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Chapter 16

Shangguanchen checked Bai Weiwei"s body, and then looked at Qin Yihan. "It"s not convenient for me to check. Take a look. Does she have a tear on her lower body? Do you take others as Gu Qingya, so it"s too much?"

Shangguanchen went out to avoid it.

Qin Yihan opened Qiao Enron"s quilt. He found that there was blood on Qiao Enron"s pants.

She was obviously badly injured in the lower body.

Look carefully, there is still some inflammation. No wonder she has a high fever.

Seeing those terrible wounds in the pink and tender place, Qin Yihan"s heart was touched.

After all, she is a girl without personnel. He made her like this.

Bai Weiwei was in a trance. When she opened her eyes, she felt cool. Only then did she find that the quilt had been opened, and Qin Yihan was looking at the place below her.

"You, what are you doing!" Bai Weiwei"s cheeks were red and her heart was pounding at Qin Yihan.

She wanted to shrink her legs up and clamp them so that Qin Yihan wouldn"t see them, but she found that she didn"t have any strength.

He was so sour and soft that he couldn"t move at all.

"Me, what"s the matter with me?" Bai Weiwei tried to get up, but she propped herself into the bed, moved, and suddenly fell on the bed. She couldn"t make any effort at all.

"You have a fever." Qin Yihan frowns at Bai Weiwei.

"This, where is this?" Bai Weiwei looks around and doesn"t know the house at all.

"My house." Qin Yihan said, "lie down and I"ll ask the doctor to prescribe some medicine for you."

Bai Weiwei wants to go home, but she finds that she can"t get up at all. There"s nothing she can do to go home.

Qin Yihan left a maid in the room, and then went to tell Guan Chen about Bai Weiwei.

"It"s torn and inflamed again. Other girls haven"t provoked you. Yi Han, I know you can"t forget Qingya, but this girl is not Gu Qingya. You can"t confuse the two. What she just said in her dream is true. She sold her body to you in order to keep the company left by her parents?" Shangguanchen frowned at Qin Yihan.

I was still in the mood to joke with him, but now I"m not in any mood.

After all, a girl is very poor.

"You don"t have to worry about it." Qin Yihan said coldly, "you love me. I"ll help her. She naturally has to pay the price."

"..." Shangguan Chen sighed, "you can react to her, and you won"t be disgusted if you touch her?"

Qin Yihan shook his head.

He couldn"t accept other women as long as it wasn"t Gu Qingya. Every time he took the last step, he could drive those women away, but Bai Weiwei didn"t.

On the contrary, when facing Bai Weiwei, he will have a big desire and keep trying to eat her.

"You... Just because she looks like Gu Qingya? You"ll get deeper and deeper. After all, people are not Gu Qingya. Besides, it"s not the first time they"ve been hurt by you?" Shangguan Chen sighed.

"How to treat." Qin Yihan didn"t want to mention Gu Qingya, which made his face gloomy for a moment.

At the thought of Gu Qingya, he was agitated.

"I"ll give you some medicine for external application and internal administration. Also, remember to clean her body. After you finish cleaning someone, you can just throw him in bed. It won"t even wash him." Shangguanchen was helpless.

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