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Constellation Door

Chapter 90 - perfectly satisfied (3)

Chapter 90: Chapter 25-perfectly satisfied (3)

As for snatching it by force ... The night patrolmen would not go so far as to do that.

Under normal circumstances, there was no need to do this.

At that moment, Wang Ming felt that he had completed more than half of his mission in an instant.

After confirming Li Hao’s identity and the existence of the Li family’s sword, and seeing it with his own eyes and playing with it, and confirming that it was an extraordinary item, it was a hundred percent certain that Li Hao was the enemy’s next target!

While they were chatting, they arrived at the restaurant.

Wang Ming got out of the car and went to a private room to order some food while waiting for Chen Na. Li Hao, on the other hand, went to find a place to Park his bicycle.


On the side of the road.

Li Hao parked his bicycle, took out his communicator, and dialed a number.


Liu Long was as cold and arrogant as ever.

Li Hao, on the other hand, was a little nervous. He lowered his voice and said in a low voice,””Boss, will our communication be monitored?”

“I won ‘t!”

Liu Long’s explanation was still short and concise, but at this moment, he already felt that something was wrong.

“Where are you?”

“Jade River Restaurant!”

“What happened?”

Li Hao was extremely nervous. He lowered his voice again, so low that it couldn’t be heard.”Boss, I ... I think I’ve been targeted by supers! It’s not that kind of target, it’s right next to me. There’s a newcomer in our confidential room called Wang Ming! Just now, I rode my bike with him to have a meal. I ... I have an old item at home that I always carry with me. He insisted on taking it to take a look. I thought that since he’s an ordinary person, it would be fine for him to take a look. In the end ... When he came into contact with my old item ... I vaguely felt a mysterious energy erupting from him!”

Liu Long instantly realized that it was the Li family’s sword!

As for Wang Ming, he had activated the extraordinary item and unleashed his mysterious energy, which Li Hao had sensed.


Liu Long immediately frowned, but quickly regained his calm,””Stay calm! Don’t be afraid! If I really wanted to kill you, I would have done so long ago. ”

“Don’t show any signs of abnormality,” he said.”I believe you can calm down!”

“Boss, I’m worried ...”

“No need to worry!”

Liu Long comforted Li Hao and quickly made a judgment in his heart. A superhuman appeared in the inspection Office ... Was he from the night patrollers?

It was highly possible.

He was a little dissatisfied and angry. The night patrolman had sent someone here, but now he was still hiding it from him. He knew exactly what the night patrolman was thinking. Wasn’t he just observing silently and using him as a Scout?

Even though he had known all this long ago, he was surprised that the night patrolman did not even inform him of his plans.

Also, the Inspector General, it seems like he is also dissatisfied with me?

Otherwise, the night patrolmen would not be able to hide it from the Secretary of the inspection Division.

He judged for a while. There was a high probability that they were night patrollers. Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that they were enemies. The probability was not too high.

Liu Long was still thinking when he heard Li Hao say nervously,””Boss, I’m a little worried ... But this guy said he can buy my sword ... Boss, why don’t I just sell it? wouldn’t it be safer for me?”

Li Hao explained in a low voice,”I just thought about it. The other party might be a night patrol!” If I sell the sword to the night patrolman, does that mean that I can lure the night patrolman into a duel with him? we can just sit back and watch the two tigers fight. I can also get a transaction fee ...”

Selling swords?

When Liu Long heard this, he was instantly enraged and growled in a low voice,”No! Do you lack money? Sell, sell my ass!”

“Yes, boss. I want to ask if I can exchange it for some mysterious energy. I’m thinking that if I absorb more mysterious energy, I’ll become stronger and have a higher chance of surviving ...”

“What’s the point of changing!”

Liu Long was extremely furious,”you’re not allowed to exchange!” Remember, you are now a member of the demon hunting squad, not a night patrolman. Furthermore, you are not sure of the other party’s identity. Even if you sell your sword, you may still die!”

“But I’ll die if I don’t sell it. Why don’t I exchange for a few cubes of mysterious energy and improve myself first ...”

“Shut up!”

Liu Long was a little depressed. This guy was too stubborn!

After some consideration, he sighed and spoke again,””The team still has some mystical energy in storage. It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you, but I’m afraid that you’ll suffer permanent damage if you absorb too much! All that’s left is some elemental mysterious energy ... How about this, before the rainy day, if you think you can handle it, I can give you two more units of elemental mysterious energy. You can’t sell the sword. No matter how much mysterious energy you get, you won’t be able to absorb it!” 𝗶𝓃𝓷𝒓𝘦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

Li Hao’s eyes lit up. That was right.

He knew that Liu Long wouldn’t let him sell his sword. Otherwise, the night patrol would have directly intervened and he wouldn’t have had anything to do with it.

Risk was accompanied by opportunity!

Liu Long wanted to become a super. Even though killing a super was dangerous, the other party did not care about that. He wanted to obtain more benefits.

“I knew it ...”

Li Hao calculated for a moment. Two parties were fine. As for whether there would be any problems with the mysterious attribute energy, he would know after absorbing it.

“Then ... Okay. Thank you, boss. I won’t sell it. I’m just worried about your safety. It might be safer if the night patrolman directly intervened.”

“It’s fine, as long as you understand!”

Liu Long felt a little more at ease and warned, “Don’t expose yourself! If the other party is really a night patrolman, then our plan this time has a higher chance of success, and our safety is more guaranteed. Taking chestnuts from the fire is also something that we martial masters who pursue the extraordinary domain must do!”

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