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Chapter 27

"Fight, fight me hard, fight to death!" Liu congnan looked at his injured hand and tears of pain were falling.

This woman is really a fucking dog. How can it hurt so much to bite.

Bai Weiwei"s bright eyes were cold and frightening. She looked at Liu congnan like this. Even if she turned into a fierce ghost, she wouldn"t let Liu congnan go.

"What are you looking at?" Liu congnan stood up from the sofa and slapped Bai Weiwei in the face, "let you toast and don"t drink!"

Several bodyguards have begun to tear Bai Weiwei"s clothes.

Tear and pull——

The clothes on her body were torn in an instant, revealing her white shoulders.

Men have a desire to move when they see such smooth and delicate skin.

Even Liu congnan, who was injured, couldn"t help licking his dry lips. "Shit, he looks good, has a good figure and skin. People can"t help but want to have a meal."

Liu congnan squints at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei turned her head and looked at Liu congnan with frightening eyes in her eyes. Although she didn"t say a word, she subconsciously felt a strong oppression.

Liu congnan was stunned for a moment, and his outstretched subordinates consciously retracted back.

Bai Weiwei surprised him for a moment.

The girl hasn"t cried heaven and earth now. Bai Weiwei, who was originally the eldest miss of the Bai family, was very weak. She has always been held in the palm of her heart, but now she seems to have changed.

I can"t say where it has changed, but his intuition makes him feel a little counselled.

son of a gun!

Liu congnan glared at Bai Weiwei. He walked away and let his people punch and kick Bai Weiwei again.

But just then, the voice of the housekeeper came from the door.

"Who are you looking for? You can"t come in here. It"s against the law for you to come in like this. Please go out!"

"Get out of the way!" Qin yihansen"s cold voice came.

Qin Chang blocked the housekeeper directly.

In the house, Liu congnan"s face changed slightly. Who dared to break into his place? Is this to seek death?

"Go out and see who it is!" Liu congnan said to a bodyguard nearby.

Before the bodyguard walked towards the door, a long leg wearing custom-made trousers had stepped in. Qin Yihan had no expression on his face, but he had a noble spirit, and looked at Liu congnan fiercely with the domineering look of the superior.

Qin Chang followed.

The housekeeper also caught up and shouted, "who let you in? No one is allowed to break in here. This is a private house!"

Qin Yihan was just a cold look in his eyes. The housekeeper couldn"t say anything at once. He only felt a depressed breath, which made him nervous.

Liu congnan was going to swear, but after seeing Qin Yihan"s face clearly, she choked on her words.

Qin, how did Qin Yihan come here!

His identity is definitely not enough for Qin Yihan to visit.

Shouldn"t he? Is he really here for Bai Weiwei?

No, it"s impossible. How could Qin Yihan come here for a mere Bai Weiwei.

"It"s Mr. Qin. I don"t know why Mr. Qin came to visit the office?" Liu congnan hid his injured hand behind his back and greeted him with a smile. "I"m a little inconvenient here. If Mr. Qin has something to do, why don"t we talk somewhere else?"

"I"m not looking for you, I"m looking for my apprentice." Qin Yihan didn"t even look at Liu congnan. His sight had fallen on Bai Weiwei on the ground.

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