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Chapter 29

"Master, help!" Bai Weiwei exclaimed and sat up suddenly from the bed. Then she felt that the wounds all over her body were affected, and the painful tears almost fell down, "Oh, it hurts..."

"Why are you jumping so hard? It"s strange that it doesn"t hurt!" Tang Lele helplessly looked at Bai Weiwei on the bed and said angrily.

"Lele, why are you here?" Bai Weiwei looked left and right, realizing that she was in the hospital. She vaguely remembered that before she fainted, she saw Qin Yihan and her heart beat twice, "where"s my master?"

"Your master left early!" Tang Lele glanced at Bai Weiwei and poured her a glass of water. "He called me and asked me to come over. He had already left when I came."

Bai Weiwei is a little lost.

Tang Lele frowned, "what"s the matter with Qin Yihan? He has really become your master. Have you really sold yourself to him?"

Looking at Bai Weiwei, Tang Lele is a little upset. With such a simple girl, Qin Yihan is just a wolf, okay.

I"m really worried that I can"t get any benefit in the end.

Bai Weiwei smiled at Tang Lele, took the water cup and drank a mouthful of water.

In fact, she thinks Qin Yihan is also a good person. It"s just a deal.

At least he saved her today, didn"t he?

But I didn"t see Qin Yihan when I woke up. I was a little lost. I thought he would stay here until she woke up.

Tang Lele knew that Bai Weiwei didn"t want to mention Qin Yihan, so he didn"t ask any more. After looking at Bai Weiwei for a few eyes, he cared about the situation in her company.

"The company is fine. There"s Mr. Qin. He"s very powerful. He can help me deal with anything I can"t handle. Those old guys don"t dare to do anything to me now. I"ll study slowly and there should be no problem when I get it right." Bai Weiwei smiled with a strong look in her eyes.

Although her parents left, she will keep the company.

"That"s good. If there"s anything you can tell me, I"ll help if I can. And my father. If he says you need anything, just tell her." Tang Lele said heartlessly, "I"ll buy you something to eat in the evening."

"Buy something light. I want porridge."

"OK, I"ll buy it for you at the porridge shop nearby. You wait." Tang Lele jumped down from the edge of the bed, grabbed his bag and went out.

After Tang Lele left, Bai Weiwei wanted to call Qin Yihan with her mobile phone. Only then did she find that her mobile phone had been destroyed and there was no mobile phone.

Well, it seems that we can only wait for Lele to come back and ask her to help buy a mobile phone.

Qin house.

"Boss, Liu congnan wants to escape abroad and has just been robbed by our people at the airport." Qin Chang stood by the sofa, looked at Qin Yihan and reported everything.

Qin Yihan looked up at Qin Chang with cold eyes.

Qin Chang saw everything from his boss"s eyes.

I have been with my boss since I was a child. After years of getting along, I have long been able to understand the boss"s eyes.

"I"ve asked people to find out some illegal things Liu congnan has done. I"ve handed over these black materials to the police. He should spend most of his life in prison... Well, on the way back, he should be beaten up." Qin Chang paused, took a look at his boss"s look, determined that his boss was basically satisfied, and then went on.

Qin Yihan nodded and felt cold. "Bai Weiwei needs to learn to protect herself."

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