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Chapter 1580

After Ling Yebai came back, he handled many things that Qin Yihan didn"t finish. With the help of Qin Chang, he handled everything very well.

Qin Yihan"s heart is also perfectly integrated with his body.

Sometimes he can feel what Qin Yihan"s heart is thinking. Their souls seem to be perfectly integrated.

The love of two people poured into Bai Weiwei and the two children.

Although the children have lost their biological father, Ling Yebai, the godfather, wants to make the children feel like their own father and treat them so well.

Bai Weiwei is getting more and more popular in the entertainment industry.

Many people say that she is the forever movie queen. She is the movie queen who will not change for decades and centuries in everyone"s mind.

One year later.

Ling Yebai proposes to Bai Weiwei again.

This proposal is very simple. A diamond ring and a kneeling are at home. There is no gorgeous scene and nothing else. There is only the support of two small milk bags.

Bai Weiwei accepted.

She smiled and accepted the diamond ring. Then she asked, "when will you get married? Will you be the runaway groom at the wedding? If you run away again, I won"t accept it!"

"Of course not. I won"t run away all my life. I will only hold your hand tightly. Even if you want to run away, I won"t let you run away again!"

Ling Yebai is very affectionate, and there is incomparable firmness under his handsome beauty face.

The wedding was held three months later.

This wedding is more grand than the last one. There are friends of Ling Yebai and Bai Weiwei and friends of Qin Yihan.

They included Qin Yihan"s guests, just as Qin Yihan was also at the wedding.

Ling Yebai said that Qin Yihan was always there. He loved Bai Weiwei and the children with him.

Bai Weiwei was moved.

Their wedding became the hottest topic at that time.

The groom once ran away, so many people are wondering whether the groom will run away this time.

Of course, the groom did not escape. The wedding was held smoothly, and the groom and bride made the most beautiful oath.

With everyone"s blessing, they completed the ceremony.

The wedding was perfect.

Bai Weiwei is very happy, surrounded by an unprecedented sense of happiness.

With my beloved man and lovely children, life has been satisfied.

After their wedding, Tang Lele and Qin Chang also held a wedding, and even Du Shou also held a wedding with his boyfriend.

Although Du Shou"s wedding is the wedding of two boys, it is also enviable.

The love of a group of people has scratched a perfect period.

A few months later, Bai Weiwei and Tang Lele were almost pregnant at the same time.

This time, Bai Weiwei was pregnant with a pair of triplets. Ling Yebai put down all her work and accompanied her. She was afraid that she was in danger, so she took good care of her.

Therefore, after full-term, the triplet viviparity of Bai Weiwei is very smooth.

All at once, three gold coins were added.

A family of four turned into a family of seven. It was very lively, but it was also very happy.

Ling Yebai dotes on Bai Weiwei and the children. He takes good care of everyone. The family is as beautiful as living in a fairy tale.

Everything went well after that, and Bai Weiwei was still the praiseworthy film queen.

Ling Yebai is still the extremely domineering boss Ling.

And the children are more handsome than one, carved with powder and jade, which has won the love of the world.

Although he is young, he has already captured countless fans.

This family, hard work and happiness, is perfect to the extreme.

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