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Chapter 18

"OK, thank you." Bai Weiwei bowed her head and said thank you all the time.

When the porridge came up, she buried herself in it.

Qin Yihan told her some precautions to make her not look so weak in the company. As for wearing, she should also learn to pass on some clothes that look more capable. The black clothes give people a stronger feeling.

"High heels are a woman"s weapon. When you go to the company in casual clothes and flat shoes, you will naturally be looked down upon. You don"t look like a strong woman in your bones. At least you make yourself look like a strong woman, and your appearance can scare people first." Qin Yihan constantly points out Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei listened very carefully while drinking porridge.

"I remember everything. I"ll buy the right clothes tomorrow." Bai Weiwei said.

Qin Yihan nodded.

"Well, I don"t know much about things in my company. What should I do if I go to the company tomorrow?" Bai Weiwei looks at Qin Yi and asks for help.

She really doesn"t understand anything, just like an idiot.

She doesn"t know what to do when she enters the company.

"Tidy up your chairman"s office. You need to deal with things in the company like this. I"ll let my assistant follow you. He knows what to do. Just listen to him." Qin Yihan said, "during this period, my assistant lent it to you. He will manage the company for you."

"Yes." Bai Weiwei nodded.

After having porridge, she plans to leave.

Qin Yihan didn"t stop her, but let her leave, just let the driver give her a ride.

Back home, Bai Weiwei held her hot cheeks, and the whole person was confused.

Facing Qin Yihan, she suddenly had a kind of worship and a feeling of heart.

His strong, calm appearance attracted her deeply. Although she only touched him a few times, she felt her heart beating.

After living for so many years, no man has ever made her feel like this.

Only Qin Yihan.

Although she was his bed companion and Qin Yihan said not to be emotional with him, she felt her heart.

I don"t know whether to be happy or sad about such a situation. Bai Weiwei sighed. It"s not the time for her to think about it. The most important thing for her now is for the company. The company hasn"t been fully controlled in her own hands, and she hasn"t been able to practice a little, so she can"t take it lightly.

However, with Qin Yihan as a backer, she felt a lot more secure and didn"t have so much fear.

She knew that no matter what it was, Qin Yihan could handle it.

He"s great. He"s really a genius.

Bai Weiwei was not idle when she got home. She began to enter the study and read the books left by her father. Many of them were taken by her father.

Seeing these things, Bai Weiwei reddened her eyes.

"Dad, mom, how can you just leave me like this? Weiwei misses you so much."

Bai Weiwei stroked the book in her hand.

She really misses her parents, her father"s sincere words to her, and her mother"s cooking for her.

Miss their kindness to themselves.

Without these two closest people, she is now rebellious.

Relatives ignored her, and all the uncles and uncles in the company just wanted to rob her company.

"Mom and Dad, it"s okay. I found someone to help me. Qin Yihan, you know, he"s very powerful. He"s not so bad. I think he"s very good. He"ll help me deal with the company." Bai Weiwei wiped away her tears and murmured.

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