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Chapter 1578

She looked vaguely at the door, and then saw a slender man in a navy blue suit.

He seems thin, but he looks energetic, still so evil and domineering, still so good-looking and charming.

"Boss Ling!"

Some reporters recognized Ling Yebai and were surprised to turn the camera to Ling Yebai.

Everyone looked at Ling Yebai with deep surprise in their eyes.

"Boss Ling has been missing for so long and has finally come back!"

"So why did Ling run away at the wedding? Why didn"t the wedding continue, but now he suddenly came back?"

"Boss Ling, what"s the matter with you?"

"Did you come back to help Bai Weiwei? Do you still love this woman? If you do, what is your escape from marriage?"

Everyone looked at Ling Yebai curiously.

Ling Yebai didn"t hurry to answer the reporters, but first walked towards Bai Weiwei. He took out a handkerchief to wipe Bai Weiwei"s tears, and then turned back to the reporters, "Can we explain the escape later? It seems that the children"s affairs are more important now. I"m here to convey Qin Yihan"s last words. His will is in the hands of the lawyers behind. The lawyers will tell you everything. You can listen if you are interested."

The reporters were in an uproar, and even the police and others were surprised.

The reporter on Shen yaoyue"s side was stunned.

Ling ye brought a group of reporters, one by one, who looked very overbearing. Led by Qin Chang, the reporters followed them in.

"Well, please don"t dance with knives and guns. Everyone sit down or stand quietly first. Let me read out the will left by Qin Shao."

A lawyer cleared his throat.

A group of people are looking at the lawyer.

Everyone was nervous and eager to know what the lawyer was going to say.

Shen demon Yue"s face is not very good-looking. She is worried that Yihan"s will will will do no good to herself. She knows too much about this son.

The lawyer began to read out the will. The first important thing, of course, was that the children were to be raised by Bai Weiwei.

Then there is the division of property and so on.

Qin Yihan left most of his property to Bai Weiwei and her two children, and a small part to his mother and family. And his own company was taken care of by Mr. Qin

Qin Yihan has a lot of money, a lot of luxury houses and a lot of property. He has divided all his property.

When the lawyer read these things, everyone was in an uproar.

I"m surprised.

I thought Bai Weiwei was not Qin Yihan"s wife and would get very few things, but I didn"t expect that Qin Yihan left so many things for her.

Although it was said to be for the children, it was handed over to Bai Weiwei.

So how Bai Weiwei spends next is Bai Weiwei"s business, so it"s no different from leaving it to Bai Weiwei.

"That"s all. I"m sure everyone knows. Next, we"ll invite the people who get the inheritance to sign."

The lawyer began to take out the documents and let the people present sign one by one.

Bai Weiwei is still in shock, but she is also relieved. After all, she knows that Qin Yihan left the children to herself, so that she can safely take the children away.

Shen demon moon has no chance to keep the children by her side.

"Mrs. Qin, please return the children to miss Weiwei." A lawyer said to Shen yaoyue, "here is a video left by your son. I"ll give it to you. See it for yourself."

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