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Chapter 15

Bai Weiwei slept in the guest room all day and night, and then began to have a fever.

After the maid found that Bai Weiwei had a fever and was unconscious, she had to inform Qin Yihan who was busy.

After all, this is the first woman brought back by Qin Shao. No one knows where this woman is in Qin Shao"s heart and dare not let her have any problems.

Qin Yihan was in the company. When he heard the phone, he frowned, "she hasn"t left yet?"

He thought she had left in the morning.

"Young master, this young lady has been in a coma all the time. Now she suddenly has a high fever. What should we do? Should the Shangguan doctor come and have a look?" The maid said nervously on the phone, "the young lady looks very bad!"

"Call shangguanchen and I"ll come back now." Qin Yihan hung up.

Originally, he wanted shangguanchen to have a look. There was a maid at home. Qin Yihan, who didn"t plan to go back, blurted out that he wanted to go back. He was also inexplicably worried.

Maybe it"s because this woman looks too much like Gu Qingya.

Qin Yihan thought angrily.

Picked up his coat, Qin Yihan rushed back home. He arrived with Guan Chen at the same time, and they got off the car at the same time.

"Yi Han, what woman did you find? You haven"t brought a woman home for a long time. Are you serious this time?" Shangguan Chen looked at Qin Yihan with a smile, "why do you have a fever? You look nervous. You won"t really play seriously? Who, which young lady has entered your eyes?"

"A purely cooperative relationship." Qin Yihan glanced at shangguanchen coldly, "shut your mouth and don"t guess!"

"Cooperative relationship, can you cooperate at home, cooperative relationship in bed?" Shangguanchen said as he walked, "I want to see which goblins can seduce you!"

Qin Yihan didn"t speak. As soon as he entered the door, he asked the maid how she was.

"We"ve been suffering from a high fever. We can"t help it. Anti fever drugs are useless." The maid was so nervous that she was about to cry.

"Did you toss people around?" Shangguanchen glanced at Qin Yihan.

"Don"t talk nonsense. Go to see people first." Qin Yihan looked anxious.

Shangguanchen didn"t joke anymore. He entered the guest room and took a look at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei lay vaguely in bed. She whispered in her sleep, "Dad, mom, I will protect the company. Even if I exchange my body, I will protect it, no matter what price I pay..."

When shangguanchen saw Bai Weiwei, he looked at Qin Yihan like lightning.

"Gu... Elegant?" Shangguan Chen murmured three words. For a long time, he shook his head again, "no, it"s not her... But it"s too similar, isn"t it?"

"What"s going on?" Qin Yihan asked coldly.

Shangguanchen was shocked. He knew who Gu Qingya was and the past of Gu Qingya and Qin Yihan.

As like as two peas, the woman is just like the same as the twins. No matter how cold they are, they are similar to the twins. No, they are similar to twins.

He understood why Qin Yihan took the woman home.

Except Gu Qingya, no other woman has ever come to this house. Even Qin Shao is a famous playboy, he will never bring any woman here.

Even outside, his pseudonym is widely known. In fact, he doesn"t touch women very much. Every time a woman wants to touch him, he will shut him out.

Probably because of this, he has a moody rumor.

In fact, he has no feelings for other women except Gu Qingya. He only feels sick.

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