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Chapter 2

"Qin Yihan?" Bai Weiwei was stunned.

Of course, she knows who Qin Yihan is. In S City, everyone knows Qin Yihan.

Young and promising, handsome and handsome. He has been a business genius since childhood. He has great talent in doing business. There are almost nothing he can"t do in the mall. He is also the successor of the Qin family and the eldest young master of the Qin family.

She often appeared in business magazines, and she used to like him very much.

Indeed, uncle Tang is right. Baixia group is also a big enterprise. I"m afraid uncle Tang doesn"t have the ability to save Baixia group, and no one else has the ability to save Baixia group, except Qin Yihan.

Qin Yihan once did a global sensation. He spent three months teaching an inexperienced young master to master his own company and run the company vividly. That company was facing bankruptcy, but until now, the company is still running very well.

Her situation is very similar to that of Da Shao. I"m afraid only Qin Yihan can help herself.

"Lele, stop talking, I"ll go first!"

"What are you doing? You won"t really go to Qin Yihan? That man is terrible. It"s said that you have to pay a price to ask him for help, and he may not be able to help!" Tang Lele looked at Bai Weiwei who picked up her bag and ran away.

"I have no other way. As long as it is possible, I have to try."

Bai Weiwei turned and ran away.

She ran a few steps and turned back to Tang Lele, "Lele..."

"Where is Qin Yihan, isn"t he?" Tang Lele shrugged and said reluctantly, "as for him, he will stay in Yuyuan Hotel tonight. He should be talking about business with people during the day. It"s not early now. It should be just right for you to block him in that hotel."


Bai Weiwei turned and ran away.

When she arrived at the hotel, it was getting dark. Bai Weiwei heard about Qin Yihan"s room and waited directly at the door of the room.

She waited for a long time until she was almost asleep. She sat at the door of the room and dozed off. She suddenly looked up and found a pair of long legs in front of her. She looked up. Qin Yihan"s evil face was staring at her.

Seeing Qin Yihan, she didn"t have time to say anything. As soon as she was nervous, Bai Weiwei hugged Qin Yihan"s leg.

"What are you doing!" Qin Yihan frowned and took a step back. His eyes looked coldly at Bai Weiwei squatting on the ground.

When he saw Bai Weiwei"s face clearly, he was suddenly stunned and the whole person was in a trance for several times.

"Gu Qingya -"

Qin Yihan suddenly pulls Bai Weiwei up, but when Bai Weiwei"s face approaches, he realizes that the person in front of him is not Gu Qingya at all, but is very similar to Gu Qingya.

How could Gu Qingya appear in front of him? She had already run away after using him!

"Qin Yihan, I want to ask you a favor." Bai Weiwei didn"t realize Qin Yihan"s gaffe and said directly.

"Not interested." Qin Yihan bypasses Bai Weiwei, directly opens the door and enters the room.

At the moment when Qin Yihan was about to close the door, Bai Weiwei butted the door and directly entered Qin Yihan"s room. She sincerely looked at Qin Yihan, "please help me, as long as you can help me get back my father"s company and let me do anything!"

Qin Yihan looks at Bai Weiwei. That face is very beautiful, but it is the face he hates very much.

He looks like Gu Qingya. It makes him a little trance. This woman he loves and hates

"Do everything?" Qin Yihan looked at Bai Weiwei coldly, "what about me? Be my bed companion on call and let me play?"

Bai Weiwei was stunned. Unexpectedly, Qin Yihan would put forward such a bad request.

Qin Yihan sneered at the corners of his mouth, "don"t you want to? If you don"t want to, please go away."

Bai Weiwei looked at Qin Yihan, "can you change other ways?"

"No!" Qin Yihan said coldly, "either get out or start the contract now and be my bed companion tonight!"

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