, "what you promised me --"

"Come to the president"s office of Qin"s group to get the contract in the afternoon." Qin Yihan said coldly. He put on his suit and pulled his tie with a cold face.


"After signing the contract, you can"t terminate it at will. What I promised you will be done naturally." Qin Yihan finished, turned and left, leaving a figure behind.

Bai Weiwei breathed a sigh of relief.

She went into the bathroom, took a bath, and then put on yesterday"s clothes.

The tear of her lower body makes her painful and awkward to walk, but anyway, she has established a relationship with Qin Yihan, and Qin Yihan will help her recapture Baixia group.

The company is saved.

For the company, even if you pay your own body!

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