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Chapter 19

The next morning, Bai Weiwei got up and went to the mall.

Qin Yihan said that if she wants to wear high heels and change her dress to go to the company, she needs to show her arrogance and show an aura that can suppress others.

Even if there is no such content in her bones, she should show an invincible appearance.

She watched some TV yesterday and studied the dress of some strong women.

Therefore, she went to make a look, and also bought several suits and suits. Of course, there are some luxury brands that are more suitable for the workplace.

She is no longer the wayward young lady she used to be.

She wants to come back strong.

Bai Weiwei is a little transparent.

Although she didn"t like learning before, her head was still smart, so she remembered everything Qin Yihan said to her.

She knows what to do.

When choosing shoes, Bai Weiwei chose several pairs of shoes with high and thin heels. She can wear high heels, so it"s easy to wear high and thin heels.

Bai Weiwei wore a bright red dress, short, which looked very nice and domineering. She stepped on a pair of thin and high heels.

Just look in the mirror and you can see her domineering all over.

When a new official takes office, she wants to wear red clothes. She goes to the company to set off three fires to sober this group of people.

Back home, Qin Chang was already waiting downstairs.

"Miss Bai, from today on, I will be your assistant. You can ask me what you don"t understand. If you need anything, you can let me do it. Basically, you can do anything?" Qin Chang smiled and said.

He is the most proud and capable special help around Qin Yihan. Because of the abnormal requirements of Qin Yihan all year round, he has trained his omnipotent skills.

"Then please." Bai Weiwei nodded at Qin Chang.

They set off for the company.

Qin Chang told Bai Weiwei in the car that she needed some private bodyguards and drivers. It"s not good for a chairman to have no pomp, and decency is also very important.

Bai Weiwei keeps everything in mind.

Although she had already made preparations, Bai Weiwei was embarrassed by the company"s people on the first day.

When the front desk saw her, she didn"t say hello to her. Even the cleaning aunt didn"t look at her.

Most of the senior executives in the company took leave. Even those who came to the company didn"t take her seriously.

When Qin Yihan was around, she was full of confidence, but Qin Yihan was gone. In the eyes of these people, she was nothing.

Even with assistant director Qin, no one took her in the eye.

Bai Weiwei has some bad taste.

But she still kept up her spirits, "you guys, help me tidy up the chairman"s office, change the table to white, change the chairs, and these --"

Bai Weiwei entered the chairman"s office and straightened out the place where she wanted to work at the first time.

Originally, her father"s secretary and assistant looked at her cynically. They seemed to turn a deaf ear to her words.

"Does she really think she can support a company?"

"In the past, when the chairman was there, I didn"t see her come to the company and do anything. Now that the chairman is dead, she took over very quickly. I think once she takes over, the company will go bankrupt in a few days!"

"Yes, I can"t do anything. I don"t know what to do!"

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