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Chapter 28

Bai Weiwei huddled on the ground. She stubbornly hugged her body. Although she was trembling, she didn"t shed a tear.

Her body was covered with wounds and looked embarrassed.

Feeling the punches and kicks, Bai Weiwei suddenly stopped. Bai Weiwei looked up and saw Qin Yihan"s handsome face. After seeing that face clearly, she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Master... Here you are..."

Just after saying a word, Bai Weiwei fell to the ground and fainted because her tight nerves suddenly relaxed.

Qin Yihan looked at Bai Weiwei on the ground. His gloomy face just now suddenly became more gloomy.


Qin Yihan walked forward and kicked a bodyguard to the ground.

Several others tried to stop him and even put hands on him. He solved it easily.

With a gloomy face, Qin Yihan took off his coat and covered Bai Weiwei, and then picked up Bai Weiwei on the ground.

"Mr. Qin -"

Liu congnan was too nervous to say. He felt that his chest seemed to be blocked, which made him unable to speak smoothly.

After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he suddenly felt unable to argue.

Is Qin Yihan really Bai Weiwei"s master?

Is Bai Weiwei really attached to Qin Yihan?

God, is he finished.

Suddenly there was a feeling of regret.

"Mr. Qin, in fact, I just asked Miss Bai to discuss some things..." I couldn"t even tell a lie.

Qin Yihan completely ignored Liu congnan, but directly took Bai Weiwei out. He didn"t say a word, but his face was as cold as an ice cellar, and his body was cold.

After getting on the bus, Qin Yihan holds Bai Weiwei, and Qin Chang drives straight to the hospital.

After Liu congnan sent the man away, his legs suddenly softened and he almost sat on the ground.

Does he still have a way to live?

He seems to have offended Qin Yihan, a man like Shura in the mall.

In the hospital, Qin Yihan rushed into the emergency room with Bai Weiwei in his arms. After giving Bai Weiwei to the doctor, Qin Yihan"s face was as terrible as it was.

"Boss, what should Liu congnan do?" Qin Chang has never seen such a nervous woman as his boss. He can feel that Miss Bai is very unusual to the boss.

Naturally, I also know that beating Miss Bai into such a person will certainly come to no good end.

"Still use me to say?" Qin Yihan looked at Qin Chang with cold eyes.

Qin Chang:!!!

"Yes, I will make Liu congnan unable to stay in the mall, and I will make everyone who hurt Miss Bai pay ten times the price!"

Qin Chang was so excited that he went to work immediately.

After Bai Weiwei"s injury was treated, she was sent to the VIP ward.

Although she was injured in many places, Bai Weiwei was lucky. There were no serious injuries. Most of them were EXTRADERMAL injuries. There were no wounds on internal organs and bones. It was not serious.

Qin Yihan sat by Bai Weiwei"s bed for a while.

Looking at Bai Weiwei on the hospital bed and whispering his master"s Bai Weiwei, he couldn"t help but frown. This face always reminded him of another woman. He knew it wasn"t that woman, but his heart, his emotions and joys were still vaguely affected.

He doesn"t like this woman, but he can"t see her hurt. He wants this woman and annoys her.

Qin Yihan stood up and left the ward.

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