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Chapter 21

Really good at pretending.

Bai Weiwei sneered from the bottom of her heart. Why didn"t she find out that song Xiao was such a good pretender.

Entering song Xiao"s office, Bai Weiwei looked directly at Song Xiao, "Uncle song, please call me chairman of the board, and I will call you general manager. I came to general manager song to handle the handover. In the afternoon, please send some necessary things to my office."

Song Xiao still smiled, but a cold light flashed in his eyes, "Chairman, I"ll deal with these things. I"m afraid the chairman doesn"t understand."

"It"s all right. I"ll consult general manager song if I don"t understand." After Bai Weiwei finished, she turned around.

After walking for several minutes, she was a little far from the general manager"s office.

She actually had stage fright, but she summoned up the courage to let herself finish these words.

"How am I doing?" Bai Weiwei turns to look at Qin Chang.

Qin Chang nodded, "Miss Bai did a good job."

With the encouragement of Qin Chang, Bai Weiwei is full of confidence.

At noon, Bai Weiwei went out to dinner with Qin Chang. After all, Qin Chang has been with Qin Yihan for a long time, so he knows a lot about Qin Yihan"s business. During dinner, Qin Chang also taught Bai Weiwei something.

Bai Weiwei studied very seriously.

When I returned to the company in the afternoon, the chairman"s office was still the same. Obviously, the secretaries did not pay attention to her people and listened to her words.

"Fired." Qin Chang gave Bai Weiwei"s opinion.

"Fired?" Bai Weiwei was stunned. After all, they are all old employees of the company. If she said she would be dismissed, would it cause dissatisfaction among the people in the company.

"Miss Bai, do things neatly. There is no such thing as emotion in the mall." Qin reminded, "also, I can do this. From today on, I"m your assistant. You can ask me to do anything. You don"t need to come forward. You just need to sit in the office."

Bai Weiwei nodded. Qin Chang is Qin Yihan"s assistant. She believes him.

Since Qin Chang said so, it must be right.

Then, Mr. Qin went to the Secretary"s room. In the Secretary"s room, a kind of secretary was chatting with melon seeds. After the old chairman died, they were particularly relaxed and free. Anyway, no one had the leisure to bother them.

As for Bai Weiwei"s words, they like to listen.

"Look, she can"t stir up any waves."

"Let"s do something. She"s not qualified!"


When Qin Chang came in, a group of people were disdaining Bai Weiwei.

"You"re all fired." Qin Chang stood at the door and said coldly, "now you can settle your salary and leave."

"What?" A female secretary looked at Mr. Qin in surprise, "whose order did you fire us? The hundred young lady? I"m afraid she is not qualified to fire us?"

"Yes, she doesn"t even control the company. She"s not qualified to fire us!"

"No, we were fired. Can Baixia group recruit a secretary? She dares to fire us?"

"There"s nothing to be afraid of." Qin Chang looked coldly at the people in front of him, "I"m officially telling you that you"ve been dismissed. Pack up and leave today. It"s none of your business whether Baixia group can recruit a secretary or not. You can choose whether you go by yourself or let the security room drive you away. If you haven"t left in an hour, the security room will help you move things!"

Qin Chang didn"t say much. After a simple explanation, he turned around and left a determined figure, domineering.

Later, Qin made another phone call to inform the personnel department, the finance department and the security room.

Although the person in charge of each department seems reluctant, how can Qin Chang have the means? His boss is a business genius Qin Yihan. It"s easy for him to let everyone listen to him.

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