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Chapter 11

Everyone was a little unbelievable. Unexpectedly, Bai Weiwei would find Qin Yihan to help.

Who is Qin Yihan? Even a dead enterprise can be saved by him.

In the market, Qin Yihan is omnipotent!

All people will have a shudder of fear in the face of this young business giant, and he is actually standing in front of them now and protecting the women ridiculed by them!

Several directors and shareholders smiled at Qin Yihan.

"Why did Qin Shao come to our Baixia group?" Someone asked with a smiling face.

"You? Are you sure this Baixia group is yours?" Qin Yihan looked coldly at the shareholders and directors.

"Well, we all have shares..."

"Yes, you have shares, so Miss Bai seems to have more shares than you. Why don"t you let Miss Bai in?" Qin Yihan asked coldly.

"Well, Miss Bai can"t do business. Even if she attends the shareholders" meeting, it doesn"t make much sense -"

Before the shareholder finished, Qin yihansen, with a cold face, interrupted coldly, "in my opinion, you are not very good at business. Can you get out of Baixia group directly?"

"Qin Shao, it"s not very good for you to say so. This is between us and Miss Bai. You have nothing to do with our group and don"t have any shares in hand. You"re not qualified to say anything here?" A shareholder sneered and looked like he was going to drive Qin Yihan away.

Qin Yihan showed an evil smile, "sorry, I just bought some shares. Just as many shares as Miss Bai, just a little more than the shares held by each of you. In this way, am I still qualified to attend the shareholders" meeting? If not, what about the shares in Miss Bai"s hand with mine?"


A group of people were shocked.

How could this happen!

How could Qin Yihan have so many shares? It"s impossible!

Qin Yihan must be lying!

"Qin Shao, you don"t have to lie to us!"

"Show them." Qin Yihan said coldly to the assistant beside him.

The assistant showed the evidence to several people.

Then, Qin Yihan took Bai Weiwei directly to the company, and a group of bodyguards and assistants opened the way.

"Where is the meeting room?" Qin Yihan looks at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei led the way to the meeting room, followed by other shareholders, directors and so on. You look at me and I look at you one by one. They are all nervous.

I just think it"s over. If Qin Yihan cuts in, they"re really in big trouble.

In the conference room, someone is sitting in the chief.

Seeing Bai Weiwei and Qin Yihan entering the door, the chief song Xiao was stunned.

"Uncle song, please make room." Bai Weiwei looked directly at Song Xiao, probably because Qin Yihan was there. She also had great confidence and tried to make herself strong.

She knows that next, she must become strong.

If she is not strong, how can she take charge of such a large company? Even if Qin Yihan makes her sit as the chairman of the board, her position is not stable, and she may fall down at any time.

"Weiwei, what are you doing here? It"s said that you don"t have to take care of the company"s affairs?" Song Xiao smiled with a funny face.

"Uncle song, this is the company left to me by my parents. Why don"t I care? Is uncle song going to take the company alone, or what do you want?" Bai Weiwei directly pointed out the purpose of song Xiao.

Song Xiao smiled, "how could it be?"

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