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Chapter 12

Everyone soon arrived.

Because of the appearance of Qin Yihan, many people dare not say a word more. They are more or less afraid of Qin Yihan. With Qin Yihan"s strength, the collapse of Baixia group is just a blink of an eye, and no one dares to offend him.

Song Xiao naturally winked and gave way immediately.

"Sit down." Qin Yihan motioned Bai Weiwei to sit in the chair.

Originally, Bai Weiwei wanted to give up her position to Qin Yihan, but she soon understood Qin Yihan"s intention. Qin Yihan wanted everyone to obey her.

She sat down in the chair.

"Next, I will speak on behalf of Miss Bai." Qin Yihan stood on Bai Weiwei"s side and looked at everyone in front of him with his hands on the edge of the table.

"Excuse me, what qualifications does Qin Shao have to speak for Miss Bai?"

"Sorry, we don"t welcome Qin Shao here."

"Whether you are welcome or not, I am also one of the shareholders, and I am the shareholder holding the most shares. You have no reason to drive me away." Qin Yihan"s eyes are condensed. His eyes and momentum are enough to oppress people. They feel almost suffocated.

All of us here dare not say a word of objection loudly.

"Let me show you something good first." Qin Yihan glanced at his assistant.

Several assistants in black suits began to distribute copies to everyone.

A group of people opened the book and suddenly their faces became ugly. All of them looked like earth, which was very incredible.

"You, you"re making a threat!"

"Qin Shao, you"ve gone too far!"

"You dig our bottom!"

All the people stood up angrily.

"Gentlemen, this is also one of the means. Your control is now in my hand. If you want to go or stay, whatever you want." Qin Yihan said coldly.

The shareholders and the directors all sat down again.

But this time, all the people looked very ugly and pale, and no one dared to speak.

All their handles, including keeping mistresses, looking for Junior Girls, and losing companies, have been clearly dug out. If they want to spread them, they don"t have to be human at all.

Qin Yihan said nothing to these people in a few words.

"Let me talk about the arrangement of the next company." Qin Yihan said coldly to a group of people, "Miss Bai will take over the chairman. I don"t know if you have any opinions."

"Can we have an opinion? It"s all in your hands!" Someone said discontentedly.

"In that case, I"ll take it as if you have no opinion. I hope you can help Miss Bai well. I"ll help Miss Bai supervise for a period of time before Miss Bai officially has the ability to control the company. If you have any problems, you can find Miss Bai or me. Here"s my business card. Oh, by the way, Miss Bai will be my apprentice. I don"t know After she becomes my apprentice, do you still think she has no ability to lead this company? " Qin Yihan was not aggressive, but the strength revealed from his bones made everyone speechless.

Bai Weiwei became Qin Yihan"s Apprentice.

In the business circle, no one can beat Qin Yihan, and no one can compare with Qin"s group.

Whoever offends Qin Yihan is tantamount to breaking his own road.

Who dares to offend Qin Yihan, and who dares to offend Qin Yihan"s Apprentice?

Shareholders and directors, even if they are not satisfied with it, they have the handle. Qin Yihan is Bai Weiwei"s master. No one dares to say more.

They can only accept it!

Where did Bai Weiwei come from? She even worshipped Qin Yihan as her teacher!

A group of shareholders are unwilling but unable to change.

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