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Chapter 24

Bai Weiwei managed to grab the phone and turn it on. She got through Qin Yihan"s phone, but she shouted a word. There was no time to say anything else, and the phone had been robbed.

Several men in black smashed her cell phone.

Then she was dragged into a car by several men. In the face of so many powerful men, she had no ability to resist.

"Who the hell are you and where are you taking me?" Tied up and pulled into the car, Bai Weiwei tried to keep calm and wanted to ask for more information.

But no man paid attention to her.

A man in a black suit was driving in front. The co pilot sat a man in a black suit. She sat in the back seat. They also had a man watching her.

The car is driving on the road.

Bai Weiwei was a little nervous, but there was nowhere to escape.

After thinking about it, she felt that the person who kidnapped her was probably from her own company. She was dissatisfied that she controlled the whole Baixia group, so she kidnapped herself directly.

I"m afraid I want to threaten myself and let Baixia group out.

"Are you from the company?" Bai Weiwei looks at a man on her side.

She was just glad that it was not the hooligans in the society who came to kidnap her. If it was the hooligans in the society, her situation would be even worse.

The other party didn"t answer himself. He seemed very professional and quiet all the way.

Soon, the car drove into a suburban villa.

As soon as the car arrived at its destination, Bai Weiwei immediately knew who she was kidnapped.

Liu congnan, a major shareholder of the company, kidnapped her.

Liu congnan seems to have a good relationship with song Xiao. She has never been a noisy person. How could she suddenly think of kidnapping her.

Bai Weiwei"s face changed slightly.

It"s not a good thing to be kidnapped. Liu congnan doesn"t know how to threaten himself. Is he going to kill himself?

Here, Bai Weiwei was brought into the living room with her heart.

Over there, Qin Yihan heard Bai Weiwei"s call for help, but he couldn"t get through.

Obviously, the phone has been destroyed, and judging from the sound just heard, Bai Weiwei is afraid to have been kidnapped.

Something happened to her!

The heart contracted violently. Qin Yihan"s face suddenly changed. Who dares to kidnap her?

Picked up the phone and called Qin Chang, "Bai Weiwei was kidnapped."


Qin Chang at the other end of the phone was originally talking to his friend karaoke. As soon as he received the phone, he grabbed his coat and rushed out of the KTV.

"In ten minutes, I want to know who kidnapped her and where she is now." Qin Yihan ordered in a cold voice on the phone.

Bai Weiwei"s kidnapping was a dereliction of duty by Qin Chang.

Qin Chang knew that he had touched the boss"s scale again and secretly regretted it.

He and Miss Bai have been taking things lightly in the company these days.

If anything happens to Miss Bai, he suspects that her boss will kill him directly.

no way!

Find someone quickly.

If no one is found, he may be killed.

The boss of his family seems to care about Bai Weiwei. He is very special to Bai Weiwei. He is the most powerful assistant of the boss. The boss will never lend him to anyone.

"L, help me investigate the monitoring of the section of flower street around 9 o"clock." Qin Chang took the phone and said, "find it for me in five minutes. Speed up, boss ordered!"

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