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Chapter 1577

When the scene was very chaotic, a group of media, police and lawyers appeared almost at the same time.

The police kept order and the reporters began to shoot wildly.

"What is this?"

"So did the movie queen Bai Weiwei rob her children? Does she really want to take her children away? Don"t let the children recognize this grandmother?"

"After Qin Shao died, did the film queen go too far? Did she take away the old man"s sustenance so that the old man could not live?"

"I heard that Qin Shao"s will also said that the children were raised by their parents, so did Bai Weiwei ignore the will?"

"Yes, the lawyers are here too. Why don"t you ask the lawyers how to write their will?"

The reporters began to take photos and ask questions.

Tang Lele immediately said, "Shen demon Yue doesn"t have a will at all. Qin Shao didn"t tell her his last words. Moreover, Qin Shao asked me to take good care of the children and Weiwei before he died. It"s not Weiwei"s idea for us to rob the children. It"s our idea."

"Yes, it"s our idea! Don"t you shoot me? I"m Du Shou!"

Du Shou looks at a group of reporters. He is a big star and can control the situation in front of reporters.

"Du Shou? It"s really Du Shou! Why are you involved in this matter?"

"Of course it"s for us, Weiwei!"

"You Weiwei? Call it that. Do you mean you"re with Bai Weiwei? It sounds like a very unusual relationship!"

"You idiot, the whole world knows I"m gay. How can I get together with Weiwei? We"re good friends!"

Du Shou turned his eyes and, in a word, attracted all the eyes of the media.

Bai Weiwei looked at her two children and was distressed that they had to go through these things when they were so young.

Bai Weiwei looked at Shen yaoyue and said, "I think you know in your heart whether Yihan left a will for who to raise the child. Since you know in your heart, why do you do these things?"

"If you leave the children to me, we can still get along well, can"t we?"

Bai Weiwei stares at Shen yaoyue and says.

Shen demon Yue said coldly, "the children are mine. I won"t give them to you!"


Both small milk bags wanted to rush towards their own Mommy, but they were severely dragged by Shen demon moon. Children"s strength is naturally not as strong as adults, so naturally there is no way to rush to their mommy.

"Mommy, we"re going back to you!"

"Mommy, take us away!"

The two cute babies were very eager to say that they were worried that Mommy would go again, and then they couldn"t see mommy for a month!

"She won"t take you away. She can"t take you away!" Shen demon Moon said to the two little cute treasures, "remember that you are mine. You will live with my grandmother in the future. Don"t think your mommy can take you away!"

Shen demon Yue is a little angry. She doesn"t want two little cute treasures to leave with Bai Weiwei at all.

"They are not yours."

Just when Shen demon Yue was very angry, a cold voice suddenly came from the door.

The voice was cold, overbearing and familiar.

Bai Weiwei just heard the sound and burst into tears.

It"s night white!

Yebai finally appeared. After so long, Yebai finally came back!

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