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Constellation Door

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: One Hair Moves the Whole Body (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Six in the evening.

It was time for the Inspection Office to get off from work. Li Hao wasn’t a front-line law enforcement officer, so he usually got off work right on time.

Li Hao would have left long ago on other days. But today, he was not in a hurry.

In the office, Wang Jie glanced at Li Hao. “You want to have a look around Zhang Yuan’s house?”


“You were classmates so it is not unusual for you to take an interest in this if it is a murder case. But… it is uncommon for a civilian staff working in the Confidential Information Room to apply for a gun.”

Li Hao had come to apply for a gun. He needed Wang Jie’s approval for it.

Although Li Hao realized that a gun might not be of much use against the red shadow, he wanted some form of protection. He didn’t know if he would be attacked. And, guns usually proved effective against people who meant him harm.

“Chief, I will only be using it for a case. I won’t even take it home with me.”

Wang Jie laughed. He thought that this kid was indeed a top student of Silver City Ancient Academy!

“I understand. But we aren’t in the law enforcement team. We only work in the Confidential Information Room. So….” Wang Jie shook his head.

Li Hao was dismayed.?He hadn’t been able to come up with a way to counter the red shadow but he felt that he would feel more secure if he had a gun in his hand.

“Regarding Zhang Yuan’s case, I have brought it up with the law enforcement team. They have yet to file an official case. I really can’t give my approval for your application to own a gun based on this alone.”

Wang Jie thought for a moment. “There might be another way. The Silver City Ancient Academy will be leading a team to the outskirts. Inspection Office will send some people for their security. Maybe you can fill in the form and apply for the position. As a part of the security team, you will be allowed a gun.”

Li Hao was speechless for a moment. Then he felt crushing disappointment.

He had gone around in circles and ended up where he began. Chen Na had mentioned this to him and he had rejected her offer. And now…

‘The Silver City Ancient Academy team will be led by Professor Yuan. If I accept this mission, will I have to face him again?’ lamented Li Hao.

Wang Jie noticed his silence. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Afraid of facing Professor Yuan? I did hear rumors about what transpired between you and the professor. But, Little Hao, you are in the Inspection Office now. It will be different. Maybe you can find an opportunity to improve your relationship with him. He was your teacher, after all.”

“He is also a respected person,” continued Wang Jie. “If you have a good relationship with him, it would indeed help your position in the whole Inspection Division. But if people keep thinking that you had problems with Old Yuan, they will be wary of you. They don’t want to get on his bad side just because of a Level 3 Patrol Officer.”

Wang Jie had heard the rumors about the whole debacle of Li Hao dropping out of the academy and his scuffle with Professor Yuan. Of course, the Silver City Ancient Academy had no hand in the operation of the Inspection office but the Inspection Offices did look up to the old professor.

“If you really want a gun, this is best way for now,” said Wang Jie. “And you can improve your relationship with your professor as well. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

Wang Jie really wanted to help Li Hao. He wanted to try harder to convince him.

Li Hao nodded. “Alright.”

Wang Jie was surprised. He had heard that Li Hao was sweet and polite but he could also be very stubborn. He was surprised that Li Hao agreed so easily.

Li Hao smiled. “Chief, the rumors aren’t true. People just blew up a small incident and exaggerated it. We are still on good terms. Of course, he was disappointed when I decided to drop out. But we have met for dinner after that. Just a few days ago, he encouraged me to do a good job at my work.”

“That’s good! That’s great indeed!” Wang Jie knew that Li Hao was an honest person so he didn’t doubt him. “Then, fill the form and leave it on my desk. If it is approved, you will be a part of the security team to accompany the Silver City Ancient Academy group.”

Li Hao looked at the form. The expedition team of the academy was scheduled to leave at the end of the month. The destination was not mentioned.

This was to prevent any kind of leak of information. The academy had a lofty status, so it took precautions. The team would be led by his teacher so the expedition would not really be a simple one.

He didn’t know if it would conflict with the red shadow. There was a high chance that the professor and his team would be followed by the Night Patrollers. If the red shadow made a move at that time, it might actually be a good thing with them around.

With these thoughts in mind, Li Hao filled in the form.

“Go to the equipment Warehouse to get your equipment.” Wang Jie kept the completed form.

Li Hao hesitated. “Chief, Zhang Yuan’s case… it is a little complicated. Do you think it involves some unusual forces? Can the Inspection Division really solve this?”

Wang Jie frowned. “What do you mean?”

Li Hao was a little flustered. “I… I am just worried that the law enforcement team might not be able to… the investigation might alert the enemy and there might be more accidents. I heard that… for strange cases… there is another organization?”

“Alright, that’s it!” said Wang Jie, sternly. “Watch what you say! I know you might have heard rumors but this isn’t something to be talked about openly. If it came to that, it would be an even greater problem! It’s always troublesome when they get involved.”

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