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Chapter 1

Baixia group.

At the door, Bai Weiwei was blocked by a group of old directors. No one allowed her to enter the company.

"Miss Bai, I"m sorry. We are also very sad about the death of chairman Bai and his wife. However, you can"t succeed chairman Bai as chairman of the board, which has been unanimously discussed and decided by our shareholders."

"Miss Bai, if you are willing to sell all your shares to us, we will give you a lot of money, enough for you to live the rest of your life. If you are not willing to sell your shares, you can stay in the company, and we will arrange a free job for you..."

Bai Weiwei stood at the door. Her parents suddenly died unexpectedly. She was sad enough. She should have inherited her father"s company, but unexpectedly, these old foxes who used to be brothers with her father in the company now show their real faces one by one.

Although she doesn"t understand many things, she knows that the company should belong to her.

But these old foxes deceived her one by one and didn"t understand anything. They set up a set for her everywhere and took away a lot of her rights and shares.

She wanted to enter the company and have a good discussion with these people in the conference room, but none of them gave her a chance.

"Miss Bai, we"re going to have a meeting. Let"s go!"

"Why, am I not qualified for the meeting?" Bai Weiwei looked at a group of old foxes and frowned.

"My eldest lady, you don"t understand anything. What meeting do you have?" Someone sneered and said, "OK, miss, go back and have a rest first. We are in charge of the overall situation in the company. Security guard, send Miss Bai out!"

Bai Weiwei was invited out of the company.

Although the other party said politely, the security guard mercilessly pushed her out of the company, then stayed at the door and didn"t give her a chance to get close to the company.

It was clearly my father"s company, but it fell into the hands of this group of people.

Bai Weiwei laughed at herself, looked up at the sky, pursed her mouth, and tried to hold back her tears.

Mom and Dad, I will definitely get the company back. This is what you left me. I will never let it fall into the hands of others. I will also run the company well!

Half an hour later, Tang Lele sat opposite Bai Weiwei in the coffee shop. She took a mouthful of ice cola and took a breath.

"Weiwei, I"ve inquired for you. My father said that the directors of Baixia group are old foxes. You can"t fight them alone. What"s more, you"ve never been in the mall."

"What should I do?" Bai Weiwei looks at Tang Lele. She doesn"t know what to do.

If not, she would not turn to her good sister.

"My father said that although he is willing to help, he can"t help. Many people in your company work together with some big bosses outside, and my father is not their opponent. However, I begged him for a long time, and he showed you a way. You need to find someone."

"Who?" When Bai Weiwei heard of the play, she felt a lot of spirit in an instant.

As long as she can get back her father"s company, let alone people, she will look for ghosts.

"Qin Yihan." Tang Lele took a sip of ice drink. "It"s Qin Yihan, the successor of the Qin family and the president of the Qin family! My father said that only Qin Yihan can help you turn the tide... But if you ask him for help, the hope may be slim."

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