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Chapter 30

The next day, when Bai Weiwei woke up, it was already daybreak.

Yesterday master didn"t show up, and today master didn"t show up. Bai Weiwei was a little lost. She wanted to thank him.

She thought Qin Yihan wouldn"t care about herself. After all, their contract didn"t say that if she had any problems in life safety, Qin Yihan was necessary to save her.

But Qin Yihan appeared domineering and saved her.

Although sometimes he gives people a feeling of terror, others seem to have a good heart and are good to people.

Should be a hard spoken and soft hearted person.

Lying in bed, Bai Weiwei is a little bored. She has no mobile phone, no computer and nothing. She doesn"t know when Lele will come and whether she will bring her mobile phone.

What about the company? If she is in the hospital, what about the company with many things to deal with?

Bai Weiwei is a little worried.

She was afraid that she was not in the company, and the company that had managed to stabilize was in chaos again.

The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open. Bai Weiwei looked up excitedly, "le - Qin tezhu, how is it you?"

Bai Weiwei was surprised when she saw Qin Chang.

"I came to see Miss Bai and brought a mobile phone to Miss Bai by the way." Qin Chang walked over to Bai Weiwei and handed a mobile phone to Bai Weiwei. "Miss Bai"s original number has been copied up, and the number is also the original number."

"Thank you, Qin tezhu. You are so thoughtful." Bai Weiwei said somewhat moved.

"I just did what I was told." Qin Chang smiled. "Miss Bai"s injury hasn"t healed yet. I"ll take over the company"s affairs for the time being. When she can be discharged from the hospital, Miss Bai will go to the company again."

"In fact, it doesn"t matter to me. The injuries on my body are not serious. They are all skin injuries. Now I have no problem leaving the hospital." Bai Weiwei said.

"The doctor told me to observe for another day or two." Qin said, "Miss Bai, have a good rest. If you have anything to call me, I will deal with the company"s affairs."

"Well, it"s hard for you, Qin tezhu."

"This is my duty."

"By the way... Qin tezhu, where"s my master?" Bai Weiwei hesitated and asked.

Obviously, you should be afraid to see Qin Yihan and what Qin Yihan will do to yourself, but some want to see this man and want to say thank you to him personally.

"The boss has gone to the company. Miss Bai, what do you want to say? I can convey it."

"No, nothing." Bai Weiwei shook her head.

Qin Chang pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose and nodded thoughtfully, "then I"ll go first and see Miss Bai after work."

After Qin Chang left, Tang Lele came soon.

"Slightly, who is the man who just walked out of your ward? He looks handsome, but he looks a little serious." Tang Lele rushed to Bai Weiwei and asked.

"Qin Yihan"s special help, Qin Chang." Bai Weiwei is here.

"Long love? The name is quite special!" Tang Lele said with a smile, "but he came. Your master didn"t come?"

"It"s Qin Chang." Bai Weiwei corrected, and then some loss, "he didn"t come, he has gone to the company."

"OK. Look, I brought you delicious food. My mother made it for you personally. Seafood porridge, your favorite!" Tang Lele opened the insulated lunch box and took out the food.

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