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Chapter 1579

Shen demon Yue doesn"t look good. Before she reacts, two cute treasures have rushed towards Bai Weiwei and hugged Bai Weiwei all at once.

"Mommy, we have finally come back to you!"

"It"s better for Mommy. We miss you so much!"

"I"m sorry, Ruirui, youyou. It"s Mommy"s bad that makes you afraid. Mommy is not willing to let you leave mommy at all. Mommy always wants you to be with mommy."

Bai Weiwei rubbed the heads of two small milk bags, squatted down and hugged the two children into her arms, and then rubbed her cheeks, desperately satisfied.

Shen demon month got the image left by Qin Yihan and didn"t stick to the children anymore.

The reporters also photographed what they wanted to shoot, and the whole Qin family mansion was quiet.

"That"s great. It"s fair to go back to the children." Tang Lele stretched out and retracted into Qin Chang"s arms. Jiao said angrily, "why did you come back so long? Do you know I"m worried? I don"t even have anyone to make up my mind!"

"Sorry, I"m waiting for boss Ling." Qin Chang smiled.

He is waiting for the heart of boss to merge with boss Ling. Now boss Ling and boss have become one, and boss is alive in another way.

They"ll take care of vivi.

A group of people soon left the Qin family.

Bai Weiwei took the children and stared at Ling Yebai all the way.

"You -- how are you?"

It took a long time to ask such a sentence.

"Nothing." Ling Yebai said with a smile, "Weiwei, nice to see you again. I"m really sorry about my marriage. I suddenly left."

"Forget it, I don"t care about that anymore. Just come back. As long as you come back safely, what else is it?"

Bai Weiwei sighed, just live.

She thought before that she would not blame boss Ling. As long as people can come back safely, everything is not important.

"I"m sorry, vivi. It makes you so worried." Ling Yebai looks at Bai Weiwei affectionately and feels distressed. Bai Weiwei feels distressed. He can feel it. His heart also feels distressed, contracting pain after pain.

Back home, Ling Yebai tells Bai Weiwei about her experience.

He also frankly told Bai Weiwei that his heart was Qin Yihan"s. he almost died. Qin Yihan saved him with his heart.

Qin Yihan didn"t want him to say this, but he knew it couldn"t be concealed. He might as well tell Weiwei first.

Weiwei broke into tears when she heard about it.

Tang Lele was also moved and cried.

No wonder Qin Yihan said he would go abroad for treatment. He didn"t go for treatment, but donated his heart.

Qin Yihan is really good.

"Weiwei, let me take care of your mother and son in the future. I will try my best to protect you and take good care of you. I won"t let you get hurt and suffer again!"

Ling Yebai looked at Bai Weiwei affectionately and said.

Bai Weiwei reached out to touch the position of Ling Yebai"s heart. She looked at Ling Yebai and couldn"t stop her tears. She was moved and distressed.

I love Ling Yebai and Qin Yihan.

"Don"t cry, everything will be all right."

Ling Yebai wiped her tears for Bai Weiwei.

"Well, I wish you were back. He"s back, too. I can feel it."

Ling Yebai hugged Bai Weiwei into his arms, and they hugged each other for a long time.

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