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Chapter 26

Hearing the name Qin Yihan, Liu congnan sneered, "Qin Yihan, don"t threaten me with him. I"ve investigated. You and Qin Yihan are not teachers and disciples at all. If you are Qin Yihan"s apprentice, my name is written upside down. Qin Yihan never takes an apprentice! Although I don"t know how much benefit you gave him to help you on the day of the board meeting, when did he come to the company to help you after that day?"

"Although he didn"t come to the company, his assistant has been helping me!" Bai Weiwei looked at Liu congnan, "you should know the consequences of offending Qin Yihan!"

Liu congnan sneered and disapproved.

"Assistant? I think Qin Yihan has a new assistant around him. That assistant should have resigned from Qin Yihan, so he was hired by you. Who do you really think of yourself? Qin Yihan is your master. Dream of it!"

Bai Weiwei gnashes her teeth and looks at Liu congnan in front of her.

"Sign her." Liu congnan ordered a bodyguard around him.

The bodyguard picked up the pen and paper, went to Bai Weiwei and motioned for Bai Weiwei to sign.

"I won"t sign it." Bai Weiwei didn"t even look at the two agreements.

She said that she would not let her shares out. This is something left by her parents. She would never give it to others so easily!

"Don"t you sign? Don"t blame me for being rude!" At Liu congnan"s command, Bai Weiwei was dragged in front of him by the bodyguard, and then his dirty hand touched Bai Weiwei"s cheek, "Yo, this skin is really delicate and can be broken by blowing bullets. It doesn"t waste my day and night."

While talking, Liu congnan generally stretched out her hand to tear Bai Weiwei"s clothes.

"Let go of me!" Bai Weiwei panicked.

The calm just now was completely gone.

Liu congnan"s fat hand like a pig"s hoof touched her chest and was caught. Bai Weiwei had nothing to do.

She suddenly rushed to the front and bit Liu congnan"s fat pig hand.

She worked hard and felt her teeth bite into each other"s flesh, but she didn"t mean to loosen it at all.

"Ah!" Liu congnan uttered a painful cry. He frantically wanted to retract his hand, but Bai Weiwei bit him desperately with blood, but he couldn"t pull it out.

The pain in the hand became more and more intense.

Liu congnan kicked Bai Weiwei hard.

Bai Weiwei was kicked to the ground.

Looking at his injured hand, Liu congnan"s face turned white. His hand trembled because of pain. In an instant, there was no mood to sleep. The woman said, "fight, fight me to death! After playing, turn her again and take a video to stay. If she still refuses to sign, release the video frequency and let people see how she looks like being manipulated by men!"

After saying that, Liu congnan still didn"t breathe. He stood up and kicked Bai Weiwei"s abdomen.

Bai Weiwei"s painful face turned white, and bean"s sweat soaked her clothes on her back.

"Bitch, dare you bite me? Is it a dog?" Liu congnan looked at his bleeding hand and got worried. "Don"t give me the medicine box quickly. Do you want to play rabies vaccine? Damn it, it hurts me!"

Several bodyguards around began to punch and kick Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei was immediately beaten and covered with injuries. Bursts of pain in the wound made her unable to endure. She just sent out bursts of dull hum and looked at Liu congnan.

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